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Gu Ning was wearing a white T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and a pair of casual shoes today, and she tied her hair up into a ponytail, which was exactly the same look she had when she was killed in her previous incarnation.

Because of Tang Ainings special job, she always dressed herself in a casual suit, but Gu Ning added a backpack today.

Her face was also different so she disguised herself as another “Tang Aining”.

However, she would show up at the Tang familys party as the real Tang Aining, the older daughter of the Tang family.

Although her face was different, she kept her memories.

The Tang familys manor was located in a suburb near the eastern district, and it occupied about ten thousand square meters.

The manor was designed for planting flowers, because Ji Yijings only interest was flowers so Tang Bingsen made this manor for her.

Planting flowers could satisfy Ji Yijings interest and make some money at the same time.

The money was only enough for her to maintain this manor, so the Tang family didnt care about it at all.

The large, beautiful house was decorated in European style and looked quite luxurious.

There was a broad road at the opposite side of it and a river lay farther ahead.

When Gu Ning arrived at the manor, the wedding was about to begin.

All the guests needed an invitation letter to enter the manor, so Tang Qingyang had prepared one for Gu Ning.

With the invitation letter, Gu Ning successfully got into the manor.

Once she walked near, many people were attracted to her, not because she was stunning, but because she came in a casual suit.

It was a formal event after all, and the other guests all dressed themselves up.

As a result, some rich ladies began to talk about her.

“Look at that woman! Who is she”

“She looks poor and pathetic.”

“Doesnt she have a formal dress”

“Whats she doing here”

“No idea, but shes very pretty.”

“Even though shes gorgeous, there are too many beautiful ladies at this party.”

None of them liked Gu Ning and her look, and some of them were even jealous of her beauty.

These rich ladies always believed that they were better than other people, but they actually had bad manners.

Tang Qingyang also noticed Gu Ning, but he failed to recognize her, so he didnt pay much attention to her.

Tang Bingsen saw Gu Ning too, and remembered another person at first glance.

He was very sure that this woman behaved exactly the same as Tang Aining did.

However, Tang Aining was already dead and this woman had a different face from her.

Tang Bingsen panicked and turned his head away.

He had too many guests today, and he couldnt remember all of their names, so he didnt know who this strange woman was.

Gu Ning did nothing for the time being, because some guests were still absent.

She walked aside and began to enjoy the wine and desserts.

After a short while, some rich ladies walked towards Gu Ning curiously.

“Hi, may I know your name Why did you come to a formal event in a casual suit” Rich Lady A asked.

“Tang Aining.

A formal dress is inconvenient,” Gu Ning said in a plain tone.

Those rich ladies hadnt heard of the name Tang Aining before, so they thought that she might be the Tang familys relative.

Since she was the Tang familys relative, they didnt dare to be rude to her.

“Are you the Tang familys relative” Rich Lady B asked.

“Yeah.” Gu Ning nodded and seemed to be bothered.

These rich ladies closed their mouths and walked away.

The wedding was about to begin, so the host walked up to the stage.

After a long opening speech, the bridegroom walked out.

The moment he showed up, a lot of rich ladies were stunned by his outstanding appearance.

“Wow, hes so handsome.

Im willing to marry such a good-looking man as well, even if he isnt rich.”

“I agree.

I heard that hes excellent at work.”

“I dont think he can attract Miss Tang with only his outstanding appearance.

He must be super good in bed too.”

“What Shut up!”

“Come on, were all adults here.

Dont pretend to be pure.”

“Its a public place!”


After the bridegroom was on the stage, he began to confess his love towards the bride.

Gu Ning sat under the stage and felt like it sounded quite ironic.

Every guest probably thought that Qi Ziyue married Tang Yaxin for money, but actually Qi Ziyue also had his own plan to take revenge.

To take revenge was the original reason why he approached Tang Yaxin.

Gu Ning didnt know that until this morning, but she wasnt sure whether it was true or not, because it could be a lie that Qi Ziyue told the girl in the car.


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