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Chapter 1422: Where Does the Money Come from

The man who just received a call from Zhao Hongwen called his friend in the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection afterwards and asked about it at once.

Actually, there were dishonest officials in any organization, and some members in the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection were guilty too.

The mans friend was one of them.

His friend told him that Zhao Hongwen was taken away because Xiao Changchun already had solid evidence in his hands, and his friend persuaded him not to be involved.

He was surprised and curious about who reported Zhao Hongwen to Xiao Changchun, but with that being the case, he had to stay out of it.

Zhao Hongwen didnt know that he was already abandoned, so he insisted on denying all the accusations against him.

However, he only faced a mocking smile from the staffer who questioned him.

“Innocent Zhao Hongwen, do you really think youre innocent” Song Zheng, the staffer, asked.

“What do you mean” Zhao Hongwen got nervous.

As long as he had enough support, he could be fine even if he was really guilty.

Nevertheless, if they got clear evidence, he would be doomed to be put in jail and nobody could help him out.

He refused to believe it, because it wasnt easy to find solid evidence.

Unfortunately, he encountered Gu Ning and K this time.

“What do I mean You should ask yourself,” Song Zheng said.

“Do you know who reported you this time”

“Who did that” Zhao Hongwen asked.

He somehow had a feeling that the person who reported him wasnt simple.

“I dont know who the person is either, but the person directly reported you to Governor Xiao, and Governor Xiao reported you to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection with clear evidence,” Song Zheng said.

“What” Zhao Hongwen was shocked.

If Governor Xiao was going to deal with this case in person, he would be in big trouble.

Zhao Hongwen panicked, but was still reluctant to accept it.

“Show me the evidence!”

Even though Governor Xiao already had the evidence, he still refused to easily admit to his crimes.

“No problem,” Song Zheng said.

He needed to show Zhao Hongwen the evidence as a part of his job, so he agreed.

After that, another staffer showed Zhao Hongwen all the evidence that Gu Ning had collected.

“First, the hit-and-run crime.

You said that it was your chauffeur who hit the man, but your chauffeur had already left after the meal, and you hit the man yourself.

Although the surveillance cameras at the accident scene are broken, we still can see your face from the surveillance cameras before and after where the car accident happened,” Song Zheng said.

Zhao Hongwen felt hopeless now.

Facing the surveillance video, it was impossible for him to deny it.

“You made your chauffeur a scapegoat for the crime you had committed and your chauffeurs parents were also seriously injured that day.

Well soon know whether those who beat them were sent by you,” Song Zheng continued.

Zhao Hongwen felt terrified.

“Deputy Mayor Zhao, as an official, where does the money come from in your home, since your family doesnt have a business” Song Zheng pointed at the scene where Zhao Hongwen was checking the money in his car in another surveillance video.

Zhao Hongwen didnt know what to say.

To his astonishment, the surveillance camera caught the scene when he was checking the money in his car outside his home.

“How about the houses under your wifes name” Song Zheng added.

“How could your family afford so many expensive houses”

In fact, he already had the answer himself, but he still asked that question.

The money was undoubtedly a bribe.

Zhao Hongwen opened his mouth, but Song Zheng interrupted him.

“Dont tell me that your brother-in-law sent them as gifts to you.

Your brother-in-law only has millions of yuan in wealth, but those houses are worth dozens of millions of yuan.”

Zhao Hongwen had to close his mouth.

Song Zheng then continued to show the evidence of Shen Guanglis scheme against Qin Haozhi.

“Shen Guangli has a close relationship with you, and he was transferred to City F because of your recommendation.

However, shortly after he arrived at City F, he schemed against Qin Haozhi, the general secretary of City F, and reported Qin Haozhi for bribery.

Although there is no direct evidence to show that youre also involved in it, well know the truth later as well.”

They needed clear evidence for every crime Zhao Hongwen had committed, but anyway, Zhao Hongwen was doomed to be seriously punished according to the law.

Zhao Hongwen suddenly had an idea that the report about him might have something to do with Qin Haozhi.


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