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“Ridiculous, how could Hu Jiali mistake Goddess Gu for her fan Does she think everyone in the world is her fan”

“Right, Goddess Gu didnt ask for her photos, but she already refused.”

“Goddess Gu is much more popular and famous than Hu Jiali.

There is no way that she would ask for a Z-list stars photos.”

“Right, even an A-list actress is working for Goddess Gu now.”

“I think Hu Jiali must be jealous of Goddess Gus beauty, so she said that she was a star on purpose.”

This Internet user was very smart, and guessed correctly.

“I agree with you.”

“Its just a guess.”

“Well, Ive seen Hu Jiali in real life before, and her attitude changed when she saw beautiful fans.

I think its highly likely that she was jealous of Goddess Gu.”

“Cant agree more! She dislikes taking photos with fans who are prettier than her.”


Hu Jiali was a Z-list actress, but she still had many fans, and her fans showed up to defend her at once.

“Do you have to criticize Jiali and ignore Gu Nings behavior I dont think Gu Ning is very polite either!”

“Its just a misunderstanding! Be nice, guys.”

“Jiali works very hard, and its understandable that she makes mistakes sometimes.

People all make mistakes.”


Hu Jialis fans and Gu Nings fans began to argue with each other on the Internet, but Gu Ning had many more fans than Hu Jiali.

Other Internet users, on the other hand, didnt think that it was a big deal and it wasnt worth much attention.

They blamed the paparazzi for it, because the paparazzi had released the news on the Internet.

However, everyone knew that paparazzi always wanted to see as much drama as possible in the entertainment industry.

This news didnt become one of the hottest topics on Weibo, but it also gained a lot of attention.

When Gu Ning arrived at City Q, it was already 4:30 pm, so she directly took a taxi to the Huangdeng Hotel where Gao Yi and Qiao Ya stayed.

The second Hu Jiali and her agent arrived, they turned on their phones to check the entertainment news.

Once Hu Jiali opened Weibo, she saw many messages and comments about her.

And although she was mentally-prepared, she was still very angry.

She was afraid of Gu Ning now, but it didnt mean that she wasnt jealous of Gu Ning any longer.

“Post your apology on Weibo, now!” Hu Jialis agent was angry.

She was surprised by the amount of Gu Nings fans and their influence.

Besides, many Internet users were exposing Hu Jialis dark history, which would damage her reputation.

They had to deal with this crisis as soon as possible.

Hu Jiali was an actor with some topics, but they were actually publicity stunts arranged by the company she worked for.

For example, there was news about her secret relationship with an actor.

There were photos of her being with another man on the Internet as well.

Those pieces of news were made to help her get attention from the public.

As long as she had peoples attention, she could get a chance to play a role in a show.

Therefore, celebrities loved and hated the paparazzi.

They loved the paparazzi because the paparazzi helped them gain attention, and they hated the paparazzi because the paparazzi exposed their dirty secrets as well.

Besides, the paparazzi loved scandals far more than good news, and they were more willing to report bad news.

After organizing her words, Hu Jiali posted an apology on Weibo according to her agents guidance.

Hu Jiali: I met many fans at the airport of City B today.

Theyre very lovely and enthusiastic, but Ive been working very hard these days, so I wanted more rest and declined to take photos with them.

I feel sorry about it, and I also need to apologize to Miss Gu for the terrible misunderstanding.

I mistook Miss Gu for one of my fans, so I said that I didnt want to take photos with her.

Please accept my sincere apologies, Miss Gu and those who care about this accident.

Once Hu Jiali posted it, it had a great effect.

People stopped criticizing her and her fans defended her as always.

Although it was indeed Hu Jialis fault, it wasnt serious after all.

People made mistakes, so it was understandable.

Moreover, Hu Jiali already posted an apology, so there was no need for other people to keep blaming her for it.

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