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They were Tang Qingyangs best friends, so they knew about his long-standing grudge against the Tang family.

They supported Tang Qingyang and hoped that he could succeed in taking his revenge.

Although Tang Qingyang didnt tell them that he was working with Gu Ning now, he told them that there would be a big drama at the wedding today, so they got excited and wouldnt miss the chance to witness the drama.

Tang Qingyang, Jiang Ruiqin, and Song Nan were familiar faces in high society, because Tang Qingyang was a member of the Tang family and he didnt leave the capital until his parents were caught by the accident.

He had only left the capital for three years, so many people still remembered him.

The Jiang family held an important position in politics and it also had a good relationship with the Leng family in the capital.

Jiang Ruiqin was running his own business now, so he often socialized with other people in the same circle as him.

As for Song Nan, although his family wasnt as influential as Tang Qingyangs and Jiang Ruiqins family, his family wasnt poor at all.

Song Nans father was the principal of a prestigious university in the capital, and his mother was the deputy director of a famous hospital.

Song Nan was also a successful young businessman.

Tang Qingyang came in a dark red-brown suit, Jiang Ruiqin was in a dark blue suit, while Song Nan was in a common black suit.

The three of them were very handsome and attracted a lot of attention once they showed up.

In fact, not many men at the party were more attractive than them.

“Wow, theyre so handsome!”

“I cant move my gaze from them.”

“Who are they”

“I know them.

The man in the red suit is Chairman Tangs nephew and hes also a major shareholder of the Tang Organization.”

“Really, how about the man in the blue suit”

“Hes Jiang Ruiqin.

Do you know the Jiang family in the capital His family has a great relationship with the Leng family and his father is also a senior official in the government.”

“The man in the black suit is Song Nan.

His father is the principal of a prestigious university in the capital, and his mother is the deputy director of a famous hospital.

Hes also very rich in his own right.”

“Jesus, theyre very outstanding among their peers!”

“Right, so theyre quite popular.”

In fact, although the three of them werent the richest or the most powerful men at the party, they were the most popular men among the girls.

“Why dont we try to strike up a conversation with them”

“I dont have the courage.”

“Come on, there are too many rich girls at this party, and we must show more initiative.”


Some young men were displeased when they noticed that Tang Qingyang and his friends were more popular than them, but they couldnt do anything about it.

Because the Jiang family and the Song family didnt have a close relationship with the Tang family, Tang Bingsen didnt have the chance to invite them so he felt honored that Jiang Ruiqin and Song Nan could come.

They came because of Tang Qingyang, but Tang Bingsen didnt mind.

He cared more about the importance of his guests.

Tang Qingyang and his friends went to greet Tang Bingsen, who was the host, once they walked into the hall.

“Uncle Tang, congratulations! Im sorry I didnt tell you earlier on that I would come with two of my friends,” Tang Qingyang said with a gentle smile.

Even though both of them took each other as an unavoidable enemy, they still pretended to be kind towards one another before their long-standing grudge was placed on the table.

Tang Bingsen also put on a broad smile.

“Dont say that! All of youre welcome here, and I feel honored that Lord Jiang and Lord Song are willing to come.”

Although Jiang Ruiqin and Song Nan were much younger than Tang Bingsen, their families were more influential than the Tang family.

Therefore, Tang Bingsen had to be polite to them, at least on the surface.

“Congratulations, Chairman Tang!” Jiang Ruiqin and Song Nan politely smiled at Tang Bingsen, but they actually only came to witness the upcoming drama.

To be honest, they were quite looking forward to it.

“Thanks, Lord Jiang and Lord Song.

Please enjoy yourself today,” Tang Bingsen said, then he excused himself and walked away to welcome his other guests.

“We will.” Jiang Ruiqin and Song Nan saw him leaving.

However, Tang Qingyang stopped him at this moment.

“Uncle Tang, where is Aining Shouldnt she come back to attend Yaxins wedding Although theyre half sisters, theyre a family after all,” Tang Qingyang asked Tang Bingsen.

Hearing that, Tang Bingsen changed his expression.

To his astonishment, Tang Qingyang mentioned Tang Aining at Tang Yaxins wedding.

Tang Qingyang did that on purpose.

He knew that Tang Aining was already dead, and that she was killed by Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin.

Nevertheless, Tang Bingsen kept it a secret, so he didnt know that Tang Qingyang deliberately did that.

“Oh, does Chairman Tang have another daughter” a guest asked in surprise.

Chairman Lu followed up at once.

“Half sisters Does it mean that Chairman Tang has married twice”

Not many people were aware of Tang Bingsens first marriage.

“Chairman Lu, havent you married twice too It isnt something abnormal.

My first wife passed away in a car accident, so I married my current wife afterwards,” Tang Bingsen said in an unpleasant tone.

Although Ji Yijing was a mistress, she married into the Tang family after Tang Ainings mother passed away.


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