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Her car was already cleaned up, so she drove it away.Because Gu Ning was going to meet her schoolmates, there was no need for her bodyguards to go with her.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were a couple after all, and they needed some private time.

In fact, Gu Ning was very generous and kind to them.

They had a lot of free time to live their own life, and they didnt have to stay by her sides all the time.

Gu Ning actually preferred to move around alone, and she wasnt a weak girl, so it wasnt necessary for her to bring her bodyguards with her all day long.

If it wasnt convenient for her to deal with something, she would tell Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to handle it for her.

Before Gu Ning came home, Gu Man told her to have a look at Kamei Beauty Salon in City F if she was free.

Although Gu Man talked with Gu Qing on the phone every day, she was still worried about the business of Kamei Beauty Salon.

For now, Gu Qing ran Kamei Beauty Salon in City F on her own, and Gu Man stayed in City B.

Therefore, Gu Ning left for Kamei Beauty Salon now that she was free.

Kamei Beauty Salon was also very popular in City F, because the skincare products it used were effective and safe.

Gu Qing had enough money to open a branch now, but she thought that she still needed some time to get more familiar with the business.

As the boss of Kamei Beauty Salon, Gu Qing actually didnt have too much work to do in the store.

She normally checked the accounts and chatted with her clients to kill the time.

Many rich ladies in City F had become Gu Qings friends now.

However, Mrs.

Hao and Mrs.

Lu were still Gu Qings closest friends.

Wang Sufen was Gu Qings biggest assistant in the store, and she was responsible for the stock checks.

When Kamei Beauty Salon was running out of skincare products, Wang Sufen would contact Colaine for more stock.

It wasnt a difficult job, but it wasnt easy either.

Luckily, Wang Sufen was diligent and reliable, so she was able to do her job well.

As soon as Gu Ning walked into the hall, Gu Qing walked to her with a broad smile.

“Hi, Ningning!”

She knew that Gu Ning would come back these days, so she wasnt surprised to see her.

Moreover, she missed Gu Ning very much after they had been apart for so long.

“Hi, Aunt Qing!” Gu Ning smiled.

“Is everything alright in this store Have you encountered any trouble while Ive been absent”

Kamei Beauty Salon was too famous and successful now, so Gu Ning was worried that their competitors might cause them trouble.

It had happened before after all.

“Everything is fine, and nobody has caused us trouble,” Gu Qing said.

She was very satisfied with the business right now.

Because of the skincare products Gu Ning made, more and more women became their loyal customers.

Many people were indeed jealous of Kamei Beauty Salons popularity, but none of them dared to cause them any trouble now.

Two thirds of the membership of Kamei Beauty Salon were rich ladies in City F, so no one was willing to annoy them.

Some businessmen got Colaines phone number from Gu Qing so they went to open a store by themselves.

Gu Qing was willing to give them the number of Colaine, because she wasnt afraid that they would become more successful than her.

It was Gu Nings company anyway, and they would benefit from it if more people were selling products produced by Colaine.

In addition, Kamei Beauty Salon already had a large number of loyal VIP members, and most of them were unwilling to go another place to take care of their skin.

As a result, Kamei Beauty Salon was still very profitable.

“Great.” Gu Ning felt relieved when Gu Qing told her that everything was fine.

“If anyone dares to cause you any trouble, feel free to tell me,” she said later.

“Sure, I will,” Gu Qing said and felt touched.

Gu Ning had helped her and her family a lot, and never had asked anything in return.

“Qing, whos this” A rich lady was attracted by Gu Ning at first glance.

“She looks very familiar,” she said.

“Oh, this is my niece, Gu Ning,” Gu Qing said with pride.

“Gu Ning Is she the founder of Jade Beauty Jewelry” The rich lady got excited.

It was obvious that she was also a loyal customer of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Moreover, she must have heard a lot about Gu Ning.

“Yeah, she is,” Gu Qing said.

Since the rich lady recognized Gu Ning, there was no need for them to deny it.

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