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In that case, Shen Guangli was able to do whatever he needed to do next.

Actually, Shen Guangli was only an accomplice in this case, and the mastermind was someone else who was more powerful.

Shen Guangli understood that he needed more evidence to put Qin Haozhi in jail, so he planned the exchange of gold bars several days ago.

He knew that the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection would send the police to search Qin Haozhis home.

The mastermind of this scheme had arranged his people in the police, and the police would propose to look inside of the safe.

When Shen Guangli was waiting for the good news, he heard the information that the police failed to find the wooden box in Qin Haozhis safe.

He was shocked and angry.

However, he didnt think that Qin Haozhi had found out about what was in the wooden box.

Maybe Qin Haozhi had thrown it away because he disliked it.

It wouldnt cause much trouble as long as the police found out about the house under Qin Zixuns name.

Unfortunately, Shen Guangli didnt realize that it was illegal if Qin Zixun didnt show up to sign his name when the house was transferred to him.

Even if Shen Guangli got a copy of Qin Zixuns ID Card by other means and did it on behalf of him, it was still illegal.

After a short time, someone anonymously reported that Qin Haozhis son had a house in a certain living area, but the payer was another persons name, which was highly likely to be a bribe.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection sent someone to investigate it, and it indeed turned out to be a house under Qin Zixuns name with a different payer.

The person who accepted a bribe could be severely punished according to the law, while the judge always turned a blind eye on the person who gave the bribe.

As a result, those who gave bribes were much more willing than people who accepted bribes to take a bold move.

Qin Haozhi was questioned again about the house, and he insisted that he wasnt aware of it and it was impossible that his son would accept a house.

Although Qin Haozhi trusted his son, he was still worried that Qin Zixun might have done that behind his back.

He had reminded his son to be careful, because politics was very dangerous.

Even though Qin Zixun behaved himself and never broke the law, he could have been trapped by wily old foxes in politics!

Since Qin Zixun was involved in this case as well, he was questioned by the police too.

Gu Ning wasnt surprised, because the house was under Qin Zixuns name.

Before Qin Zixun was taken away by the police, Gu Ning had a private talk with him about the ownership certificate.

Qin Zixun was frightened when he learned there was a house under his name, because he knew it couldnt be simple.

His father had told him before not to take anything from people in politics.

If he did that, his fathers career would be ruined.

Unexpectedly, even if he wouldnt take any gifts himself, someone would directly frame him.

Gu Ning told Qin Zixun to tell the truth that he wasnt aware of the house under his name at all.

He hadnt shown up or signed any documents either.

After that, Qin Zixun was taken away by the police, but because there was no clear evidence to prove that Qin Zixun was guilty, the investigation went on.

Luckily, he still had his freedom.

The land developer and the Administration of Housing also had something to do with this case, so they faced the polices inquiry too.

There were strict rules as to certificate application, and it was obviously illegal when the property registration and certification was done without the person showing up in person.

Qin Zixun went to the Administration of Housing later with the people of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

A staffer in the Administration of Housing said that commercial housing didnt need buyers to show up in person, and that the land developer would apply for ownership certificates for them.

It wasnt wrong, because it was very normal for land developers to deal with the legal documents with the Administration of Housing nowadays.

Afterwards, they went to the sales hall of the living area.

The manager pretended to be responsible, but then told them that the staff member who went through the purchase contract had already resigned for a long time.

It was undoubtedly a lie.

If only ordinary people were involved in this case, it might not cause much trouble, but this time was different.

Therefore, the people from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection ordered to see the surveillance videos.

The manager, however, told them that the surveillance cameras were broken several months ago.

Although everyone knew that it was another lie, nobody could prove it.

Qin Zixun was ablaze with fury, but Gu Ning stayed calm, because the result wasnt beyond her expectations.

The mastermind must have a whole set of plans to unseat Qin Haozhi, so Qin Zixun was only safe for the time being.

Although Qin Haozhi was under the control of the police now, he still was able to hear the latest news about Qin Zixun.

He was relieved when he heard that Qin Zixun was fine.

Shen Guangli, on the contrary, lost his patience.

As long as there was no solid evidence, Qin Haozhi would only be lightly punished.


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