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At this time, they stopped their car at the outside of another building but they could still see the entrance of the headquarters of Gu Nings company.

There were office buildings, restaurants, hotels etc.

around them, so it was very convenient for them to find a place to stop their car.

After having lunch, Leng Shaoting asked Gu Ning to play the game with him.

Gu Ning was surprised and asked him, “Did you just reach the same level as me”

Only players of the same level could play together in the game.

“Yes.” Leng Shaoting nodded.

He didnt think that it was a big deal that he was able to reach the same level as Gu Ning within a short time.

“Great, lets play the game together!” Gu Ning said and took out her phone.

Once she logged in, she saw many messages and many players wanted to add her as their friend in the game.

Gu Ning didnt read those messages until she added Leng Shaoting as her friend at first.

After that, she agreed to the other players applications.

She didnt mind adding strangers as her friends in the game, because she spent little time on the game in her daily life.

There was a limit for the amount of friends a person could add in the game, and Gu Ning would soon reach the limit.

As for the other players messages, Gu Ning had no time to reply to them.

There were too many!

The second Gu Ning was online, many of her friends in the game invited her to play a round together.

Because each team could only have five members, Gu Ning decided to build a team by herself, then she would add Leng Shaoting and leave three spaces available for the quickest players to join her.

The game system sent Gu Nings friends a notification when she chose to build a team, so the other three available seats were occupied within a second.

When other players saw “the Future King”, they began to guess that this player could be Gu Nings boyfriend.

Although there were many other names that seemed to be a couples name with Gu Nings ID in the game, they werent Gu Nings friends, and there was no relationship between them.

However, this “the Future King” was different.

He was Gu Nings friend, and was also a member of her team.

The other members in Gu Nings team asked her that question later, and Gu Ning admitted it.

Because Gu Ning hadnt played this game for a long time, many game players were at a higher level than her.

However, none of them dared to take Gu Ning lightly.

Gu Ning was busy dealing with her business in her daily life, but her level went up quickly once she appeared in the game.

Therefore, even though their levels were higher than Gu Ning for the time being, it didnt mean that their skills were better than hers.

At the same time, some players judged other players according to their levels, and didnt take Gu Ning seriously when they were fighting against her in the game.

As a result, they had a complete loss.

Because of his profession, Leng Shaoting knew the importance of tactics in a battle.

Therefore, although his level was the lowest among the players, none of his enemies could hurt him.

In the end, Gu Nings team won every time.

And because there was live broadcasting during their competition, many other players were attracted to it due to Gu Nings influence.

Although all the players lost against Gu Ning, they still enjoyed it.

Till now, no one was able to defeat Gu Ning in the game.

“Wow, the Future Queen is so unbelievable!”

“She never loses.”

“Is the Future King her boyfriend”

“They have a couples name!”

“Could they just be a couple in the game”

“The Future Queen is Goddess Gu, and Goddess Gu is certainly outstanding in every aspect.”

“What Really”

Not everyone was aware of the fact that Gu Ning was the Future Queen in the game, so they couldnt believe it.

Many people used fake names and photos in the game after all.

“Of course its true! Go check on her Weibo.”

Those who didnt believe it went to read Gu Nings Weibo at once, and they found out that it was true.

“Oh my, the Future Queen is Goddess Gu!”

“No wonder shes so amazing.”

“I want to play the game with Goddess Gu!”

“You should at least reach the same level as her.”


Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting logged out after playing the game for a while longer, so the other players who waited to play a round with her felt disappointed.

Anyway, it wasnt easy for Gu Ning to have some time to play with them in the game.

Some people also thought that Gu Ning was a little arrogant, because she always left quickly.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning didnt know them at all, so it was ridiculous that they thought that she was disrespectful.


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