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Chen Darong was surprised when he learned that it was a scheme.

Xiangyun Antique-store was very popular and many people were jealous of it, but it had Master Jiangs and Master Xus support, so its enemies only dared to scheme against it.

Ordinary people wouldnt know that it was an evil antique.

Even experienced antique experts couldnt distinguish it from other normal antiques.

If Chen Darong didnt have Gu Nings help, he could have lost his life.

In that case, they had to stay alert.

Gu Ning didnt rush to leave before she finished what she needed to deal with here.

Gao Yi was back yet, so she needed to wait for him.

Because of the problem Chen Darong encountered, she came in a hurry, and didnt have much time to walk around the antique street.

Therefore, Gu Ning told Chen Darong to call her once Gao Yi was back, because she needed to have a walk outside.

After that, Gu Ning left with Qiao Ya.

However, before she could find a good antique, she ran into someone she didnt want to see again.

That person was the fortune-teller.

Because Gu Ning didnt want to see him, she immediately turned around to walk away.

Nevertheless, the fortune-teller already saw her and caught up to her excitedly.

“Hey, miss, why did you turn around the second you saw me” The fortune-teller shouted at Gu Nings back.

“I dont want to see you,” Gu Ning said in annoyance.

“Why” the fortune-teller asked.

“I hate medium psychics like you.” Gu Ning was a little rude.

“Why” the fortune-teller asked again.

“Although Im wandering around, Im not a terrible man, and my fortune-telling is very accurate,” he added.

“Thats none of my business, and please stay away from me.” Gu Ning lost patience.

Hearing that, the fortune-teller stumbled and almost fell.

“How could you be so rude to an old man” He was angry.

“Stay away from me, please,” Gu Ning said.

“Miss, Im really good at fortune-telling.

Can you give me a chance” The fortune-teller thought that Gu Ning disliked him because she thought he was a liar.

“No need, thanks,” Gu Ning said.

“Boss, you can leave first, and Ill stop him,” Qiao Ya said.

“What” The fortune-teller turned to glare at Qiao Ya.

Gu Ning, instead, agreed at once.


Without delay, she walked away, while the fortune-teller was stopped by Qiao Ya.

He began to fight back, but he was no match for Qiao Ya, so he had to watch Gu Ning walking away.

“You…” He was furious, but still shouted to Gu Nings back.

“You cant avoid me forever, and Im determined to tell your fortune!” Gu Nings fortune was so special that he was reluctant to give up.

However, their argument attracted much attention from passers-by.

People had a bad impression of fortune-tellers, so they all began to criticize him.

“Hes just a liar.”

“Right, he simply wants money.”

“He will deceive you into doing something meaningless and useless.”

“I agree.”


Many liars disguised themselves as fortune-tellers for money, so many people hated them.

“You…” The fortune-teller was mad and felt humiliated.

However, he had to admit that many people had been deceived by liars who disguised themselves as fortune-tellers.

Therefore, he gave up arguing with them and left in anger.

After that, Qiao Ya also walked away.

Actually, the fortune-teller didnt walk far away, but hid himself in a corner.

He tried to find Gu Ning by following Qiao Ya.

Qiao Ya was a professional killer, and soon noticed that the fortune-teller was following her.

Given Qiao Yas ability, it was super easy for her to get rid of him.

Within a minute, the fortune-teller lost Qiao Ya.

He was angry at himself when Qiao Ya disappeared in his sight.

Unfortunately, there were too many people at the antique street, and it was impossible for him to find Qiao Ya again.

After getting rid of the fortune-teller, Qiao Ya went back to Xiangyun Antique-store, but Gao Yi was still absent.

Gu Ning went to the second floor of Xiangyun Antique-store in case the fortune-teller saw her again.

She used her Jade Eyes to see where the fortune-teller was so that she could avoid him later.

The fortune-teller walked down to the end of this street.

When Gu Nings sight fell on his body for two seconds, he suddenly stopped and turned around to look at the direction of Xiangyun Antique-store.

Gu Ning was scared and withdrew her sight.

Was it possible that the fortune-teller could sense her look There was a long distance between them! Was it just a coincidence


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