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The other men didnt know who the founder of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi was, but they had also heard of the two brands.

“The founder of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi is a girl”

“Right!” Lord Long said in fear.

“Wow, I cant believe it.”

“Shes much richer than us if shes really the founder of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi.”

Although men werent the target customers of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi, they knew that they were very profitable.

“She isnt only rich, but also has powerful connections.

I also heard that she has a close relationship with Master Tang in City B,” said the woman who was familiar with Gu Ning.

Wealth didnt mean everything, because power and connections were even more influential than wealth in some situations.

If a successful businessman only had money but didnt know any powerful people in politics, it wasnt likely that his business would be thriving for long.

Money could buy many things, but it needed protection from power.

Although senior officials in the government normally werent rich, they could easily deprive rich people of their wealth.

Moreover, business couldnt survive without the government.

Therefore, the majority of businessmen ached to have support from the senior officials in the government.

As long as they had help from the government, it would be much easier for them to run their businesses.

The Tang family in City B, however, was the most dominant family in both business and politics.

“What The Tang family in City B”

“I dont know many details about it, but she is indeed very influential.”

Without delay, they took out their phones to search for information about Gu Ning on the Internet.

“Oh, Ying, why dont you go to pick up Dong Ge now Im too shocked to move right now,” Lord Long said all of a sudden.

He thought that he couldnt drive right now.

“Sure.” Ying nodded and left.

The others stayed in the room, watching the release conference of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

After watching it, they were stunned and didnt know what to say.

They also learned about Gu Nings other companies, and were very sure that they shouldnt mess with her.

Gu Ning asked Zhao Binxu after they finished ordering, “Uncle Zhao, do you have any grudges against the man called Lord Long.”

She needed to know more details about it so that she could help Zhao Binxu if he needed her help.

“Nothing serious, weve just had a few arguments,” Zhao Binxu said.

“Hes always like that, arrogant and aggressive in front of those who are poorer than him, but I dont think he will dare to cause us trouble again after knowing who you are.”

Gu Ning nodded, then began to talk about business with Zhao Binxu.

“Since youre willing to work for me, I should be honest with you.

I have a real estate company under my name, and its in City F, Province D.

The company has shopping malls, five-star hotels, five-star restaurants, and so on.

Anyway, theyre worth about seven billion yuan in all,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Zhao Binxus family was shocked.

Zhao Binxu couldnt believe that Gu Ning was even much richer than he thought.

Gu Ning continued, “My real estate company is Shenghua Real Estate.

Its headquarters is located in City F for the time being, but itll be moved to the capital in the future.

The executive is An Guangyao, so hell be your supervisor.”

No matter how experienced Zhao Binxu was, he couldnt replace An Guangyao.

Zhao Binxu was surprised again when he heard that it was Shenghua Real Estate, because he had heard of it before.

Zhao Binxu was involved in the real estate industry as well, so he was quite familiar with the leading companies in the industry around the country.

He had heard of Shenghua Real Estate, but didnt know much about it.

All he knew about it was that Shenghua Real Estate had successfully gotten a piece of haunted land in City B last year.

Other land developers had suffered strange things there, but everything went back to normal after Shenghua Real Estate took it.

It was very surprising, so he paid a lot of attention to the news.

To his astonishment, Gu Ning was the owner of Shenghua Real Estate.


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