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In his eyes, even Dongfang Ziyu, who was the well-known top female cultivator in the cultivation world, wasnt comparable to Gu Ning.

There was another reason why Jing Jining had a good impression of Gu Ning.

He knew that Leng Shaoting was Gu Nings boyfriend, and he had a deep impression of Leng Shaoting.

“Nice to see you, Uncle Jing.” Gu Ning beamed.

She was also willing to make friends with him.

“Great, Ill directly call you Gu Ning now,” Jing Jining said.

“No problem.” Gu Ning agreed.

“Well, since were friends from now on, can we exchange phone numbers” Jing Jining said.

Gu Ning nodded and exchanged her number with Jing Jining.

Jing Jining didnt know that Gu Ning was willing to make friends with him for a purpose, but Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were aware of it.

At the same time, they also understood that Jing Jining tried to have a good relationship with Gu Ning for a purpose.

“I think we can go back now,” Gu Ning said later.

Because Jing Jining was here, Gu Ning couldnt let the male ghost out now.

“Sure, lets go now.” The Yin was gone now, so there was no need for Jing Jining to stay here.

Although he still wanted to figure out whether Gu Ning had magical power, he wouldnt rush to ask her right away.

Gu Ning was very smart, and he was afraid that he might expose himself.

“Uncle Jing, may I know what you do” Gu Ning casually chatted with him on the way.

“Im a jade businessman, a broker to be specific,” Jing Jining said.

Brokers referred to manufacturers like wholesalers and retailers, who resold or leased purchased products for profit.

They created time, place, and ownership utility.

Brokers played the role of purchasing agents for their customers, buying various products to resell them to customers.

Brokers included wholesalers, retailers, agents and brokers.

Because not every jewelry businessman could cooperate with jade miners, many jewelry businessmen needed franchisees.

So if a broker had many clients, he or she could make a fortune.

Gu Ning understood that the magical power of jade could help cultivators with their cultivation, so she wasnt surprised that Jing Jining was involved in the jade industry.

Although Jing Jining hid his real identity as a cultivator from Gu Ning, Gu Ning knew that he was a kind man.

“Uncle Jing, which jade miner do you work with” Gu Ning asked.

“Yutian Jade Mining Company, City Rui, Province Yun,” Jing Jining said.

Jing Jining didnt know that Gu Ning was also a jade provider, and Gu Ning had no intention to tell him either.

City Rui was the largest inland port in the southwest area of their country and it was an important jewelry distribution center.

It was rich in jade resources, while City Teng was only a distribution center, so its resources werent as good.

Therefore, Gu Ning planned to visit City Rui one day.

She was too busy these days, and her jade company still worked well in City Teng, so she wasnt rushing to do that yet.

After all, she had a pair of Jade Eyes, so it was very easy for her to find jade.

When they walked out of the construction site, Gu Ning asked, “Uncle Jing, did you drive here or take a taxi”

“I took a taxi,” Jing Jining said.

“We drove here.

Do you need us to send you home” Gu Ning asked.

“Thanks, but Im staying in a nearby hotel, so I can walk back as a way of exercising,” Jing Jining said.

It was another lie, because he still wanted to go back to the construction site after Gu Ning was gone.

“Sure, see you.” Gu Ning didnt insist.

After that, they separated.

Once Gu Ning left, Jing Jining went back to the construction site, but he found nothing useful.

Qiao Ya asked Gu Ning, “Boss, I think this man is strange.”

“Youre right, but he isnt a bad man.

Actually, in addition to ghosts and monsters, cultivators also really exist.

Theyre not mortals, and can live hundreds of years if their cultivation is at a high level,” Gu Ning said.

Knowing that, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were shocked again.

They couldnt believe that cultivators were real too.

Luckily, they were already aware of the existence of ghosts and monsters, so it wasnt hard for them to accept cultivators now.

Although Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were curious about how Gu Ning found out about ghosts, monsters, and cultivators, they didnt ask further about it.

Gu Ning would tell them if she wanted them to know.

Since Gu Ning agreed that Jing Jining was strange, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya had a feeling that he was a cultivator, and they were right.

“The man you just saw is a cultivator, but I dont know his level.

He is obviously making friends with me for a purpose, but hes been kind to me till now.”


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