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As a cook, he knew a lot of food materials, including the giant yellow croaker, so he was aware of its rarity.

Because it was too rare and expensive, he had to be cautious not to damage it.

Even if the Tang family wouldnt blame him, he would blame himself if he ruined the dish.

Before dinner began, Gu Ning received a message from K.

It was easy for K to investigate through surveillance cameras, but he needed some time to figure out the foreign mans identity.

There were several cooks cooking in the kitchen at the same time, but it still took them almost an hour to cook the fish.

So by the time the dishes were placed on the dining table one after another, they were all more than ready to enjoy dinner.

There were many plates of fish on the table, and it was some of the most valuable food in the world, so everyone enjoyed the meal in harmony.

They also drank a little.

However, both Tang Haifeng and Leng Weihua were old men now, so they didnt drink strong alcohol, and instead drank nutritious liquor.

However, because nutritious liquor still contained alcohol, they couldnt drink much of it.

Nevertheless, they were celebrating today so it wasnt appropriate for the others to stop them from drinking.

Therefore, Gu Ning put a power crystal into their cups, so that they would be fine even if they drank a lot.

They all believed in Gu Nings magic pills, so nobody stopped her.

As they were enjoying the meal in the Tang familys house, the car accident went viral especially after people found out that Gu Ning was involved in it.

Some passers-by had taken many videos of the car accident and uploaded them to the Internet.

So many Internet users were mad at the foreign man, and they sharply criticized him to defend Gu Ning.

It couldnt be more obvious that the foreign man tried to murder Gu Ning, because he wanted to escape the second he failed.

He was skilled at fighting as well, which meant that he wasnt an ordinary man.

At the same time, some people also thought that it might have just been an accident, and the foreign man ran away in fear.

In addition, the foreigner looked very strong and he must exercise regularly, so it was understandable that he was good at fighting.

Some Internet users, on the other hand, turned to attack Gu Ning and said that she had delusions of persecution.

They believed that it was simply an accident, but Gu Ning regarded it as a murder attempt.

Without delay, Gu Nings fans and those who defended her attacked them back.

“Goddess Gu never said that its a murder attempt, but we made the judgment from the video ourselves.

You cant blame Goddess Gu for it!”

“Right, we arent dumb, and its obviously an attempted murder.”

“Haters are really unkind! Couldnt you see that the car that Goddess Gu was in was heavily hit by the big truck”

“If Goddess Gu hadnt been so lucky or if the car had been pushed down, she could have been killed.”

“The foreign man should be put in jail!”


Some haters even said that Gu Ning was purposely hit by the big truck because she had done bad things.

Other Internet users who defended Gu Ning argued that Gu Ning was too outstanding and that some evil people were obviously jealous of her.

Anyway, the haters were no match for Gu Nings fans.

Gu Ning was the victim in this accident, so many people still believed that she was innocent.

Moreover, Gu Ning had left a good impression on the public.

That being the case, countless kind Internet users and Gu Nings fans mentioned her on Weibo and they all cared about her situation.

Some of them even @(mentioned) the Public Security Bureau, trying to seek justice for Gu Ning.

In the Tang familys house, they went to have a seat in the living room after dinner.

The members of the Leng family needed to stay there tonight.

Although they had wanted to stay in a hotel, both Gu Ning and the Tang family persuaded them to stay, so they agreed in the end.

The Tang family had prepared rooms for them earlier on.

Master Leng was at an old age, and he felt sleepy after drinking a little alcohol, so he went to bed a while later.

Tang Haifeng also went back to his bedroom, and left the younger generation chatting with each other in the living room.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting needed to deal with something, so they excused themselves and left.

Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxin thought that they were going to have fun outside, so they wanted to go with them, but Gu Ning told them that it was something serious.

At this time, it was only 8:30 pm.

City B had nine districts which each had a separate branch of the Public Security Bureau.

The foreign man was taken to the branch of the district where the Tang familys house was located.

Gu Ning checked that days trending news afterwards.

She knew that what had happened today would be put on the headlines, because she was too famous on the Internet.

However, when she saw the comments left by haters, she directly ignored them.

She wouldnt be affected by them.

“Do you have any idea of the suspect” Leng Shaoting asked Gu Ning.

“No idea.

I have too many enemies,” Gu Ning said with a resigned look.

It was true that Gu Ning had too many enemies, so she honestly didnt know which one of them had schemed against her this time.

Because Leng Shaoting was aware of Ks ability, he believed that Gu Ning could handle it properly by herself.

While they were on their way to the branch of the Public Security Bureau, Tang Jiakai received a call from Teng Xiaoyu and learned what had happened today.

Tang Jiakai was mad once he heard the news and went to search for more information about the car accident.

After watching the video, Tang Jiakai was filled with fury.

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