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When the man was happily counting the paper money, another stand owner next to him said, “Hey, I think you lost a lot of money this time.”

The man was struck dumb for a second, then asked, “Why”

“Do you know who that girl is” the stand owner asked.

“No idea, do you know her” the man replied.

“Yeah, shes the boss of Xiangyun Antique-store, and I think the antique she just bought could be real!” the stand owner said.

“What” The man was shocked, then immediately looked to Xiangyun Antique-store.

He had a bad feeling when he really saw Gu Ning in it.

“Seriously That antique could be real” The man was unwilling to believe it.

If it was real, he would indeed lose a lot of money.

“Shes pretty good at antiques, but it doesnt mean that every antique she chooses is real, so its hard to tell,” the stand owner said.

The man already accepted Gu Nings money, so he couldnt regret it now.

Actually, the stand owner told the man the truth because he was jealous of the man.

He couldnt sell a single object for a long time, but the man easily sold the antique within minutes.

All of a sudden, the man stood up and walked to Xiangyun Antique-store.

“Hey, stop there!” The stand owner tried to stop him, but it was too late.

He gave up, and waited to see a drama.

The man walked into Xiangyun Antique-store and put on a sad expression the second he saw Gu Ning.

“Miss, I just remembered that this antique is my family heirloom.

My father told me to take good care of it when he passed away.

Can you give it back to me”

Before Gu Ning said anything, he began to wipe his eyes.

However, Gu Ning already had heard his conversation with the stand owner, so she didnt believe him.

“Sure, I can give it back to you,” Gu Ning said, staring at him.

Hearing that, the mans eyes lit up at once.

“You can pay sixty thousand yuan for it if you want it back,” Gu Ning said.

“You…” The man was mad.

This antique was priced at sixty thousand yuan now.

“You know that you cant regret it after you took my money, right” Gu Ning added.

The man absolutely was aware of this rule, but he wanted to deny it.

He didnt want to lose so much money after all.

“I-I dont have that much money.

Can I give you ten thousand yuan for it” the man said.

Gu Ning only paid three thousand yuan for it, so she still could gain a lot by selling it at the price of ten thousand yuan.

However, that was his own idea, and Gu Ning disagreed with him.

“I know what youre thinking, but I can make much more by selling it at the price of sixty thousand yuan.

If you cant afford it, I can sell it to other people,” Gu Ning said.

She wasnt dumb after all.

The man was struck dumb for a second.

“Dont you have any sympathy for me” The man was unwilling to give up.

Gu Ning thought for a while, then said, “Well, I can give you a discount.

You can get it back by paying fifty thousand yuan.

How about that”

“You…” The man was annoyed.

There was no difference between fifty thousand yuan and sixty thousand yuan.

In fact, this antique could be sold at a high price in an antique store, but its price would be lower at a street stand.

The man had heard a lot about Xiangyun Antique-store, and he knew it had the support of many important figures in this industry.

Therefore, he didnt dare to mess with Gu Ning.

In the end, he had to leave.

Once he walked out, Gu Ning told Gao Yi to follow him, because she thought that this mans behavior was very strange.

A short while later, Gu Ning received Ks message.

K told her that the old man was paid by a man to sell the blue and white porcelain to Xiangyun Antique-store.

That the old man had a grandson waiting to be treated was a complete lie.

Besides, the old man made up the sad story and sold the blue and white porcelain at a low price in order to let Chen Darong take it.

It was obviously a scheme.

Since it was a scheme, Gu Ning wouldnt allow the old man to get away with it.

As a result, Gu Ning told K to find out who the mastermind was.

She also reminded Chen Darong and the other staff members to be more careful from now on.

If they felt uncomfortable again, they could turn to her for help.

Nobody wanted evil antiques, so Gu Ning put the blue and white porcelain into her telepathic eye space.


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