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“Great, as long as they cant find Wang Zhonghang, Wang Zhonghangs words could only be real,” Zhuang Chuanhao said and felt relieved.

They didnt think that Kouzi was able to find out it was them if Wang Zhonghang was gone.

Staff members of Kouzi were very angry at Wang Zhonghang.

They worked in the factory every day, but none of them had seen fake Kouzi products.

It was quite obvious that Wang Zhonghang had been bribed by someone to frame Kouzi.

If Kouzi was ruined by Wang Zhonghang, they would also lose their jobs, which was the last thing they wanted to see.

However, they werent important figures in the company, and nobody would believe them even if they denied Wang Zhonghangs words.

In that case, they could only rely on the company.

About 10 minutes later, Gu Ning sent out several successive posts.

Because the amount of characters of each post was limited, she had to send out several posts to present all the proof she had found.

There were call records between Wang Zhonghang and Zhao Wei, the sales manager of Corydalis Makeup, the reason and evidence of their cooperation, the contact records between Zhao Wei and the surrogate shoppers, the voice recording of Zhao Weis conversation with Du Gang, the evidence of the Internet Water Army hired by Corydalis Makeup, the video of Corydalis Makeup making fake Kouzi products, etc.

After reading those posts, everyone was shocked.

It turned out to be a nasty scheme!

“Jesus, I cant believe my eyes now.

Kouzi was indeed framed!”

“I cant believe my eyes either.”

“I believed Kouzi all the time, and it didnt disappoint me.”

“This is a disgusting unfair business competition.

I think those who have criticized Kouzi should make an apology now.”

“I agree.”


Facing solid proof, no one dared to attack Kouzi again.

Afterwards, Internet users all began to criticize Corydalis Makeup under its official Weibo account.

“Shameless Corydalis Makeup!”

“I wont buy Corydalis Makeup anymore!”

“Kouzi is my new choice of make-up products now.”

“Zhuang Chuanhao should be put in jail.”


The people attacked Corydalis Makeup and Zhuang Chuanhao harder than what they had done to Kouzi before.

When the quality scandal of Kouzi broke, most people were simply disappointed in Kouzi, but what Corydalis Makeup had done was completely unacceptable and illegal.

Zhuang Chuanhao and Zhao Wei were shocked once they saw the posts sent out by the official Weibo account of Kouzi.

They couldnt believe that Kouzi could have so much evidence about their dirty secrets.

Neither Zhuang Chuanhao nor Zhao Wei could accept it.

Zhuang Chuanhao was the boss of Corydalis Makeup.

If Corydalis Makeup was in a serious crisis, he would suffer a great loss.

Zhao Wei only worked for him, and could change jobs later.

However, Zhuang Chuanhao decided to find himself a scapegoat.

Unfortunately, before he could really do that, Kouzi sent out another post and Zhuang Chuanhao became the target this time.

It pointed out the crimes Zhuang Chuanhao had committed, including bribery, tax evasion, financial fraud, etc.

Zhuang Chuanhao was stunned right now.

He was doomed to be put in jail.

Shortly after it erupted, five policemen went to Zhuang Chuanhaos home and arrested him.

“Were from the Public Security Bureau.

Youre charged for bribery, tax evasion, and financial fraud.” The leading policeman showed Zhuang Chuanhao his certificate, then handcuffed him.

The reason why the policemen showed up so soon at Zhuang Chuanhaos home was because Han Wenling helped Gu Ning.

Before Gu Ning sent the posts, she called Han Wenling and asked her to arrest Zhuang Chuanhao.

Because Gu Ning wasnt influential in City Q, and the police might not take action as quickly as she wanted.

Therefore, she turned to Han Wenling for help.

Zhuang Chuanhao was a successful businessman in City Q after all, and not many people were willing to act against him.

Gu Ning was from another city so the police wouldnt side with her.

Anyway, in order to solve the problem, Gu Ning could only ask for Han Wenlings help.

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