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“Its true! It is the boss of the Charm Bar who sent us here!” The leading hoodlum seemed serious.

He didnt dare to lie to them.

“Do you have the bosss number” Gu Ning asked.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Give it to me,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure.” The hoodlum didnt hesitate.

Despite the painful injuries around his body, he struggled to take out his phone telling Gu Ning the number.

Gu Ning, instead, directly used the hoodlums phone to call.

The phone hadnt even rung three times when the other side picked it up.

Either the phone lay by his hands, or the person must have been waiting for this call.

Gu Ning thought that the person was certainly waiting for this call, because before Gu Ning could say a word, the person asked with eagerness, “How is it going Are the people in V5 bar scared”

The man told Gu Ning the truth himself.

There was a light smile on Gu Nings lips.

She spoke to the man in a threatening way, “Mr.

Wang, do you want to settle the compensation here in V5 bar, or should I go and smash everything in your bar too”

Hearing that, the Mr.

Wang was shocked.

He knew that he did something wrong.

He himself revealed the fact that he had sent those hoodlums to the V5 bar.

And now those hoodlums were in Gu Nings hands.

It was a little unacceptable for Mr.


He had hired 20 people from the Flying-eagle Gang! How could they lose Was it because the people in V5 bar were too powerful However, he had investigated it before.

The owners of the V5 bar were merely three high school students, and knew nobody in the gangs.

However, no matter what, he wouldnt admit it of course.

Thus he tried his best to calm down, and said airily, “Who are you What did you say I dont understand.”

Gu Ning sneered, “Mr.

Wang, I know you understand, so stop acting.

What youve said at the beginning already told me the truth.

So, please never try to challenge our patience.

We arent good-tempered at all.

Besides, your men are here in our hands.

Do you really think the Flying-eagle Gang is able to deal with us”

“You…” Mr.

Wang didnt know what to say, but he was displeased at being threatened.

Meanwhile, he was slightly terrified.

They werent afraid of the Flying-eagle Gang, which meant they couldnt be simple.

But Mr.

Wang, whose full name was Wang Dacheng, had a powerful background, so he didnt yield right away.

He threatened instead, “So what My uncle is the head of the office in the Industry and Commerce Bureau! If you dare to damage my Charm Bar, Ill let him officially close yours!”

“Oh, the head of the office in the Industry and Commerce Bureau Is he even more powerful than the director” Gu Ning sneered with disdain.

“Who-who are you” Wang Dacheng immediately misunderstood, thinking Gu Ning had a relationship with the director.

He was on alert now.

Actually, Gu Ning did it on purpose.

“I told you.

Im from the V5 bar,” Gu Ning said.

Wang Dacheng clenched his teeth.

He made a bad decision this time.

“What do you want” Wang Dacheng asked in anger.

“I told you.

Either you pay the compensation or well ruin your bar.

Its up to you,” Gu Ning said.

She put it so airily, like it was an easy choice.

“Fine, Ill pay the compensation.

Ill be there within 10 minutes,” Wang Dacheng replied before he hung up heavily.

He was so mad that he smashed his cell phone on the floor.

The bar manager beside him was astonished.

“Boss, whats wrong”

“The plan failed.

Those hoodlums from the Flying-eagle Gang were caught on site.

A girl used Chen Laoers phone to call me.

She threatened me to compensate, otherwise they will damage our bar.

They arent afraid of the Flying-eagle Gang at all, nor my uncle! I think they must have a powerful support,” Wang Dacheng said in anger.

Chen Laoer was the leading hoodlum.

He was kind of an important figure in the Flying-eagle Gang.

“What” Hearing that, the manager was greatly surprised.

He didnt expect that the people in V5 bar were so powerful.

“What-what should we do now”

“We have no choice but to compensate.

I dont want them to ruin my bar! The bar is hardly afloat now.

If they damage it I would have to close the bar.” Although Wang Dacheng was reluctant to do it, he had no choice.

The compensation was probably merely around a few hundred thousand yuan.

He could afford it.

Later, Wang Dacheng and his several men walked towards the V5 bar.

Hao Ran had already arranged for his people to be outside of the V5 bar, in case normal customers accidentally got in.

Wang Dacheng and his men arrived before long.

In the V5 bar, everything was kept in the same mess.

Gu Ning didnt allow them to clean it up.

It was the on-site evidence after all! And those hoodlums from the Flying-eagle Gang were all squatted at the corner.

None of them dared to move.

Gu Ning and the others faced the door standing in a line, waiting for Wang Dacheng.

The minute Wang Dacheng walked inside a group of students in school uniform came into his sight.

Although he already knew that the owners of the V5 bar were three high school students, it was hard for him to accept it when he saw it with his own eyes.

He even thought that he must be in the wrong place.

Then, Wang Dacheng noticed that the hall was in a mess and Chen Laoer as well as his men were all squatting in the corner with injuries.

Wang Dacheng was slightly afraid that he would be beaten like that.

“Who is the boss” Wang Dacheng asked.

He knew that the boss was a student, but he didnt know which one was the boss.

“Its me.”

Hao Ran stood out.

“How much should I compensate” Wang Dacheng asked.

This time, Gu Ning walked ahead and said, “Weve done the math.

There are 72 smashed pieces of furniture to sit on.10 of them are booths.

Each booth is 2,000 yuan, so its 20,000 yuan in all.

10 of them are sofas.

Each sofa is 4,000 yuan then it is 40,000 yuan in all.

20 of them are chairs, and each is 800 yuan.

That is 16,000 yuan in all.

Besides, there are 32 broken stools.

Each is 200 yuan, and 6,400 yuan in all.

The bar counter costs 30,000 yuan.

The stage is 10,000 yuan, and the whole set of the music equipment cost 100,000 yuan.

We naturally have to redecorate the bar after it has been damaged so badly.

It takes a week at least.

According to our previous renovation fee, we need 50,000 yuan.

Our turnover in a week is between 400,000 and 600,000 yuan.

Take the middle number, and thats 500,000 yuan.

Oh, there should be a mental loss for our employees as well.

10,000 yuan per person, and we have 23 workers here.

Thats 230,000 yuan in total.

And the reputation loss of our V5 bar cost 500,000 yuan.

All in all, the amount you need to compensate is 1,502,400 yuan.

Lets exclude the fraction of the price; that will be 1.5 million yuan.

Do you want to pay it with cash or credit card”


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