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Since Leng Shaoting was back now, they could visit Master Leng together.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting planned to have lunch at 12 pm, but Gu Ning heard a piece of bad news about Kouzi.

Many people complained that Kouzi skincare products had damaged their skin on the Internet.

K read the news first and reported it to Gu Ning at once.

The second Gu Ning heard the news, she knew that it must have been done by her business enemies in order to damage the reputation of Kouzi.

Kouzi was too popular now, and many peers were jealous of it.

Given the fame of Kouzi now, only third-tier skincare brands would feel threatened.

If there was no magical power liquid in Kouzi products, Gu Ning couldnt be sure that they were safe and effective, but they had to be safe and effective with the magical power liquid inside.

Without solid proof, she couldnt jump to conclusions, and it was possible that the factory forgot to put the magical power liquid into the products.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning soon found out that the packages of those skincare products on the Internet were very different from real Kouzis.

Although they might look the same at first glance, people who were familiar with real Kouzi could easily tell the differences.

All the packages of Kouzis products carried a light watermark, but those of the fake Kouzi didnt, which wasnt very noticeable.

Other than the watermark, there were also several other differences between the real and fake Kouzi.

Those who had bought fake Kouzi probably werent aware of what the packages of real Kouzi looked like, so they were deceived.

It wasnt an uncommon thing to see fake famous brands now.

Therefore, Gu Ning had to find out who was making fake Kouzi products in the first place, then cleared Kouzis name.

People who were using real Kouzi products were defending it on the Internet, because their skin was fine and even better.

Many Kouzi fans believed that it was very effective.

No one would criticize Kouzi after using its products.

However, those who had never tried Kouzi before were affected by the criticisms leveled at it.

Many people joined those who were criticizing Kouzi on the Internet.

“Have an investigation into those posts to see whether they have bought fake Kouzi or if they were hired by our business enemies,” Gu Ning said to K.

“No problem, boss,” K replied.

K left and Gu Ning called Ning Changkai at once.

Although Gu Ning was sure that it must be a trap, she still told Ning Changkai to check the factory again in person.

Gu Ning was worried that her business enemies might have sent someone into her factory to damage her brand.

Ning Changkai have a thorough check without delay, then told Gu Ning that everything was normal.

They needed to make an official explanation on Weibo to comfort their customers, but Gu Ning told Ning Changkai to wait until K had the result of the investigation.

Gu Ning remained calm from the beginning to the end, because it was simply a minor problem that she could encounter in business.

By the time Gu Ning finished having lunch with Leng Shaoting, K had the result.

Those who criticized Kouzi on the Internet had indeed bought fake Kouzi, but they bought Kouzi from surrogate shoppers instead of its direct-sale stores.

There were countless fake products now, and it was hard to avoid them outside direct-sale stores and counters in big shopping malls.

Those who chose to believe surrogate shoppers werent smart enough.

After that, Gu Ning told Ning Changkai to post their reply on Weibo.

Kouzi Official: After the investigation, we found that many Internet users who claim that their skin has been damaged by Kouzi products have actually bought fake Kouzi. 

According to the Trademark Law and Market Competition Law, well maintain our right to sue the producer(s) of fake Kouzi.

Anyone who still believes that Kouzi has hurt your skin, please show us your proof, including the invoice or bill.

We promise that well protect your interests and rights as our customer.

There were photos of real and fake Kouzi products attached to the post as well.

In fact, many people were aware of rampant fake skincare products, so most of them chose to believe Kouzis official explanation.

Moreover, Kouzi was willing to help its customers to sue the evil producer of the fake Kouzi.

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