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And Qi Ziyue successfully got enough of the drugs that he needed, but he was too anxious and worried that he might be caught at any moment.

The next day, Gu Ning didnt go for a run in the morning, but instead sparred with Gao Yi and Qiao Ya in the yard.

The yard was open, so Wu Shunhua was able to see her.

Even though Wu Shunhua knew that Gu Ning was a martial arts expert, he didnt know exactly how good she was at fighting.

As a result, he was shocked after witnessing Gu Nings fighting skills.

Although she wasnt comparable to cultivators, cultivators had the help of their special power after all.

It wasnt easy for Gu Ning to be so excellent at kung fu at such an early age.

If she was a cultivator, she would overshadow Dongfang Ziyu.

Dongfang Ziyu was Wu Shunhuas younger cousin, but he still had to admit that Gu Ning was more outstanding than Dongfang Ziyu.

Without delay, Wu Shunhua took a video of their fighting.

Although there was a distance between them and their faces werent clear in the video, Gu Nings movements were still noticeable.

Gu Ning sensed Wu Shunhua once he showed up, but she didnt bother to pay attention to him.

Baili Zongyang who went outside to run in the morning also noticed Wu Shunhua.

Because Baili Zongyang failed to see Gu Ning around the square, he deliberately ran to her house, but he felt the air of a cultivator when he was only 20 meters away from Gu Nings house.

He stopped at once, and told Baili Zongxue to go back home right now.

Cultivators had a special air, which only ghosts, monsters, other cultivators, and Gu Ning could feel.

Cultivators of low levels couldnt hide their special air, and exposed themselves very easily, while cultivators of high levels werent able to hide their special air either because their air was too thick.

Baili Zongxue was still at a low level, so she could easily expose herself.

Baili Zongyang had a feeling that the other cultivator was at a lower level than him.

After thinking for a while, he thought that it might have something to do with Gu Ning, but either way, he decided to figure it out.

When he was only about 10 meters away from Gu Nings house, he saw Gao Yi and Qiao Ya practicing their fighting skills with Gu Ning.

However, he didnt feel the air of cultivators from them.

It seemed to come from the small woods not far from Gu Nings house.

Baili Zongyang looked around, then found Wu Shunhua.

Both of their families held an important position in the cultivation world, so Baili Zongyang was very familiar with Wu Shunhua.

He was displeased the second he saw Wu Shunhua, because him showing up there meant that Wu Shunhua also found out about Gu Nings secret.

Therefore, Baili Zongyang thought that he should tell Gu Ning that Wu Shunhua was spying on her.

He wouldnt tell Gu Ning that Wu Shunhua was a cultivator, but he aimed to make Gu Ning dislike Wu Shunhua.

Actually, when Baili Zongyang moved near, Gu Ning sensed him as well.

She didnt bother to give him a look, because she was aware that Baili Zongyang was paying a lot of attention to her too.

Wu Shunhua didnt notice Baili Zongyangs air, but Gu Ning did.

Gu Ning didnt care about what they were doing, and just focused on practicing her fighting skills.

Baili Zongyang didnt stay outside Gu Nings house for a long time, and soon left.

Wu Shunhua, however, stayed in the same place.

Gao Yi, Qiao Ya, and Gu Ning stopped after half an hour, and were all sweating, so they went back to their own homes to take a shower.

Once Baili Zongyang was home, Baili Zongxue asked him anxiously, “Who is the other cultivator” They didnt want more cultivators to pay special attention to Gu Ning.

“Wu Shunhua,” Baili Zongyang said.

“Wu Shunhua” Baili Zongxue didnt look very surprised.

“Fine, they found out about Gu Nings secret too.”

It wasnt hard for her to figure out the reason.

“What should we do next” Baili Zongxue asked worriedly.

“I think we have to be backstabbers this time.

I already took a photo of Wu Shunhua, and you can invite Gu Ning to dine together this afternoon.

Because you are girls, you can directly tell her that a man is following and spying on her.

We should make her hate Wu Shunhua before they meet each other,” Baili Zongyang said.

“Great!” Baili Zongxue agreed.

“Could Gu Ning be aware of it already”

“It doesnt matter.

We are telling her out of kindness, and she should know that,” Baili Zongyang said.

“Oh, since Wu Shunhua is following and spying on Gu Ning, Wu Shunhua will find out about our relationship with her if I invite her to dine together,” Baili Zongxue said.


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