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“Sure.” Wu Shunhua agreed and watched Gu Ning walking into the lounge.

Coincidentally, Gu Ning ran into Jing Jining there.

Jing Jining waited at the No.16 gate, while Gu Ning was walking to the No.28 gate and needed to walk by the No.16 gate.

Jing Jining was surprised to see Gu Ning and stood up at once.

“Hi, what a coincidence! Where are you going”

“Hi, Uncle Jing, Im going to City B.

How about you” Gu Ning smiled.

“Im leaving for City Rui for business,” Jing Jining said.

“When will your flight take off” Gu Ning asked.

“Ill be boarding in a few minutes,” Jing Jining said.

“Safe travel, and see you!” Gu Ning said and waved good-bye to Jing Jining.

“Safe travel!” Jing Jining left Gu Ning too.

About half an hour later, Gu Ning boarded.

Because she booked the plane ticket late, she failed to get a seat in the first class and had to sit in the economy class.

Gu Ning didnt mind it actually, but the first class was normally quiet and more comfortable.

Gu Nings seat was at the rear seats, so she took out a book from her backpack (telepathic eye space) once she seated herself.

There were many books in her telepathic eye space, but she only read to kill time during a flight.

The book Gu Ning randomly took out was about the study of physiognomy.

Physiognomy was the practice of assessing a persons character or personality from their outer appearance—especially the face.

Gu Ning could understand its content, but honestly she probably couldnt use it in real life.

It was hard to see through an adult.

After sitting on her seat for a short while, someone came and sat down next to her.

Because Gu Ning sat by the window, she didnt need to move and let the person walk by her so she didnt bother to pay attention to the person.

However, she suddenly heard an acerbic female voice.

“No way, why is someone reading such kind of books nowadays”

She was obviously criticizing Gu Ning.

Gu Ning wasnt annoyed, but she raised her head and gave the woman a glance.

The woman was wearing a mask and a baseball cap, so Gu Ning could only see her eyes.

Given what she just learned from the book, she knew that the woman was very unkind.

Actually, Gu Ning did nothing wrong and simply sat there and read her book in silence, but the woman made fun of her for no reason.

Her rude behavior already showed her bad character.

When Gu Ning glanced at the woman, the woman noticed Gu Nings extraordinary beauty and she got jealous at once.

“There is nothing to look at!”

“Do you know that youre really rude and noisy” Gu Ning asked.

She stayed calm and had no interest in arguing against the woman, but it didnt mean that she would grin and bear it.

“You…” The woman was mad, but didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

“Beibei!” A girl who stood by the womans side stopped her at once and reminded her to take care of her image.

An Beibei was unwilling to give up, but she had to swallow her anger, because she was a celebrity and it would damage her reputation if she caused a sensation in the plane.

Since An Beibei stopped, Gu Ning kept on reading her book.

An Beibei remained quiet only for a short while, then muttered, “Its awful! Why didnt they inform us earlier I have to sit in the economy class now.”

In fact, no matter how popular a star was, he or she probably couldnt have a seat in the first class every time.

Sometimes, they were out of time and choices, and had to book a ticket in the economy class.

Not every artist cared about it, only those who were self-centered and arrogant would complain about it, because even though they disliked the economy class, they had to take the plane in the end.

Afterwards, An Beibei began to play on her phone.

When she read news about Tang Xiaoxiao, she became jealous again.

“Tang Xiaoxiao is quite lucky.

I thought she was doomed to fail after what Fan Sixuan did last time, but someone helped her out.”

Gu Ning was slightly surprised when she heard Tang Xiaoxiaos name, and it was obvious that An Beibei didnt get along with Tang Xiaoxiao.

“No matter how lucky Tang Xiaoxiao is, she isnt comparable to you at all.

Shes working for a small entertainment company now, and she has no future there,” An Beibeis assistant said at once to please her.

“Of course Tang Xiaoxiao isnt comparable to me! Zhen dumped her for me precisely because Im more popular and better than her!” An Beibei was quite proud of herself.

Hearing that, Gu Ning felt it was ridiculous.

Although she couldnt see An Beibeis face, she was very sure that Tang Xiaoxiao was much smarter than An Beibei.

An Beibei was really stupid, because she discussed it in a public place and other people could hear her conversation with her assistant too.

Since An Beibei believed that she was more popular than Tang Xiaoxiao, she must be an A-list actress in the entertainment industry.


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