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Chapter 1279: Lin Feis Father

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During the meal, Lin Fei received a call from his father.

There was no doubt that his father called him because of what had happened at the race track this afternoon.

His father seldom called him, because his father was very busy normally and he was already a grown up.

Lin Fei excused himself and left to answer his fathers call.

“Hey, dad,” Lin Fei said.

“Tell me everything about it,” Lin Feis father, Lin Zhenteng, asked him in a serious tone.

Lin Zhenteng wasnt mad because he had watched the video and he understood that it was the fault of the exchange student from Country R.

In addition, it was the girl who had cut the exchange students little finger off, so there was no reason for him to be angry at Lin Fei.

However, Lin Fei came to the race track along with the girl, and the girl must be his friend, so Lin Fei was still involved in this trouble.

Because it happened at the Lin familys race track, Lin Zhenteng had to figure it out.

He only watched the video on the Internet, so he knew little about Gu Ning.

Lin Zhenteng was actually also mad at the exchange students behavior, so he had no sympathy for him.

At the same time, he was impressed by Gu Nings bravery and cruelty.

Lin Zhenteng believed that Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl, and he was worried that Lin Fei might be in danger if Gu Ning stayed by his side.

“Dad, the girl is my new friend, and she helped me finish the race against Masaichi Yoshida.

Masaichi Yoshida is the exchange student from Country R, and he verbally abused me and our country right in front of my face.

They had an agreement before the game.

If my friend lost, she would have to sleep with Masaichi Yoshida for a night.

If she won, she would cut one of Masaichi Yoshidas fingers off, but Masaichi Yoshida denied it after he lost the game.

Hes so shameless!” Lin Fei said in anger.

“Your new friend is indeed very brave and confident, but Im afraid that she might have done many things like that before,” Lin Zhenteng said worriedly.

Lin Fei understood his fathers worries.

“Dad, you dont know much about her yet.

Why dont you search her name on the Internet first Youll change your opinion about her.”

Lin Fei believed that his father would get a better understanding of Gu Ning after knowing what she had achieved.

Lin Zhenteng was curious about Gu Ning now, so he ended the call with Lin Fei and went to learn more about Gu Ning.

Although Lin Fei walked aside to talk with his father on the phone, Gu Ning was still able to hear them.

She didnt think that it was a problem, and kept on eating and drinking.

Before long, Lin Zhenteng found more information about Gu Ning.

She was an excellent student in her school, and she had also won the championship in this years national math competition.

There were many pieces of news about her businesses as well.

After reading them, Lin Zhenteng was amazed.

He had to admit that Gu Ning was even more successful than him in business.

Even though Lin Zhenteng was the richest man in City G right now, he was very modest.

Moreover, he was able to become the richest man in City G because his family business was super profitable, and he simply took it over from the older generation.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, built her own business empire within just half a year!

It was obvious that she was going to be more successful in the future because she was still very young.

Therefore, Gu Ning was a young girl who was worth making friends with.

Gu Ning and her two bodyguards went back to City F at 7:30 pm.

Shortly after they left the hotel, they noticed that some people were following them.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes and saw four young men sitting in the car behind them.

They were strong and looked serious, and Gu Ning knew that they werent ordinary people.

Gu Ning thought of Masaichi Yoshida at once, and she had a feeling that these people were sent here by him.

Although Masaichi Yoshida stopped arguing with her after he was sent to the hospital, Gu Ning didnt think he would be willing to accept the result.

Gu Ning had cut his little finger off after all, so it was impossible for him to let it go.

Even though it was his fault, he still blamed Gu Ning for it.

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