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It was obvious that Lord Long had ulterior motives.

“Gu Ning.” Gu Ning didnt bother to hide it.

“Miss Gu, nice to meet you today.

Why dont we share a meal together” Lord Long asked.

“No.” Gu Ning refused him in a cold voice.

Hearing that, Lord Long felt humiliated and changed his expression.

“What did you say”

“I said no.” Gu Ning sneered with disdain.

“Who are you Why should I share a meal with you”

“Who am I Im the heir of the Glory Organization!” Lord Long looked super proud of himself.

He believed that there werent rich or powerful people in Zhao Binxus circle, so he was confident that Gu Ning didnt dare to turn him down again.

Gu Ning was familiar with every business group in the capital, so she had heard of the Glory Organization.

The Glory Organization had over a billion yuan in assets, which was only a small business group in the capital.

However, in Zhao Binxus eyes, there was a huge gap between them.

That was the reason why he didnt dare to argue against Lord Long.

Gu Ning, on the contrary, didnt think it was a big deal.

She wasnt snobbish, but she hated arrogant people.

Therefore, Gu Ning sneered, “So I thought you would scare me.

The Glory Organization is only a small business group in this city.

How dare you be so arrogant and aggressive”

Lord Long was struck dumb for a second, then squinted at Gu Ning for a while.

He thought that Gu Ning might be more influential than him.

“Who are you” he asked cautiously.

Even though Lord Long was arrogant, he wasnt stupid.

He only dared to embarrass Zhao Binxu because he knew that Zhao Binxu wasnt rich or powerful.

Moreover, he struck up a conversation with Gu Ning simply because she was stunning.

“I told you that my name is Gu Ning; you can search my name on the Internet if you want to know who I am,” Gu Ning said with impatience, then left with her people.

Lord Long didnt dare to stop them at this moment, and took out his phone at once.

After reading the news about Gu Ning, he was totally shocked.

Gu Ning was only 19, but she already owned many profitable companies.

She was also the top scorer of the National College Entrance Examination this year, which was still one of the hottest topics on Weibo.

She was a kung fu master too!

Lord Long felt scared in retrospect.

The next second, he became curious about her relationship with Zhao Binxu.

Anyway, since Gu Ning was willing to defend Zhao Binxu, it meant that their relationship wasnt ordinary.

They could be relatives.

In that case, he couldnt make fun of Zhao Binxu anymore.

With Gu Nings help, it would be very easy for Zhao Binxu to become rich again.

Actually, Lord Long didnt have any grudge against Zhao Binxu, they simply had a few disagreements, so he had never really hurt Zhao Binxu.

Lord Long calmed himself down, then directly ran back to his private room.

In the private room, two men and two women were sitting around a table, and they were all Lord Longs friends.

They were confused when Lord Long ran back in panic.

“Whats wrong”

“Didnt you leave to pick up Dong Ge Why are you suddenly back”

“You look terrified.”

“Oh, I totally forgot.” Lord Long realized that he forgot to pick up Dong Ge just then.

“Its not important, but I almost offended an important figure just then.”

“What Who” His friends were scared and immediately asked with concern, “Are you alright”

“A girl named Gu Ning.

Im fine now,” Lord Long said.

“Gu Ning Whos Gu Ning”

“A girl named Gu Ning Is she the founder of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi”

Lord Longs friends began to talk about Gu Ning and one of the women was familiar with Gu Ning.

She was a loyal customer of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi, and almost every one of her female friends were using them.

Women were the target customers of skincare and make-up products after all.

In addition, both Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi were quite famous now.


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