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Although Gu Ning heard it, she wasnt satisfied.

“Could you raise your voice I dont see your sincerity.”“You…” Bai Rui was mad.

He thought that Gu Ning said it on purpose, but he had to tolerate it.

Bai Rui took a long breath in and said louder, “Im sorry.”

He apologized without sincerity again, but Gu Ning didnt mind.

She made him apologize again in order to humiliate him.

“Alright, you can go to the hospital now, but the game must continue,” Gu Ning said.

She had no intention to end this game just because Bai Rui was injured.

“Why” Bai Rui was furious.

“What Do you think that youll lose, so you are trying to deny the agreement” Gu Ning retorted.

“You…” Bai Rui didnt know what to say, because Gu Ning told the truth.

“Would you be willing to stop this game if you knew that youd win” Tang Jiakai asked.

In fact, even if the Bulls lost, they couldnt force any of its members to quit the competition, because it wasnt up to them to make this decision.

Besides, as long as the Bulls denied the result and refused to keep their promise, they couldnt do anything about it.

They didnt write the agreement down on paper after all, and it had no restrictions on them.

However, they still wanted the game to continue, because they felt very pleased when the Bulls couldnt score a basket at all.

“Alright, Bai Rui should go to the hospital right now, the rest of you continue to play the game,” the coach of the Bulls said.

“Why” The members of the Bulls were anxious.

If the game stopped halfway, they still could keep their good reputation.

If they lost at the end of the game, their reputation would be damaged.

As for the agreement they had with the Warriors, none of them took it seriously.

“Didnt you want to compete with the girl” The coach of the Bulls was annoyed.

“Yes, but…” The members of the Bulls couldnt deny it, but they still tried to explain something.

Nevertheless, their coach stopped them.

“Since you proposed it yourself, you should finish this game.

Its not embarrassing if you lose, but its embarrassing if you refuse to finish it.”

Although he knew that the Bulls were doomed to fail, he thought that they had to accept the result.

Since their coach remained adamant, the members of the Bulls could do nothing about it.

They had to finish the game.

Bai Rui, however, was taken to the hospital.

In the remainder of the game, the Bulls lost, which wasnt a surprising result.

Within 15 minutes, Gu Ning scored nearly 30 goals, and 20 of them were three-point field goals, while the Bulls scored zero.

The Bulls felt utterly embarrassed, because even five of them couldnt defeat a young girl.

The other basketball teams didnt dare to laugh at the Bulls, because they knew that they werent better than the Bulls.

As for those who wanted to secretly hurt Gu Ning, they were all hurt by Gu Ning in the end.

Gu Ning had a pair of unusually tough arms, and they felt a lot of pain once she bumped them with her arms.

They hated Gu Ning deeply, but didnt dare to criticize her.

“Wow, Ningning, youre so unbelievable!” Tang Jiakai jumped with excitement like a kid.

“Miss Gu, were all amazed by your performance.”

“Im your fan right now.”

“Me too! Can I take a photo with you”


Members of the Warriors surrounded Gu Ning and kept complimenting her.

Although they were aware of Gu Nings impressive skills, they still thought that todays result was too good to be true.

They were excited and shocked by it.

The members of the Bulls realized that the Warriors were familiar with Gu Ning from their conversation.

Since they were familiar with each other, it was likely that having them play a match with Gu Ning was a trap.

The members of the Bulls thought they must have done this to take revenge for Teng Xiaoyu.

The more they thought about it, the more likely they believed it could be.

Even though not many people knew that they had something to do with the accident which happened to Teng Xiaoyu, they believed that the members of the Warriors had to be aware of it.

Because ever since Teng Xiaoyu was injured, members of the Warriors would glare at them when they saw one another.

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