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Chapter 1271: Lin Fei Needs Help

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Ever since Yu Mixis relatives had heard that her family was going to move into a new apartment, they teamed up together, trying to get some money from Yu Mixis family.

Therefore, Yu Mixis older uncle and aunt were angry when Yu Mixis younger aunt fell on the ground.

Yu Mixis older uncle shouted at Gu Ning, “How could you push her down”

“I pushed her down Ridiculous.

Its she who wanted to attack me and I just avoided it,” Gu Ning said.

She indeed hadnt pushed Yu Mixis younger aunt, but she secretly hit her foot.

However, since Yu Mixis older uncle didnt see it, she wouldnt admit it.

After all, Yu Mixis younger aunt had attacked her first, and she was simply protecting herself.

Actually, if a man dared to attack Gu Ning, Gu Ning wouldnt hesitate to be more violent.

“You…” Yu Mixis older uncle didnt know what to say now.

“Boss, do you need help”

At this time, Hao Ran, Qin Zixun, and Zhang Tianping ran over.

They came here in Hao Rans car, and they saw Gu Nings car at the side of the road.

They felt strange and looked around for Gu Ning, then found that Gu Ning was arguing with Yu Mixis relatives close by.

Therefore, Hao Ran stopped his car well and they went to help Gu Ning.

Yu Mixis older uncle and aunts felt scared when Hao Ran and the other strong boys walked over.

“Do you have anything else to talk about with me If not, I need to go now.” Gu Ning stared at Yu Mixis older uncle.

Yu Mixis older uncle opened his mouth, but didnt dare to utter a word.

Gu Ning snorted and left.

When Gu Ning, Hao Ran and the others visited Yu Mixis family with many gifts, Yu Mixis parents felt flattered, and they repeatedly thanked Gu Ning because she helped them get their new home.

Even though Gu Ning said that it was a benefit for Yu Mixi, Yu Mixis parents still felt grateful to her.

Gu Ning told Yu Mixis parents that she just ran into Yu Mixis older uncle and aunts outside the gate.

She also reminded Yu Mixis parents to be careful.

If anything terrible happened, they could call the security office for help.

Yu Mixis parents disliked Yu Mixis older uncle and aunts, and they were unwilling to see them.

After having dinner, they watched TV together and chatted with each other.

A while later, Gu Ning received a call from a strange number that belonged to City G.

Gu Ning picked it up and figured out who its owner was the second she heard his voice.

“Um, hey, is this Gu Ning” A man sounded nervous on the phone.

It was Lin Fei.

Lin Fei absolutely knew that this was Gu Nings number, but he still asked that question to make sure of it.

“Yes, I am,” Gu Ning said.

“This is Lin Fei.

Do you still remember me We met each other at the freeway to County X the other day,” Lin Fei said.

“Yeah, may I help” Gu Ning asked.

“The National College Entrance Examination is just over.

How do you feel now” Lin Fei asked with concern.

When Lin Fei wanted to say something else, he was interrupted by a loud sound as someone kicked the door open and said, “Fei, what happened How could you injure yourself right before tomorrows competition”

Hearing that, Gu Ning frowned.

Lin Fei called her today because of tomorrows competition he was going to have.

“Sorry, please excuse me for a second.” Lin Fei apologized to Gu Ning.

“Its fine,” Gu Ning said, then she heard Lin Fei talking to another man.

“Ill explain it to you later.

Leave me alone now.”

The man didnt know that Lin Fei was talking to someone on the phone when he just came in, so he spoke loudly.

Now he saw Lin Fei talking on the phone, he closed his mouth at once.

Afterwards, Lin Fei turned to talk to Gu Ning again.

“Gu Ning, actually I called you for your help.

I know we just got to know each other and we arent familiar at all, but its an emergency, and I honestly dont know what I can do now…”

Gu Ning hesitated for a while.

Just as Lin Fei said, they just met each other and now he asked her for help all of a sudden, which was a little strange.

However, since she already agreed to make friends with him, she was unwilling to directly refuse to help him.

“Can you tell me what has happened”

“The thing is that an exchange student from Country R came to City G University a few days ago.” Lin Fei sounded very angry when he talked about this student from Country R.

“Hes a good racer, and we had a disagreement at the race track yesterday.

He verbally abused us and our country!”

Saying that, Lin Fei was angrier.

Even Gu Ning felt displeased too.

Lei Fei continued, “I was too mad so I agreed to have a car race against him tomorrow, but I was attacked by a group of people later and they injured my hand.

I cant drive now.

Could you please help me No matter what you want, Im willing to do it for you as long as I can.”

This competition was very important in Lin Feis eyes.

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