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Chapter 1309: You Dont Need to Rush

When Gu Ning received the voice recording from Qiao Ya, she had just finished the meal with Leng Shaotings friends, but they didnt leave right away.

She made an excuse and left to listen to the voice recording in the ladies room, and to prevent people from hearing it, she put in her earphones.

After hearing the voice recording, Gu Ning frowned.

To her surprise, her business enemy could affect her factory.

She sent a message to K at once and told him to investigate all the group leaders of the Kouzi makeup factory.

Because there were several production lines in the Kouzi makeup factory and Qiao Ya didnt get detailed information about the guilty group leader, they had to investigate all of the group leaders.

It wasnt difficult for them to find the guilty group leader by checking the call records from Zhao Wei.

Within a minute, K replied to her message and said that he would do it right away.

Afterwards, Gu Ning walked out of the ladies room and went back to her seat.

They chatted with each other for a while longer before they left the hotel.

Xiao Nanchen and Zhao Weixian went back to the Military General Hospital, while Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting drove home.

Although Zhao Weixians wound was almost healed, he still needed to stay in the hospital for a few days without having permission to leave.

He could only leave the hospital if the doctor told him that he was fine after tomorrows check up.

Soldiers with ranks in the army could have free treatment in the Military General Hospital, so the hospital wouldnt keep the patients for money.

Shortly after Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left the hotel, Gu Ning received Ks call, and K told her that he had found the group leader who secretly kept in touch with Zhao Wei.

They had contacted each other with their real phone numbers, so it was very easy for K to find the truth.

The group leader who stayed in touch with Zhao Wei was Wang Zhonghang.

He was about 40 and had worked in Colaine for a long time.

He had worked for Ning Changkai for years, but still chose to betray him and Colaine, which meant that Zhao Wei had something serious on him.

Either way, since Wang Zhonghang betrayed Colaine, Gu Ning wouldnt hesitate to punish him.

Even though Gu Ning knew that Wang Zhonghang was secretly contacting Zhao Wei, she still didnt know what they had talked about with each other, so she couldnt sue Wang Zhonghang right now.

If Wang Zhonghang confessed to it before he made a terrible mistake, Gu Ning might forgive him.

However, if he continued to do it, Gu Ning would wait until it became serious and seize the chance to severely punish Corydalis Makeup.

If she went to meet Wang Zhonghang right now, Corydalis Makeup might stop attacking Kouzi and she wouldnt have a good opportunity to defend herself.

Therefore, Gu Ning decided to be patient.

She needed to know what exactly Zhao Wei had on Wang Zhonghang.

In addition to that, she also needed to learn more about Corydalis Makeup and Zhuang Chuanhao.

If she was able to find their dirty secrets, she would directly expose them and ruin Corydalis Makeup.

It wouldnt be easy to find their dirty secrets, so Gu Ning needed to wait for a while longer.

They werent dumb after all.

Although Gu Ning decided not to see Wang Zhonghang right now, she arranged for someone to spy on him.

Ning Changkai had checked the factory once before and he found no problems because Wang Zhonghang hadnt done anything back then, but it didnt mean that he wouldnt do anything in the future either.

Therefore, Gu Ning called Ning Changkai and told him about Wang Zhonghang.

To Ning Changkais astonishment, one of his biggest helpers had chosen to betray him and he felt quite sad about it.

Anyway, since Wang Zhonghang was the betrayer, Ning Changkai listened to Gu Ning and spied on him.

The next day, Gu Ning went to her company in the morning because she would be going to City B together with the Leng family after lunch.

Leng Shaoting was busy, because he had to be well-prepared before he went to visit Gu Nings family.

Master Leng had called Tang Haifeng early that morning and told him that they would visit the Tang family in City B today to talk about the engagement.

Tang Haifeng wasnt surprised, because Gu Ning had told him about it before.

He was also prepared for it.

Gu Ning arrived at her office before 9 am, and K followed her with his laptop to report what he had found out.

K didnt go back home last night and had only slept for a few hours when it was almost daybreak, because he knew that this matter was very important.

“Well, you dont need to rush to deal with it.

Your health matters more,” Gu Ning said and gave K a power crystal.

“Here, take it.

Itll help you get your energy back.”

K had obvious dark circles under his eyes, and Gu Ning saw that he wasnt in a very good condition.

“Its fine.

I think its better if we can get the result earlier,” K said and thanked Gu Ning.

“On another topic, I need to go to City B later, so Im afraid that I cant show up at the release conference,” Gu Ning said to K.

The release conference of Battle in the Sky was only three days away, but Gu Ning would still be in City B at that time.

“I understand.” K nodded.

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