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Jiang Yutongs mother didnt dare to hesitate now, because the Tang family wasnt a family that they could mess with.

Jiang Yutong couldnt afford it herself, so she had to turn to her mother for help.

Jiang Yutongs mother had her own savings, but she was reluctant to use it.

She thought that they could probably sell the 100 sets to other people to reduce their loss.

Therefore, it was the end of the bet.

Jiang Yutongs mother still blamed Gu Ning for it, but she didnt dare to say it aloud, because she was afraid that Jiang Jiamin would tell Gu Ning, which might cause her trouble.

Afterwards, Jiang Yutongs mother called Jiang Yutongs father.

Although Jiang Yutongs father was angry and criticized Jiang Yutong for a long time, he agreed at the end because he had no choice.

Jiang Yutong was his daughter, and he knew his daughters personality very well, so he was clearly aware that it was Jiang Yutongs fault.

Jiang Jiamin then told Gu Ning the result.

Gu Ning actually didnt have the hope that Jiang Yutong would really buy a 100 sets of Kouzi, but she loved to see Jiang Yutong doing it.

Gu Ning didnt care about how Jiang Yutong would deal with the 100 sets of Kouzi, because it wasnt her problem.

Jiang Yutong and her mother went to a direct-sale store of Kouzi the next morning.

Many of Kouzis products were out of stock now, but some of them were still left on the shelves.

For example, most women liked red lipsticks, because red was suitable for everyone.

However, not everyone would choose rose.

Different people had different preferences.

As for those products that were out of stock now, customers could pay a deposit first.

Normally, Kouzi could replenish its shelves within three days or a week at the most.

Kouzis loyal customers didnt mind waiting for a week.

They paid a deposit, so they were sure to get what they wanted when the next batch arrived.

Jiang Yutong and her mother went to the counter and asked for 100 sets of all of the Kouzi products in the store.

All the staff members in the store were shocked, and couldnt believe their ears.

Jiang Yutong and her mother repeated their demand, but there werent so many products in the store now.

They had to wait for a while.

The store manager called the head office later.

Because they needed too many products, they needed to wait for a week and the products would be directly delivered by the factory.

In addition, Jiang Yutong needed to pay a 20% deposit.

If she changed her mind and decided not to buy the products, she couldnt have her deposit back.

Jiang Yutong had to buy 100 sets, and she didnt know the owner of Kouzi actually was Gu Ning.

As a result, she agreed.

Once Jiang Yutong and her mother left, the staff members in the store began to talk about them.

“Jesus, why did they buy so many sets of Kouzi”

“Maybe they need them as gifts.”

“They must be rich people!”

They definitely didnt know the real reason why Jiang Yutong and her mother bought so many sets of Kouzi.

Kouzis factory was busy producing its make-up products at this moment.

Kouzi needed to produce the batch of make-up products for Jiang Yutong first before it provided its business partners with them.

Luckily, Kouzi wouldnt let its business partners wait too long, because it had the most advanced machines and production lines, and since Kouzi was so popular, its business partners were willing to wait.

Leng Shaoting came back at 10 am that day, and went straight to see Gu Ning at her company.

They hadnt seen each other for a long time, so he kissed and hugged her and was unwilling to let her go the second he saw her.

Master Leng invited them to dine at the Leng familys house.

When Gu Ning was alone, Master Leng didnt invite her to dine together because he was afraid that she might feel nervous.

So because Leng Shaoting was back now, and they could share a meal together.

It was still very early when Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting arrived at the Leng familys house, so many other people were still absent.

Master Leng always stayed home alone, and he felt bored.

Although he had many old friends, they couldnt gather together every day.

They were old people after all, so they couldnt travel a long distance.

In fact, she would visit Master Leng of her own accord, but she hadnt been free these days.

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