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Chapter 1293: Youre Right

If she really wanted to win, the jiao could help her, but she didnt think it was necessary.

At least Baili Zongyang had been very kind to her till now.

After that, they found an empty space and were ready to have the competition.

Because both of them were trying to test each others skills, they didnt use their full strength at the beginning.

As time went by, they gradually used greater strength, but it was still an even game.

They only used their physical strength, instead of their magical power.

Gu Ning and Baili Zongyang were aware that neither of them was weak.

However, Gu Ning knew that Baili Zongyang was a cultivator, but Baili Zongyang didnt know that Gu Ning had magical power.

Therefore, Gu Ning wasnt surprised by Baili Zongyangs ability, but Baili Zongyang was greatly surprised by Gu Nings strength.

In his eyes, Gu Ning looked to be an ordinary girl, but she was even as strong as him.

Although he didnt use his full strength, there was no doubt that Gu Ning was a great match for him.

Baili Zongyang was unwilling to reveal his real level, so he stopped later.

“I think its enough.”

“Sure.” Gu Ning stopped as well.

“Miss Gu, Im surprised by your strength,” Baili Zongyang said.


Baili, youre very outstanding too,” Gu Ning said politely.

“Have you been practicing kung fu ever since you were a kid” Baili Zongyang asked with curiosity.

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered.

Baili Zongyang nodded and didnt ask further.

He had no intention to find out Gu Nings family background, because he had no conflict against her.

“May I have the honor of having breakfast with you” Baili Zongyang asked again.

“Im sorry, Ill dine at home,” Gu Ning said.

“Fine, we can do it next time.” Baili Zongyang didnt seem disappointed.

“No problem.” Gu Ning agreed.

Because of Master Xu, Xu Qinyin got to know that Gu Ning was in the capital now.

She called Gu Ning at once and invited her to dine together that evening.

Xu Qinyin had been to the Shengning Organization before, so she knew that High-speed Tech was owned by Gu Ning.

High-speed Tech was one of the hottest topics on Weibo now, so she was afraid that Gu Ning would be very busy these days.

Gu Ning had planned to dine with Xu Qinyin and Gu Anna when she was totally free, but she accepted Xu Qinyins invitation since Xu Qinyin called her first.

Afterwards, they agreed to meet each other at a western restaurant.

In the afternoon, Gu Ning told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to go back home before her, and she went to see Xu Qinyin.

When Xu Qinyin met Gu Ning, she said, “Ningning, do you still remember Shen Baixiang The man you saw last time when I went to see you at your company.”

“Yeah, whats wrong Is he still bothering you” Gu Ning asked.

“Youre right.

I frequently run into him these days, and I dont think its a coincidence.

He always tries to talk to me and tell me how regretful he feels now.

I think he probably found out about my family background,” Xu Qinyin said.

She wasnt dumb after all.

“Well, he must have found out your family background, so hes unwilling to give you up.” Gu Ning pulled her lips.

“I think so.” Gu Anna joined in their discussion.

“He doesnt say it clearly, so I dont know how to reject him,” Xu Qinyin said.

“Just ignore him then,” Gu Ning said.

“Thats the only thing I can do now,” Xu Qinyin sighed.

It was still early when they finished dinner, so they decided to go to a shopping mall together.

They didnt go back home until it was 11 pm.

Two days later, the news conference about Kouzis make-up products was held.

Gu Ning then sent Jiang Jiamin a message to tell her to pay some attention to it.

Jiang Jiamin read Gu Nings message when she was back in her bedroom for a nap.

She was surprised by the news and went to watch the video of the news conference at once.

To her astonishment, Kouzi indeed launched make-up products within a month, which meant that Jiang Yutong lost the bet.

Jiang Jiamin was very satisfied and ran to see Jiang Yutong without hesitation.

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