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“Im fine,” Li Zhenzhen replied.

Then she asked nervously, “Will she really hurt me”

Li Zhenzhen wore an unpleasant face.

He wasnt sure whether Gu Ning would hurt Li Zhenzhen or not.

Gu Ning was out of his control.

In his eyes, although it was Li Zhenzhens fault, Gu Ning hadnt been hurt after all.

Why couldnt she let it go

Never the less, one needed to take responsibility for his or her own behavior.

One had to pay for the mistake he or she had made.

Li Zhenyu was also worried that Qin Yifan would find out.

Even though Gu Ning didnt have proof, Li Zhenyu wasnt sure whether Qin Yifan would choose to believe Gu Ning or Li Zhenzhen.

They had a closer relationship with Qin Yifan, but it seemed as if Qin Yifan liked Gu Ning.

It was possible that he would choose to believe Gu Ning.

However, for now Qin Yifan didnt know the truth, probably because Gu Ning hadnt told him yet.

If Gu Ning planned to tell Qin Yifan the truth, Li Zhenyu couldnt stop her.

He could only hope that Qin Yifan wouldnt believe Gu Ning, otherwise Li Zhenzhens reputation would be ruined.

Let alone Li Zhenzhen not marrying Qin Yifan in the future, they probably wouldnt be able to maintain their good relationship.

Gu Nings apartment wasnt far away from the downtown.

She arrived there after five minutes by taxi.

It was in a high-end living area, called Clean Water Blue Sky.

The area was built five years ago, but the houses hadnt been fully sold out yet, especially those single apartments.

Otherwise, it wouldnt have been easy for Zhou Zhenghong to buy one.

The living area was near the downtown and wasnt big with only nine buildings, but there was a large number of green plants inside, which was quite pleasant.

Exactly because of the enormous amount of green plants, there werent many buildings.

Gu Nings apartment was on the fifth floor in the center of this living area.

She walked a few minutes to get there.

Fifth floor, building No.8.

Gu Ning opened the door and turned on the lights in her apartment.

It was 50-square-meters big with an indoor garden, a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a wide balcony.

The decoration was simple but not boring.

It was just the way that Gu Ning liked it.

Zhou Zhenghong had already hired an hourly worker to clean this apartment before Gu Ning moved in.

After a whole day of work, Gu Ning hadnt called her mother yet.

Gu Man also didnt call her.

She probably didnt want to bother Gu Ning.

Indeed, Gu Man didnt want to bother Gu Ning, so she didnt call her, but in her heart, she cared about her daughter very much.

Gu Ning took a bath before lying on the bed, and called Gu Man.

“Ningning, are you free now” Gu Man asked the minute she answered the call.

“Yes, Im free now.

How are you today” Gu Ning asked.

“Im fine.

Your eldest uncle and aunt have called me many times, but I didnt answer at all,” Gu Man said.

“Great, just ignore them.

They must be calling for nothing good,” Gu Ning said.

She hung up later, then clicked open the “Family of Fighters” Wechat group.

There were over a thousand messages.

Gu Ning read them through for a while.

Her friends were talking about the hot news in City G.

Gu Ning then found out that she was on the news.

Luckily, she had disguised herself today; otherwise it could be big trouble.

Although they were close friends, Gu Ning had no intention of telling them that she was the young woman.

Gu Ning didnt even tell them that she was in City G.

She had only told them that she would be occupied this weekend.

Her friends respected her, so they wouldnt ask if Gu Ning didnt want to tell them.

Zhou Zhenghong, Chang Qingshan and the others hadnt found out the hot news until that night.

Even though they knew Gu Ning had outstanding ability, they were still shocked.

345 million yuan was a huge amount of money in their eyes.

However, they had cut out several valuable jade today.

They would be worth more than 345 million yuan.

The Kings Green alone was worth at least a hundred million yuan.

They knew that Gu Ning didnt want to be recognized, so they would keep it a secret.

They had already decided to be loyal to Gu Ning, and naturally wouldnt do anything to hurt her.

Gu Ning then surfed the Internet searching for information on the teapot and pink glass.

Those two antiques actually had a long history! The teapot had belonged to Shen Wansan, and was called Huang teapot.

Shen Wansan had been an extremely wealthy businessman in the Qing dynasty.

It had been said that Shen Wansan had had a treasure bowl.

If you put a gold bar into it, you could get a bunch of them back.

If you put a silver ingot into it, you could get a bowl of them back.

That had been the reason why Shen Wansan had been the richest man in the world.

However, it was only a legend.

Even the emperor of the Qing dynasty had been jealous of Shen Wansan.

Shen Wansan had then been treated unfairly and punished heavily by the emperor.

After that, Shen Wansans family had completely lost their power and wealth.

This Huang teapot would be worth at least seven million yuan.

Although the government in the Qing dynasty had taken away many of Shen Wansans properties, a lot were still missing.

The pink glass with deer heads was from the Qianlong period.

It was worth around three million yuan.

Gu Ning also stored all the information of other antiques in her mind.

In that case, she would know about its background the next time she bought an antique.

The next day, Gu Ning got up at 6 am.

She went to run downstairs, and got familiar with the surroundings in this living area.

However, to her great surprise, she met an acquaintance.

They were barely acquaintances, because they had only met each other once, but Gu Ning had a deep impression of him.

The man was exactly the military officer who had informed them to leave the restaurant last week.

“Hey, is it you” the man greeted Gu Ning with excitement.

No one could blame him for being so excited.

Gu Ning had helped them a lot last time.

Although she probably couldnt beat them down, she was only a 18-year-old girl, while they had been in the special forces for over 10 years.

Gu Ning wasnt able to compete with them on the tough training.

“Hi, what a coincidence!” Gu Ning greeted him friendly.

“Do you live here” the man asked.

“Yes, but I only stay here on weekends if I have something to deal with,” Gu Ning replied.

“Oh, my names Chen Meng.

Whats your name by the way” Chen Meng asked.

“Im Gu Ning,” Gu Ning replied.

“So nice to meet you!” Chen Meng reached out his hand.

Gu Ning shook his hand lightly.

“Nice to meet you too!”


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