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“He owes you money, so you should ask him for your money back.

Xiaolin is innocent and she shouldnt pay the bill,” Gu Ning coldly said.

“I understand.

Its all my fault, and I shouldnt have agreed to that.” Ping Ge apologized in a hurry.

“If I hadnt caught Xiaolin by accident, she could have lost her life because of you.

Shouldnt you compensate her for it” Gu Ning said.

Ping Ge had a good attitude and apologized on time, so she was willing to give him a chance to make up for what he had done.

In addition, Xiaolin was fine now, and it was meaningless even if she beat Ping Ge right now.

It would be better if Xiaolin could have something as the compensation.

“Oh, right, right, of course I should compensate Xiaolin.” Ping Ge understood Gu Nings meaning at once.

He took out thirty thousand yuan and handed it to Gu Ning.

“Miss Gu, I only have thirty thousand yuan with me right now.

If you think its not enough, I can withdraw some later.”

Ping Ge only had thirty thousand yuan with him today, because he didnt have time to deposit it in the bank before he met Gu Ning.

He was unwilling to lose it, but he was left no choice.

Seeing that, Xiaolin opened her mouth.

She wanted to say something, but still said nothing.

She was satisfied that she was safe, and didnt dare to ask for compensation.

“Great.” Gu Ning took it and didnt ask for more money.

Ping Ge felt relieved.

“Alright, Xiaolin will leave with me, and you can deal with the man yourself.

I dont want to see him hurt Xiaolin again,” Gu Ning said and gave Ping Ge a glance.

Ping Ge nodded and watched Gu Ning walking out with her friends.

After walking forward for a few steps, Xiaolin suddenly remembered that her handbag was still in the room.

“Oh, my handbag…”

“Ill get it for you.” Ping Ge ran to pick up Xiaolins handbag and gave it to her.

Gu Ning then put the thirty thousand yuan into Xiaolins handbag.

“Miss Gu, I…” Xiaolin didnt think that she should take the money, but Gu Ning interrupted her.

“Take it.

You deserve it.” She almost lost her life, and thirty thousand yuan was nothing.

Gu Ning was quite persuasive, so Xiaolin thanked her and took the money.

The receptionist witnessed everything in the surveillance cameras before the owner of the hotel arrived.

Although the man was beaten heavily by Ping Ges people, he was left alive.

No one in the hotel dared to stop them, because they looked very aggressive.

Gu Ning told Xiaolin to stay in a good hotel for the night, or said that she should go back home tonight by plane.

Xiaolin hated to stay in City F for any second longer, so she decided to go back home.

She didnt care about what would happen to her ex boyfriend.

She repeatedly thanked them before she left, because without their help, she might have already lost her life.

When Xiaolin was gone, Gu Ning and her friends also left.

After a short while, Ping Ge also brought the man away.

The owner of the hotel came later, but no one was left at the scene, and his hotel was fine, so he didnt bother to call the police.

It was already 12 am when Gu Ning was finally home.

Leng Shaoting didnt call her tonight, so she thought that he might be busy now.

Leng Shaoting was indeed very busy at this time.

It was very late at night, Leng Shaoting and three other members of the Red Flame had just arrived at a cave in a distant mountain.

They were going to catch a thief who stole a night-luminescent pearl from the National Museum.

A few days ago, a night-luminescent pearl arrived at the National Museum.

It was presented today, but was stolen at 7 pm tonight and two staffers were also seriously injured.

Because Xu Jinchen was free today, he went back to the capital and went to see the night-luminescent pearl along with Master Xu, Master Leng, and Jiang Zhongyu.

The museum not only had a night-luminescent pearl today, but also many other valuable objects, that were stored in the warehouse for a long time.

Because these objects werent cleaned yet, they were still stored in the warehouse.

When they were about to leave, they heard that the night-luminescent pearl was stolen, so Xu Jinchen went to chase the thief at once.

However, he escaped very fast, making it impossible for Xu Jinchen to catch up to him, which made him think that the man could be a member of the Evil Practice that Gu Ning had told him about before.

Without delay, Xu Jinchen called Leng Shaoting, and they checked the surveillance cameras at once.

Leng Shaoting, Xu Jinchen, Ai Weishun, and Chen Meng teamed up this time.

They saw the mans appearance from the surveillance cameras, but they werent sure whether he was a mortal or a member of the Evil Practice, because there was no obvious difference between the appearances of a mortal and a member of the Evil Practice.

Only those who were familiar with members of the Evil Practice could tell the differences.

The man took a taxi towards the west after he left the museum.

There were surveillance cameras along the way, so they traced him down through them.

The man ended up stopping in front of a small village 50 kilometers to the west of the capital, then disappeared into thin air.

Although the place around the village was very large, Leng Shaoting and his teammates still decided to search for him.

What made Leng Shaoting feel strange was that he somehow could sense a touch of faint magical power, and he followed its traces.

Leng Shaoting didnt think further about it.

It was probably because he had eaten a lot of the power crystals that Gu Ning gave him, that he was able to sense magical power.

As a result, Leng Shaoting arrived at the outside of a cave, which was far from the small village.

This place was even more isolated than Phoenix Mountain.


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