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Although the magical power was nowhere to be found now, the middle-aged man was very sure that its appearance must have something to do with this car accident because they happened to show up at the same time.

Therefore, the magical power had to come from a certain person at the scene but it was hidden right now.

The cultivator could only remember the faces at the scene for further research.

When the cultivator came, Gu Ning also noticed him and she knew that he must have come for the magical power.

Gu Ning felt lucky that she didnt expose herself, or she might be in trouble.

She knew too little about the cultivation world right now, so she didnt want to expose herself.

“Let me go!” The foreign man struggled.

“Let you go” Gu Ning sneered and walked towards him.

“If this was just an accident, I wouldnt make things difficult for you, but it isnt.

I know that you started following me from the airport.”

Hearing that, the man was greatly surprised.

He thought that he had hidden himself very well.

“Have you called the police” Gu Ning asked.

“Yes,” a bodyguard replied.

Although this was a personal grudge, the car accident already happened so they needed to call the police.

Within 10 minutes, the traffic police arrived.

If this was a normal car accident, it was very easy to deal with it, but it wasnt so it would be complicated.

Leng Shaoting didnt want to delay the meeting with the Tang family because of it, so he directly took out his officers certificate.

He made it very clear that it was a murder attempt and he needed to do the interrogation himself.

However, he was busy now, so he needed to arrange for two bodyguards to escort the foreign man to the Public Security Bureau and he would interrogate the suspect later that night.

Leng Shaoting wouldnt punish the foreign man of his own accord, so he proposed to escort him to the Public Security Bureau first.

The traffic police agreed once Leng Shaoting showed his officers certificate.

Although they were surprised to know that Leng Shaoting was a major general at such an early age, they still listened to him.

Onlookers didnt know what certificate Leng Shaoting held in his hands, but they knew that he must be an important figure.

After that, the traffic police along with two bodyguards from the Leng family escorted the foreign man to the Public Security Bureau.

Leng Shaoting left a bodyguard to deal with the following things, then drove away.

Gu Ning called K and told K about what she had just been through.

K was surprised and said that he would check the surveillance cameras of the foreign mans action from the beginning to the end.

In addition, he would also find out what the foreign man had done before and his identity.

When Leng Shaoting and his other family members arrived at the Tang familys house, it was already 5:30 pm.

They were about half an hour later than the appointed time, but luckily the dinner began at 6 pm.

The Tang family didnt think further about it because they thought there might have been a traffic jam on the road.

Gu Ning didnt want to worry the Tang family, so she reminded Master Leng and the others not to mention the car accident.

However, even if they kept it a secret today, the Tang family would know about it sooner or later.

They simply didnt want to ruin the happy atmosphere.

Because the Leng family were visiting the Tang family today, Gu Man didnt go to the beauty salon and rather stayed at home.

Jiang Lihua, Tang Yunfan, and Tang Yunhang were also back home at 4 pm.

Tang Yunrong and Cao Ruihua arrived at the Tang familys house at 4:30 pm, while Tang Jiakai, Cao Wenxin, and Cao Wenjun got back later too.

Except for Tang Jiayang who was abroad, all the other members of the Tang family were present.

They took it very seriously because it wasnt only about Gu Nings marriage, but also because the highly respected figure, Leng Weihua, would show up today.

Every one of them was very excited.

Normally, the big gate of the Tang familys house was closed, but it was open early today, waiting for the Leng familys arrival.

Once the Leng familys cars came close, a security guard reported it to Tang Haifeng and Tang Haifeng along with his other family members walked out without delay.

They stood outside the door of the main building in a straight line, as two MPVs entered the Tang familys large property then moved towards the main building.

The two cars soon stopped, and a bodyguard immediately got out of the first car to open the car door for the people inside.

Leng Shaoting left the car first, followed by Gu Ning, then Master Leng appeared.

The members of the Tang family walked to welcome Master Leng right away.

“Very nice to meet you, Leader Leng.

Welcome to my home!” Tang Haifeng greeted him.

“Nice to meet you, Leader Leng!” The other people also greeted Master Leng with great respect.

“You dont need to call me Leader Leng.

Were a family now.

Just call me Leng, Uncle Leng, and Grandpa Leng!” Master Leng said with a smile.

“Ha-ha, nice to see you, Leng,” Tang Haifeng said.

Although Leng Weihua used to be in a very high position, he was retired now, and they were indeed going to be family.

“Nice to see you, Uncle Leng,” Tang Yunhang and the other members of his generation said.

“Nice to see you, Grandpa Leng,” Tang Jiakai and the other young members said.

Leng Yuanzhen and Yu Yin left the car later, and everyone introduced themselves to each other before they walked into the living hall.

The moment they were seated, they saw endless gifts being brought inside one after another, which surprised the Tang family.

To their astonishment, the Leng family came with so many gifts, which meant that they attached great importance to Gu Ning.

“Tang, you have a very outstanding granddaughter.

Shes able to become so successful at such a young age.

She has my respect and affection.

You know what, all of my old friends want her to be their granddaughter-in-law.

Although Ningning is Shaotings girlfriend, I still hope that they can get engaged right now,” Master Leng said.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha, I know.

Ningning is the pride of our family,” Tang Haifeng said with a broad smile.

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