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Qi ZIyue always had the ambition to steal the Tang Organization.

Gu Ning was clearly aware of it after her reincarnation.

She wasnt surprised by Qi Ziyues disloyalty to Tang Yaxin either.

Qi Ziyue had an unusually high self-esteem, and he ached to have power and wealth.

He only cared about himself, and he was too selfish to be loyal to another person.

Qi Ziyue was born in an ordinary family, and many people thought that he was a freeloader when he became Tang Yaxins boyfriend.

It was the undeniable truth, but Qi Ziyue was unwilling to accept it.

He was eager to prove his own ability to everyone one day.

However, no matter how much he had achieved afterwards, people still believed that he relied on Tang Yaxin to be successful.

Without Tang Yaxins help, he couldnt get into the Tang Organization.

Qi Ziyue hoped to marry into the Tang family through Tang Yaxin, which would help him get real control of the Tang Organization.

Precisely because Qi Ziyue realized that other people always regarded him as a freeloader, he felt uncomfortable.

Besides, Qi Ziyue knew that Tang Yaxin wasnt loyal to him either, but he couldnt question her in order to keep his position in the Tang family.

As a result, Qi Ziyue also cheated on Tang Yaxin.

In Qi Ziyues eyes, power was much more important than a relationship.

Tang Yaxin, on the other hand, loved Qi Ziyue deeply, but she still couldnt remain loyal to him.

She only played around when Qi Ziyue wasnt in the capital so that Qi Ziyue wouldnt find it out.

And Qi Ziyue didnt have any proof, because he didnt want to do the investigation.

K was able to find out about their dirty secrets because he had videos of Qi Ziyue having sex with other women and Tang Yaxin having sex with other men.

Because K only had videos of this year, he only had found out about two or three of their sex partners.

Gu Ning decided to make this dirty secret their wedding gift.

Qi Ziyue also had many useful connections, but it was nothing in Tang Bingsens eyes.

Although Tang Bingsen was very confident, it didnt mean that he wouldnt fail.

Tang Aining had failed in the game with Qi Ziyue in the previous incarnation.

Even though she was much better than Qi Ziyue at fighting, Qi Ziyue had still successfully schemed against her.

Therefore, in this incarnation, Gu Ning kept a low profile and became much more careful.

Although she was a kung fu master with a powerful family background, she still didnt think that she could do anything she wanted to.

There would always be someone who was better than her in this world.

Cultivators, mutants, and other kinds of monsters were much stronger than her after all.

The old man she had encountered yesterday was also able to tell her fortune.

In that case, she couldnt be more cautious now.

Gu Ning stored those files into her USB flash disk.

She couldnt make sure that her computer wouldnt act up, so it was safer for her to store them in a USB flash disk.

Other than that, Gu Ning also printed them out and put them in her telepathic eye space.

After that, she needed to deal with Peng Xinghaos case.

Gu Ning called Peng Xiaoman and asked her whether the operation was already done.

Peng Xinghaos operation had lasted for two hours, so he was in a ward now, and he looked fine.

Doctors were all shocked by Peng Xinghaos current conditions, and they believed that it was a miracle in the medical industry because they knew nothing about Gu Nings pills.

Peng Xiaoman didnt mention Gu Ning either, because she didnt want to cause Gu Ning trouble.

In order to not reveal this secret, Peng Xiaoman helped Peng Xinghao take the pill when they were all gone.

Knowing that Peng Xinghao was in a stable condition now, Gu Ning told Peng Xiaoman that she already had the evidence in her hands.

She also told Peng Xiaoman to prepare Peng Xinghaos injury report, which would be of great use.

Peng Xiaoman was excited to hear that, and she was surprised by Gu Nings efficiency.

Although the young man who had seriously injured Peng Xinghao was much more powerful than them, he was no match for Gu Ning.

Nevertheless, before they took action, Gu Ning told Peng Xiaoman to call the police again.

Gu Ning was aware that the police wouldnt take it seriously, but she needed a policemans words as evidence.

No matter what, it was the polices duty to catch criminals.

Peng Xiaoman listened to Gu Ning and called the police once more.

The moment a policeman picked up her call, Peng Xiaoman pressed the recording button.

The policeman lost patience once he heard that XX company was involved.

“Miss, you better give up, because the Zeng family isnt a family you can mess with.

If theyre mad, youre unable to bear the consequences of failure.”

“Do you still refuse to administer punishment” Peng Xiaoman wasnt surprised by the answer, but she was still mad.

“To be honest with you, the Zeng family has called and we wont do anything,” the policeman said.

“As the police, shouldnt you help the innocent punish the evil” Peng Xiaoman questioned in anger.

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