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When Gu Ning drove Tang Jiakai back to his school, it was nearly 2:30 pm and some students were walking into it as well.Many of them were stunned by Gu Nings car, and several students even shouted out in excitement.“Wow, isnt it Lamborghini It looks so cool!”

“Yeah, its the limited edition of last year.

I heard its super hard to get one.”

There werent many super-rich kids in this university, and a luxury car was definitely something rare in their eyes.

“Is there a handsome man in it” Some girls wondered, full of anticipation.

If there was really a handsome man in the luxury car, they had to show their best side to him.

Some girls were snobbish and dreamed that they could be picked by a handsome rich man so that they could live a luxurious life.

Even though it wasnt very likely to happen, they refused to give up.

The car stopped at the gate of their school, then Tang Jiakai opened the car door and got out of it.

The second those girls saw Tang Jiakai, they screamed out loud.

“Oh, its him!”

“Hes one of the most handsome men in our school!”

Not many people knew Tang Jiakais family background in their school.

However, although Tang Jiakais family background was a secret, his schoolmates were aware that his family had to be either rich or powerful.

Because most of the students in this university came from cities around this country, they werent familiar with the dominant families in the high society of City B.

In fact, only people from the high society were clear about the dominant families in City B.

The richest Tang family was famous in City B, but Tang Jiakais schoolmates didnt connect him with it right away.

However, Tang Jiakai showed up in a luxury car this time, which made his schoolmates believe that his family must be very rich.

Tang Jiakai was already used to their reaction, so he directly ignored them and walked into the school.

Gu Ning was amused and drove away.

Because of Tang Jiakai, many people didnt pay attention to Gu Ning.

When they turned around to see the driver, the car was already gone, so nobody knew that the driver was actually Gu Ning.

“Hey, Tang Jiakai!”

Tang Jiakai didnt walk far and was stopped by a female voice, which sounded a little displeased.

Tang Jiakai stopped and looked at the person who called him.

It was a stunning girl, who was the most beautiful girl in their university, Zhuang Zixuan.

Nevertheless, Zhuang Zixuan seemed to be in a bad mood.

“Hi,” Tang Jiakai called her but kept a distance from her.

Zhuang Zixuan walked up to him and questioned him, “Whos the girl in the car”

Tang Jiakai was confused.

How could she question him like that It had nothing to do with her after all.

“Just my friend,” Tang Jiakai said with a frown.

“What kind of friend” Zhuang Zixuan asked again.

“Zhuang Zixuan, whats wrong with you” Tang Jiakai lost patience.

“I…” Zhuang Zixuan was struck dumb for a second.

Tang Jiakai had chased Zhuang Zixuan before, but Zhuang Zixuan chose another handsome man in their school because she knew that the man was from a rich family in City B.

Zhuang Zixuans family was rich too, but wasnt famous at all in City B.

She was arrogant because of her family and beauty, and she believed that only rich heirs could match her.

As a result, she rejected Tang Jiakai and became the other mans girlfriend.

Because of that, Tang Jiakai clearly understood what kind of person Zhuang Zixuan was, and he lost interest in her.

Zhuang Zixuan broke up with Zhou Haoyan, which was the mans name, so she thought of Tang Jiakai now.

Despite his family background, Zhuang Zixuan liked Tang Jiakai more, because Tang Jiakai was a real gentleman.

“Ive gotta go.” Tang Jiakai was unwilling to waste time on Zhuang Zixuan, so he turned around and walked away without delay.

“Wait a second!” Zhuang Zixuan stopped him again.

“What” Tang Jiakai was annoyed.

“I-I…” Zhuang Zixuan stammered.

“Im sorry.

If you dont have anything else to say to me, I really need to go now.

My class is about to begin,” Tang Jiakai said.

Zhuang Zixuan was anxious and blurted it out.

“I just broke up with Zhou Haoyan.”

Zhou Haoyan was another of the most handsome men in their university.

“I dont care.” Tang Jiakai continued to walk away.

He had heard of it earlier on, and he knew that Zhou Haoyan was a playboy.

Zhuang Zixuan broke up with Zhou Haoyan because she found out that he slept with another woman behind her back, and she couldnt accept it.

Actually, Zhou Haoyan had no intention to be in a serious relationship with Zhuang Zixuan for long, so he agreed to break up with her with alacrity.

He only felt a little shame that their relationship didnt last longer than he thought it would, because Zhuang Zixuan was very beautiful and sexy.

Although she looked arrogant on the surface, she was totally different in bed, which greatly satisfied Zhou Haoyan.

Zhou Haoyan could easily satisfy his sexual needs without making much effort, but Zhuang Zixuan was still a virgin when he was with her.

Tang Jiakai had some friends who were also Zhou Haoyans friends, so he heard about it from some of them.

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