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If Jiang Yutong was bullied by someone else outside, he would gloat when it wasnt serious and would only help her once it became too violent.

Jiang Yutong was a member of his family after all.At this time, Gu Ning saw a familiar face, and the person was Zhao Fulin.

It turned out that Zhao Fulins family was a relative of the Jiang family.

Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai walked up to them, and Jiang Minhong noticed them first.

He stood up to welcome them at once.

“Hi, welcome, come here and have a seat!”

Jiang Minhong knew Gu Ning from Tang Yunfan and Gu Mans wedding.

However, they werent familiar with each other, so he called her Miss Gu.

Hearing Jiang Minhongs voice, Jiang Jiamin and Jiang Yutong stopped arguing, then turned to look at Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai.

“Hi, Jiakai, Miss Gu.” Jiang Jiamins face went back to normal and greeted them politely.

Jiang Yutong, on the contrary, snorted with disdain and went to change her clothes.

Tang Jiakai and Gu Ning didnt care about Jiang Yutongs attitude at all.

Other people recognized Tang Jiakai and stood up without delay.

“Nice to see you, Lord Tang.”

“Nice to see you all,” Tang Jiakai said.

“Nice to meet you all,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

Zhao Fulin couldnt see Gu Nings face among the crowd, but she thought that Gu Nings voice sounded familiar.

Nevertheless, She didnt think further because there were many people who had similar voices.

“If you dont mind, you can directly call me Jiamin and I can directly call you Gu Ning.

We dont need to be so polite to each other,” Jiang Jiamin said.

“It feels very strange.”

Jiang Jiamin had a good impression of Gu Ning, so she wanted to make friends with her.

“Of course, Jiamin,” Gu Ning said.

After that, Jiang Jiamin invited Gu Ning to have a seat near her.

Zhao Fulin didnt see Gu Nings face until now, and she was greatly surprised to see her here.

In addition, Gu Ning came here along with Tang Jiakai.

As Jiang Jiamins friend, she had definitely heard of Tang Jiakai, and she had met him a few times before, but they werent familiar.

Since Tang Jiakai was a member of the famous Tang family in City B, Gu Nings family must be very powerful too.

“Hi, nice to see you again,” Gu Ning said to Zhao Fulin when Zhao Fulin was still surprised.

“Do you know each other” Jiang Jiamin was slightly surprised.

“Nice to see you, Miss Gu.

What a coincidence!” Zhao Fulin smiled.

Zhao Fulin just found out Gu Nings name.

She was very excited to see Gu Ning again, because Gu Ning was her savior.

Afterwards, Zhao Fulin answered Jiang Jiamins question in a low voice, “It was Miss Gu who saved my life today.”

Zhao Fulin already told Jiang Jiamin about what had happened to her today.

They were close friends, so they shared many secrets.

Even though Zhao Fulin already gave Jiang Ze and Zhang Yanni up, she still felt sad after being made a joke by people who were supposed to be her good friends.

It would take time for her to forget this bad memory.

“Oh, I understand now!” Jiang Jiamin said.

She was also mad at what Jiang Ze and Zhang Yanni had done to Zhao Fulin.

Luckily, Gu Ning had appeared on time and saved Zhao Fulins life.

“Gu Ning, this is my close friend, Zhao Fulin.

Thank you so much for what you did today,” Jiang Jiamin said to Gu Ning.

“Wait a second.

What happened today” Jiang Minhong asked curiously.

“Its a girls affair, and its none of your business,” Jiang Jiamin said.

“I simply care about you,” Jiang Minhong said.

However, Jiang Jiamin refused to talk about it.

“Dont you need to change your clothing” Gu Ning looked at Jiang Jiamins stained dress.

“Oh, right, I almost forgot.

Im sorry, I need to leave for a while.” Jiang Jiamin realized that her dress was stained, then she left to change it.

“Miss Gu, you can directly call me Minhong since youre Jiakais younger cousin,” Jiang Minhong said to Gu Ning.

They were relatives anyway.

Hearing that, other people were shocked.

They didnt know when Tang Jiakai got a new younger cousin.

“Sure,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

“Please allow me to do the introduction,” Tang Minhong said and stood up.

He turned to the others first.

“This is Gu Ning.

Shes Lord Tangs biological daughter and Jiakais younger cousin.

However, she kept her mothers surname, so her family name is Gu.”

Because he didnt want other people to disdain Gu Ning, he explained why Gu Ning had a different family name from Tang Jiakai.

It wasnt a secret in high society after all.


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