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Tang Jiakai took it as gossip and soon forgot it.Seeing Tang Jiakai staying so calm, Zhuang Zixuan was angry.

“Dont you have anything to say to me”

“What do you expect me to say” Tang Jiakai sneered.

“It has nothing to do with me.”

Tang Jiakai wasnt dumb, and he clearly knew why Zhuang Zixuan said that to him.

She simply wanted him to accept her! However, he was reluctant to do that.

He didnt mind whether his girlfriend was a virgin as long as he loved her and she was loyal to him.

In addition, the girl couldnt be the ex girlfriend of someone he knew, otherwise it would be very embarrassing.

Zhuang Zixuan obviously didnt satisfy any of the above requests.

She had rejected him because she was snobbish, so she already lost the qualification to gain his affection.

Besides, she already had sex with Zhou Haoyan, who was a well-known playboy in Tang Jiakais friend circle.

Tang Jiakai only felt disgusted when seeing her face now.

“You…” Zhuang Zixuan was annoyed, and she could see that Tang Jiakai was unwilling to talk to her now.

However, she didnt realize that Tang Jiakai hated her now.

She thought that Tang Jiakai was still mad at her because she had rejected him before.

Therefore, Zhuang Zixuan softened her voice and said, “Jiakai, Im sorry for what I did to you before.

I know its my fault.

Could you please forgive me” She tried to persuade Tang Jiakai to accept her.

Tang Jiakai only showed disdain on his face.

“Zhuang Zixuan, I know what you want to do, but its impossible.

I have no interest in you now, so please take me as a stranger if you see me next time,” Tang Jiakai said, then walked away from Zhuang Zixuan without giving her a glance.

Zhuang Zixuan was struck dumb this time.

She only rejected him three months ago.

Could he give her up within just three months

In fact, Tang Jiakai gave her up within three days.

Once Tang Jiakai knew the real reason why she rejected him, he decided to give her up and felt lucky that she didnt become his girlfriend.

Zhuang Zixuan had a robust self-esteem.

Since Tang Jiakai had made it very clear, she didnt stop him again otherwise she would humiliate herself.

She was disappointed and sad, because she really liked Tang Jiakai in her heart.

However, Tang Jiakais family background was still unknown to Zhuang Zixuan at that moment.

When Tang Jiakai was gone, an acerbic female voice interrupted Zhuang Zixuans thought.

“Your family isnt very rich in City B, so you should give up the idea of bothering Lord Tang.”

Hearing that, Zhuang Zixuan turned to look at the person with confusion.

The person was a girl who was born in a super-rich family in City B and she came with another girl whose father was an important official.

They were staring at Zhuang Zixuan with a mocking smile on their faces.

“Miss Pan, what do you mean” Zhuang Zixuan asked.

She wasnt in the mood to be mad at the girl, but ached to figure out why the girl said that.

Miss Pan was Pan Zhiqi, and she was from the Pan family of City B.

The Pan family was precisely Pan Ziruis family, and Pan Zhiqi was Pan Ziruis younger cousin.

Pan Zhiqis parents passed away early on because of a car accident, so she became the Pan familys adopted daughter.

And although Pan Zhiqi was only Pan Ziruis younger cousin, she had 10% shares of the Pan familys business, which used to be her fathers, so nobody dared to take her lightly.

In addition, the Pan family took Pan Zhiqi as its own daughter and treated her very well.

Pan Zhiqi also called Pan Ziruis parents her father and mother.

“What do I mean I mean the literal meaning!” Pan Zhiqi laughed at Zhuang Zixuan.

“Oh, dont you know Lord Tangs family background yet I bet you dont know it, or you wouldnt have rejected him and become Zhou Haoyans girlfriend.

Zhou Haoyan is simply a playboy and he changes girlfriends faster than he changes his t-shirt.

Youre lucky though that you could be his girlfriend for three months.

Well, youre the most beautiful girl in our school after all and you have a great body.

You must be good in bed too.”

Pan Zhiqi was humiliating Zhuang Zixuan in public, but unfortunately every word she just said was true.

She wasnt familiar with Zhou Haoyan, but was a close friend of his younger cousin, so she heard about his behavior.

Girls loved gossiping when they were together.

Not many people knew that Zhuang Zixuan had rejected Tang Jiakai, but it wasnt a secret in their friend circle.

Pan Zhiqi disdained Zhuang Zixuan more than ever because Zhuang Zixuan rejected Lord Tang for Zhou Haoyan.

However, she wasnt Zhuang Zixuans friend, so she didnt tell her about Tang Jiakais family background.

When Zhuang Zixuan broke up with Zhou Haoyan and turned to bother Tang Jiakai, she couldnt tolerate it anymore and jumped out to mock Zhuang Zixuan.

“What Do you mean Tang Jiakais family in the famous Tang family in City B” Zhuang Zixuan was shocked, because in City B people only called male members of the Tang family Lord Tang.

If Tang Jiakai was really born in the famous Tang family in City B, Zhou Haoyans family would be barely comparable to his.

Zhuang Zixuan regretted at once because she had made a stupid choice back then.

Although she couldnt believe that Tang Jiakai was really a member of the famous Tang family in City B, she realized it was highly possible now.

She didnt want to accept it, but it was the truth.

Zhuang Zixuan opened her mouth again, but couldnt utter a word because of the shock.

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