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It was legal to receive some small gifts, as long as they werent too expensive.

There was no perfect person or official in this world.

Not everyone in the same faction as the Leng family was completely honest, but most of the Leng familys allies were good officials, like Tang Quanjun and Xi Youheng.

The style of the members in a faction relied on their supporters.

If their supporters had no intention to break the law, they wouldnt do it either, and vice versa.

Gu Ning wouldnt hesitate to help the Leng family get rid of a corrupt official if she found any in the same faction as it.

Tang Quanjun didnt bother to face Chang Bingjians family, and he simply gave them a glance.

Chang Bingjians family, on the contrary, walked towards him in great anger.

“Tang Quanjun, you…” Chang Bingjians younger sister, Chang Qiwei, began to shout at Tang Quanjun once she walked near, but Master Chang stopped her.

“Shut your mouth!”

Chang Qiwei was unwilling to do that, but she had to listen to her father.

It was not only Chang Qiwei; the other family members of Chang Bingjian also glared at him.

“Deputy Director Tang, good for you!” Chang Bingjians father said in a very unkind tone.

“Im flattered, Master Chang,” Tang Quanjun said calmly.

Chang Bingjians father was the younger brother of the leading role in the Chang family, and other people called him Master Chang when his older brother was absent.

However, Master Chang and his older brother didnt share the same mother, because their father had a wife and several concubines.

Back in the old time, it was very common for a rich man to have a wife and concubines.

As a result, Master Chang had a neither bad nor good relationship with his older brother.

His older brother had actually helped his family a lot.

Because they were a family after all, they worked together to bring glory to their family.

The direct line of descent of the Chang family abandoned Chang Bingjian because his crimes were totally unacceptable.

Master Chang didnt want to see the result, but he understood it, so he didnt complain about it at all.

He was reluctant to affect the Chang family.

Chang Bingjians family was mad at Tang Quanjun, so they sat far away from him.

However, they still glared at Tang Quanjun once in a while.

In fact, Chang Bingjians family was aware of the cruelty of the competition in politics.

Enemies always acted against each other.

Nevertheless, one of its members was in big trouble now, so they were quite angry.

Besides, if Chang Bingjian was put in jail, his family would lose a lot too.

When it was only 10 minutes away from 2 pm, the gate of the courtroom opened, and people walked inside one after another.

Tang Quanjun and Gu Ning sat on the right side, while Chang Bingjians family sat on the left side.

Once it was 2 pm, Chang Bingjian was brought to the court.

His eyes were full of hatred when he saw Gu Ning and Tang Quanjun.

Even though he already confessed to his crimes, it didnt mean that he would stop hating Tang Quanjun and Gu Ning.

The judge came later, and the trial began.

Because Chang Bingjian had confessed to his crimes, the trial was over within an hour.

It was impossible for him to deny his crimes, so he had to accept the result.

Because Chang Bingjian had accepted too many bribes, he was directly sentenced to death.

Actually, as long as the number of bribes was over tens of million yuan, the official would be sentenced to death.

Chang Bingjian had accepted over two hundred million yuan this time.

Hearing the sentence, Chang Bingjians wife fainted and Master Chang was also shocked.

Even Chang Bingjian couldnt believe his ears.

“No, no, its impossible!” Chang Qiwei said out loud.

They knew that Chang Bingjian had seriously broken the law, but they still believed that Chang Bingjian could survive because of his close relationship with the Chang family.

They planned to get Chang Bingjian out of jail when the Chang family pushed its people to the most powerful position in this country.

It was much better than staying in jail forever.

However, Chang Bingjian was directly sentenced to death!

Chang Bingjians family refused to accept the result, but there was nothing they could do now.

It was already done.

Chang Bingjian was taken away later, and his family had to leave.

Because Chang Bingjians wife already passed out, his older brother carried her on his back, and Master Chang was supported by Chang Qiweis husband when they walked outside.

Since the trial was over, Gu Ning also left.

Chang Bingjians family still glared at Tang Quanjun once Tang Quanjun showed up.

Chang Qiwei ran to Tang Quanjun and shouted at him when they were out of the court.

“Tang Quanjun, its all your fault! Youve ruined…” She even wanted to slap Tang Quanjun.

“Stop her now!” Master Chang was mad and said to Chang Qiweis husband.

Chang Qiweis husband then went to pull her back.


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