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Chapter 1308: The Next Step

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Leng Shaotings simple glance scared Zhao Weixian and Xiao Nanchen, and they denied it at once.

“Of course not!”

In fact, they werent scared of Leng Shaoting, they stood in awe of him.

Gu Ning witnessed everything and rolled her eyes.

Before long, dishes were placed on the table and they began to chat with each other casually while enjoying the food.

Zhao Weixian and Xiao Nanchen asked Gu Ning about her experience of starting up companies.

Gu Ning didnt mind sharing her experiences with them, but she kept her Jade Eyes a secret.

She told them that she mostly relied on her luck to be successful.

It wasnt a lie or an excuse, because Gu Ning had indeed been very lucky on her way to building her business empire.

Her good luck helped her meet skilled subordinates and make more powerful connections.

Although Zhao Weixian and Xiao Nanchen had read about some of Gu Nings experiences on the Internet, they were still amazed after hearing more details from Gu Ning.

Gu Ning said that she mostly relied on her good luck, but her ability mattered a lot as well.

Actually, good luck was also a part of someones ability.

As for Gu Nings family background, they didnt ask about it, because they didnt think that it was important.

They cared more about Gu Ning than her family.

As long as Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were in love and they didnt care about family background, family background wouldnt be important.

Leng Shaotings teammates were all good men with positive values.

They were also used to fighting for whatever they wanted.

Zhao Weixian was a major in the army, but his girlfriend was an ordinary white-collar worker.

Nevertheless, they had been together for three years and they still loved each other deeply.

Zhao Weixian even planned to propose to his girlfriend soon.

Although Zhao Weixians girlfriend was aware that he was a soldier in the army, she didnt know that he was a major, because he was only 27 and too young to be a major.

The reason why Zhao Weixian could become a major at such an early age was that he had risked his life to fulfill difficult missions many times before.

It was not only Zhao Weixian, all the other members in the Red Flame were also ranked high in the army.

Zhao Weixian didnt tell his girlfriend his real position in the army, because he wasnt allowed to do that according to the rules.

Even Gu Ning didnt know much about Leng Shaotings job and the Red Flame.

She only knew that he was a major general and always left to complete dangerous tasks.

There were many special corps in the army and Gu Ning had heard about some of them, but she still had no idea which team Leng Shaoting was in.

Leng Shaoting didnt want to talk about his job, so Gu Ning never asked further about it.

They all had their own secrets after all.

In City Q, Gao Yi was following the chairman of Corydalis Makeup, Zhuang Chuanhao, the entire time, while Qiao Ya kept a close eye on another key person, the head of its factory, Du Gang.

Zhuang Chuanhao went back home once he got off work, but Du Gang stayed outside.

In the afternoon, Du Gang dined with the sales manager of Corydalis Makeup, and they talked about Kouzi during the meal.

Qiao Ya was able to hear their conversation because she had quietly stuck a wireless microphone in a less noticeable corner of the door when a waiter walked into the private room.

After that, she booked a private room next to theirs and ordered some dishes.

Without delay, she turned on her laptop and recorded their conversation.

“Manager Zhao, will Kouzi find out that it was us” Du Gang asked worriedly.

Kouzi had already released an announcement of their intent to sue the mastermind behind the scheme, so Du Gang was afraid that he might be involved in big trouble.

He was the head of the factory for Corydalis Makeup after all.

The sales manager for Corydalis Makeup was named Zhao Wei, and he was a young man in his early thirties.

He was responsible for contacting Du Gang in this scheme against Kouzi.

Therefore, Du Gang could only turn to Zhao Wei for help after Kouzi released the announcement.

“Dont worry, I dont think Kouzi is able to find out that it was us,” Zhao Wei said with confidence.

“Even if Kouzi finds out the truth, we will still be fine, because were already prepared for the next step.

Were not dumb, and its not the end yet.”

Corydalis Makeup was determined to destroy Kouzi.

Zhuang Chuanhao was also a successful businessman, and he knew how to achieve his goal.

Kouzi would undoubtedly give an official explanation to comfort its customers, because it was being criticised now.

However, what would happen next If Corydalis Makeup stopped scheming against Kouzi, Kouzi would be safe and fine, but what Corydalis Makeup had done before would be meaningless.

It would be a total waste of time for Corydalis Makeup to do that then! Therefore, since Corydalis Makeup was determined to move Kouzi out of its way, it had prepared a perfect plan.

“Really What are we going to do next” Du Gangs eyes lit up at once.

“I have the goods on a group leader in one of the Kouzi factories, and hell admit that this batch of unqualified Kouzi makeup products were produced by them,” Zhao Wei said with pride.

Hearing that, Qiao Ya was annoyed.

Du Gang, on the other hand, felt relieved, but he asked with curiosity then, “What should we do now”

“Youll know.” Zhao Wei put on a mysterious smile.

Since Zhao Wei was unwilling to tell him, Du Gang didnt ask about it further.

Qiao Ya immediately sent Gu Ning the recording.


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