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Wang Dacheng looked completely stunned.

He thought 400,000 yuan would be enough, but Gu Ning asked for 1.5 million yuan!

He didnt expect that the V5 bar was so profitable per week.

Its weekly turnover was several times higher than his Charm Bar.

Wang Dachengs jealousy was burning.

As for the compensation for the equipment and the loss during redecoration, Wang Dacheng persuaded himself to accept it, but he was utterly unwilling to pay the mental loss of the employees and the reputation lost by the V5 bar.

It was a robbery!

Wang Dacheng argued in anger, “Are you trying to rob me Ill only accept the compensation excluding the mental loss of the employees and the reputation lost by the V5 bar.”

Even then, he still needed to pay 770,000 yuan, which was a much higher price than his prediction, but now he had to bear the results.

“I dont care whether its acceptable to you.

You have to accept it, or you wont be able to leave here safely,” Gu Ning threatened.

She was cruel to her opponents.

“You…” Wang Dacheng was shocked.

“Wang Dacheng, you better pay the compensation as soon as possible! This V5 bar has the Qing Gangs support.

You cant bear the consequences of failure,” Chen Laoer interrupted.

He did that not because he was kind, but because he was in great pain now.

He himself wanted to leave for the hospital as soon as possible.

“What” Wang Dacheng almost fainted.

The Qing Gang V5 bar had the Qing Gangs support How was it possible He didnt want to believe it, but Chen Laoer told him in person, he had to believe it.

Wang Dacheng stopped struggling, and paid the compensation in the end.

It cost him a fortune this time.

He didnt bring that much cash with him, and chose to transfer it.

Hao Ran signed a contract with him too, in case he would regret someday in the future.

Although they werent afraid of Wang Dacheng, they didnt want more trouble.

After that, Wang Dacheng and Chen Laoer along with the other hoodlums left without delay.

And each of the employees got 10,000 yuan for mental loss.

The financial worker would transfer the money into their bank cards tomorrow.

Then, the V5 bar needed redecorating.

All the employees naturally didnt need to work.

In addition, they were all on paid leave.

The bar manager and the financial worker would be in charge of the redecoration.

Afterwards, Hao Ran invited Gu Ning and the others to have night snacks to thank them for their help.

However, before they left, Hao Ran wanted to figure out one thing.

He approached Chu Xuanfeng asking, “Brother Chu, you just used the Qing Gangs name to threaten the Flying-eagle Gang.

Will it be fine”

“Itll be fine.

The head of the City F branch of the Qing Gang and I are friends.

Theyll help me take care of V5 bar,” Chu Xuanfeng said.

To protect his real identity, he didnt tell Hao Ran that he was the leader of the Zhuque Group in the Qing Gang.

He didnt want Gu Ning and the others to stay away from Chu Peihan because of his position in the Qing Gang.

It wasnt easy for Chu Peihan to have close friends.

However, to Chu Xuanfengs surprise…

“What Brother Chu, you know the head of the City F branch of the Qing Gang Thats awesome!” Hao Ran was amazed by the news.

He looked at Chu Xuanfeng with obvious admiration.

Qin Zixun, Zhang Tianping and Mu Ke all had the same reaction.

“Jesus! Its so cool! You know the branch head He must be a powerful figure! Im so excited now!” Qin Zixun said.

“Me too.

Me too,” Zhang Tianping added.

“Why are you so excited You dont know the branch head at all! Well, to be honest, Im also thrilled.

Although we dont know the branch head, we are friends with Brother Chu! Right” Mu Ke turned to Chu Xuanfeng.

Since when had they become friends This was the first time they had even met each other.

They werent familiar with one another yet.

Those boys simply wanted to have a connection with the Qing Gang.

“Brother Chu, please support us from now on!” Hao Ran said.

Chu Xuanfeng rounded his eyes in shock.

Those teenagers were nothing like he had imagined, but he also felt relieved to see them being willing to accept it.

Chu Peihan had the same thought.

The leader of the Zhuque Group was standing right before their eyes now.

A branch head was actually nobody.

Still, both Chu Peihan and Chu Xuanfeng had no intention to tell them about their background.

In the boys eyes, the Qing Gang was terrifying indeed, but it was super exciting if they knew someone important in the Qing Gang.

They werent obedient kids, but they obeyed the laws.

Although the Qing Gang was a mysterious gang, they knew it wasnt evil.

Therefore, they were scared of it, but also attracted by it.

However, An Yi and Yu Mixi had a different attitude.

They were afraid of the Qing Gang too, but they didnt think that it was attractive.

They didnt hate it at the most.

As for Gu Ning, she actually wasnt excited, but it would be good news if she could have a good relationship with the Qing Gang.

“What Are you going to betray me” Gu Ning asked airily, seeing them being so excited.

They were all struck silent at once.

After a while, they immediately changed their tone.

“Of course not, youre always our boss!”

“Indeed, please dont be mad at us, boss.”

“Yeah, yeah.” They all said with sincerity.

“Alright, Im just joking!” Gu Ning laughed.

She walked out first, followed by the others.

They planned to drink, so nobody drove the car.

They took a taxi to a seafood restaurant, and ordered a big private room.

Hao Ran had gotten a huge amount of compensation, so they ordered many great dishes without thinking of the price.

Even then, the meal only cost them several thousand yuan.

During the night snacks, Chu Xuanfeng received a call from Situ Ye.

Situ Ye asked where he was now.

Without further thinking, Chu Xuanfeng told his boss that he was having night snacks with his younger sister and her friends.

He also told Situ Ye the location of the restaurant.


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