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Chapter 1342: Dirty Secrets of the Tang Organization

K showed Gu Ning the surveillance video and the evidence of the dirty secrets about the senior management of the Tang Organization, especially about Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin.

Gu Ning watched the surveillance video first.

At 12:15 pm, Peng Xinghao walked into the building of XX company.

He didnt have a reservation, and wasnt allowed to walk inside, so he argued with some staff members in the hall.

About five minutes later, the front desk received a call and let Peng Xinghao in.

Peng Xinghao went to the HR department and said something but Gu Ning couldnt hear it, because the surveillance cameras only captured pictures without sound.

At the beginning, the HR manager stayed calm facing Peng Xinghao, but it seemed that their negotiation failed.

The HR manager changed his expression and his attitude seemed to be threatening Peng Xinghao.

Peng Xinghao was mad and turned around to leave.

Right at this moment, a young man dashed inside and pointed at Peng Xinghao criticizing him in anger.

After arguing for a minute, the young man grabbed a fruit knife from the coffee table and stabbed Peng Xinghao in the head.

Peng Xinghao wasnt prepared and was seriously injured.

The young man was scared too and drew his hand back at once.

The HR manager talked with him for a short while, then made a call.

About 20 minutes later, an ambulance arrived and sent Peng Xinghao to the hospital.

After that, the hospital called Peng Xinghaos older sister, Peng Xiaoman.

The young man was the heir of this company.

His father dealt with this problem without delay, so the police ignored Peng Xiaomans call for help.

“Send what youve got to my email,” Gu Ning said to K.

She wanted to slowly read the evidence of the dirty secrets about the Tang family.

“No problem,” K said.

There were too many files, so it took a long while for K to successfully send them to Gu Ning.

Afterwards, Gu Ning told K to leave, then she began to read the files about the Tang family.

No businessman was innocent.

Even Gu Ning had broken the law sometimes.

She had dug many ancient graves before, which was illegal, but she didnt hurt other people.

She hadnt done something like bribery and tax evasion either.

Gu Ning had powerful connections, and there was no need for her to bribe someone.

She made a lot of money, so she didnt bother to evade tax.

Because old surveillance videos were replaced by new ones every year, K could only do the investigation with this years surveillance videos.

He couldnt know what those related people had done before this year.

As for those deleted surveillance videos, K wasnt able to get them back either.

For example, if Gu Ning told K to investigate into the case about Peng Xinghao later, the surveillance video could have been deleted.

It would be harmful to keep it anyway.

K hadnt found many dirty secrets about Tang Bingsen.

Tang Bingsen was a cunning old businessman after all, and it wasnt easy to find his dirty secrets.

Besides, Tang Bingsen had a gang to help him deal with many things, so there was no need for him to do bad deeds in person.

When Tang Aining was still alive, she had solved many problems for Tang Bingsen.

However, Tang Aining was dead now, so nobody would know what had happened before.

Even if Gu Ning was clearly aware of those bad deeds, she had no evidence.

Tang Bingsen hadnt been found guilty of bribery and corruption.

K only found out about Tang Bingsens sexual relationship with Tian Feifei, his mistress, and his love child.

Gu Ning wasnt surprised, because she already knew that Tang Bingsen had a mistress and a love child, but she didnt know who they were.

Tang Bingsens mistress was Feng Lin, who was the HR manager in a company under the control of the Tang Organization.

Their son was Feng Qile.

He was 15 this year and was in tenth grade.

K also had the videos of Tang Bingsen meeting with Feng Lin, but they always gathered together with a large group of people.

They only had a private meeting three times.

Feng Qile also showed up at the three private meetings by accident.

Gu Ning didnt know whether Feng Qile was aware of the fact that Tang Bingsen was his biological father.

As for the major directors of the Tang Organization, most of them had committed bribery.

Other than that, there were sectional conflicts in the Tang Organization as well.

Someone wanted to get the chair of the chairman, so there were two factions inside.

This director who wanted to be the chairman was quite outstanding, and he had a secret relationship with the president of another large business group which was the Tang Organizations enemy.

As a major director of the Tang Organization, he had contact with the president of its business enemy, which meant that they must face the same opponent.

In other words, this director planned to cooperate with the president to unseat Tang Bingsen.

However, no one knew who would benefit most from their conflict.

Gu Ning didnt think that they could succeed, because Tang Bingsen had the support from a gang.

This gang would be Gu Nings first target in order to deal with Tang Bingsen.

Gu Ning didnt know where the gangs base was, but she knew some of its members stayed beside Tang Bingsen as his bodyguards and helpers.

Therefore, Gu Ning decided to investigate them to see what she could find out.

Qi Ziyues and Tang Yaxins dirty secrets were much more exciting than Tang Bingsens and the major directors.

Gu Ning knew that Qi Ziyue wasnt a loyal man to the Tang Organization nor to Tang Yaxin.

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