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Chapter 1295: The Bet

“No problem, miss, but Im afraid you need to wait for a while longer, because there are too many people ahead of you.” The staff member felt that it wasnt easy to satisfy this girls needs.

She was the only staff member in this store right now.

“Fine, but dont forget to give me what I want.” The girl understood.

She didnt bother making things more difficult for the staff member, because she only wanted the new products of Kouzi.

“Sure.” The staff member agreed.

The other women also wanted to do the same thing as the girl, but they didnt need so many make-up products.

After a short while, other staff members came to work, and were amazed by the scene as well.

Even though it wasnt working time yet, they had to begin to work right away.

Before the first group of customers got what they wanted, the next group of customers came.

Those who already bought what they wanted immediately posted photos of Kouzi make-up on their social media to show off.

They were the first group of people who had Kouzi make-up.

Within a short time, they attracted more people to come.

During this day, the direct-sale stores of Kouzi were completely crowded.

As for the 100 sets of all of Kouzi products that Jiang Yutong had to buy after she lost the bet, Gu Ning decided to deliver them later, because the production speed of Colaine was limited.

The news that Kouzi couldnt keep its makeup products on shelves soon went abroad.

More and more people wanted to buy them, but they were out of stock.

Most importantly, there were only direct-sale stores in the capital and City B.

Kouzi also had an official website, but its make-up products were out of stock everywhere now.

Jiang Yutong heard the news about Kouzi later, but she didnt want to fulfill her promise, and she even planned to deny it.

However, she was unwilling to annoy Gu Ning because of Gu Nings family background, so she felt cornered.

Jiang Jiamin said to her, “Well, you cant forget the bet, right”

“Theyre out of stock now!” Jiang Yutong argued.

“Its not a problem.

You can pay the deposit first, and theyll get a 100 sets of Kouzi for you within three days,” Jiang Jiamin said.

“You…” Jiang Yutong was mad, because she knew that Jiang Jiamin said it on purpose.

Because they were talking in the living room, their mothers heard it as well.

Jiang Yutongs mother glared at her.

“What Why do you want to buy 100 sets of Kouzi Why do you need so much of it”

Although she also had several sets of Kouzi, a 100 of them were too many.

They couldnt use all of them before the expiration date.

Jiang Yutong hesitated for a while.

She didnt know how to explain it to her mother, but Jiang Jiamin interrupted her.

“Jiang Yutong had a bet with Gu Ning a few days ago.

If the make-up line of Kouzi is put on the market within a month, Jiang Yutong loses the bet and she has to buy 100 sets of all of Kouzis products.

If not, Gu Ning will send Jiang Yutong a 100 sets of all of Kouzis products.

Its their agreement, and many people are aware of it.

Since Kouzi really released a make-up line within a month, Jiang Yutong has to fulfill her promise.”

Jiang Jiamin was gloating over Jiang Yutongs failure and she didnt bother to hide it.

The Jiang family knew that Jiang Jiamin and Jiang Yutong never got along with each other, so they were already used to their arguments.

“What Why did Gu Ning make such a bet with Yutong” Jiang Yutongs mother asked with obvious dissatisfaction.

Hearing that, Jiang Jiamin understood that Jiang Yutongs mother blamed Gu Ning for it, so she explained further.

“Its not Gu Nings fault.

Jiang Yutong challenged Gu Ning when we were talking about Kouzi!”

Jiang Yutong didnt deny it.

Jiang Yutongs mother closed her mouth now.

In that case, it was indeed Jiang Yutongs fault.

“Well, its Yutongs fault, but a 100 sets are too many!” Jiang Yutongs mother said.

She was still blaming Gu Ning.

“Since Gu Ning is a successful businesswoman, she shouldnt be so mean.”

Jiang Yutongs mother didnt want her to pay for a 100 sets of Kouzi, because it cost too much money.

Jiang Yutongs mother only controlled her temper because she didnt dare to offend Gu Ning, otherwise she would directly ignore this ridiculous bet.

Gu Ning had the Tang familys support after all, and it wasnt a secret that she was very important in the Tang family.

“Gu Ning told me about the release conference of Kouzis make-up line herself.

I dont think shell let it go,” Jiang Jiamin said.

“Well…” Jiang Yutongs mother frowned.

Did they have to buy a 100 sets of all of the Kouzi products They could afford it, but it would cost at least two million yuan.

“Dont forget how important Gu Ning is in the Tang familys eyes,” Jiang Jiamin added.

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