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“Of course not, it will take a very long time for the Qin family or the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to discover the truth and collect enough evidence.

Besides, it isnt sure whether the truth will come out!” Qin Haozheng said.

Qin Haozheng trusted the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, but he was afraid that there might be someone who didnt want the truth to come out.

“Then who did this” Qin Yiqing asked with curiosity.

“Gu Ning,” Qin Yifan said.

“What” Qin Yiqing was shocked.

“Gu Ning”

Although she had conflict with Gu Ning before, she gradually discovered that Gu Ning was a very outstanding young girl and gave up her bias against Gu Ning.

However, they didnt get along in the past after all, so she felt a little strange when she talked about Gu Ning right now.

Anyway, Gu Ning had greatly helped her family, so Qin Yiqing felt grateful to her.

When Gu Ning got home, she greeted Gu Qings family first, then went back to her room.

Although Gu Qing was already aware of Gu Nings total score for the exam when she called Gu Ning this early morning, she was still excited the moment she saw Gu Ning.

She kept complimenting Gu Ning and even cried with joy.

Gu Qing regarded Gu Ning as her own daughter, so she felt proud of Gu Ning when Gu Ning became so excellent among her peers.

In the afternoon, the Education Bureau also released the good news that Gu Ning got the highest total score this year.

The male student who got second place also had a very high total score of 739 points, and he came from the No.1 High School of the capital.

His name was Luo Shuyan.

A girl got third place this year, and she came from City B.

Her total score was 722 points.

There were only about a dozen students whose total score was above 700 points.

However, the amount of students who had a total score beyond 700 this year wasnt considered small, because fewer than 10 students were able to have such a high total score in the past.

This years exam wasnt very difficult, so more excellent students could have a very high total score.

Nevertheless, a lot of students still didnt pass the exam.

Luo Shuyan thought that he would definitely be the first place on the list this year, because his total score was very unusual.

To his astonishment, there was a girl who had an even higher total score than him, which was hard for Luo Shuyan to accept it.

He was shocked, then got jealous and was full of hatred.

He made a promise to teach the girl who was even better than him a lesson if he could meet her in the future.

It was obvious that he wasnt kind at all.

He was too selfish and self-centered, and couldnt tolerate it when someone got what he wanted.

However, nobody knew whether he had the ability to teach Gu Ning a lesson.

The female student who was in third place, on the contrary, didnt show any hatred at all.

Instead, she had respect towards Gu Ning.

No one had ever gotten a full score before! She would love to make friends with Gu Ning if it was possible.

Some people were jealous of those who were better than them, while some preferred to learn from those who were more outstanding than them.

Gu Ning called Xiao Changchun when she was in her own room.

Although it wasnt early now, it wasnt very late either, so it wouldnt be a bother if she called him at this time.

Gu Ning only had evidence in her hands, but she still needed a person of power to deal with this case in person.

Xiao Changchun was now promoted to be the governor of Province D, so he definitely had the authority.

As long as he wanted to be involved, nobody dared to stop him.

It was only 9 pm, and Xiao Changchun was watching TV with his wife at home.

His two daughters were studying in the college, so he lived alone with his wife now.

Xiao Changchun also heard the good news about Gu Nings total score of the exam, and he sent a message to congratulate her on that too.

He had a deep impression of Gu Ning, and Mrs.

Xiao also liked Gu Ning very much.

When Xiao Changchun received Gu Nings call, he was slightly surprised and picked it up.

“Hi, Girl Gu.”

“Uncle Xiao, is it convenient for you to answer my call now” Gu Ning politely asked.

“Yeah, whats up” Xiao Changchun understood it must be something important.

“Is Zhao Hongwen your man” Gu Ning asked.

Hearing that, Xiao Changchun frowned, because he disliked Zhao Hongwen and he knew that Zhao Hongwen wasnt a good man.

Since Gu Ning asked him that question, she must have called him because of Zhao Hongwen.

Xiao Changchun was displeased, because he was afraid that Gu Ning might have a relationship with Zhao Hongwen.

“No, whats wrong” Xiao Changchun said.

“Great!” Gu Ning relaxed.

Although she was determined to punish Zhao Hongwen even if he was Xiao Changchuns man, she felt better when she heard a negative answer.

“Well, the thing is that my friends father, Qin Haozhi, the general secretary of City F, was just schemed against by Zhao Hongwen and Shen Guangli, and was taken away by the people from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection today.

My friend asked me for help, and I found criminal evidence on Zhao Hongwen and Shen Guangli, but it hasnt been exposed yet.

Because Zhao Hongwen is a man of power, Im afraid the government in City F cant successfully arrest him.

Uncle Xiao, I want to report Shen Guangli and Zhao Hongwen to you, please help us deal with this case,” Gu Ning said.


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