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Even though Gu Man felt shy, Gu Ning was going to talk about something that might make her feel more nervous.“Mom, you and my dad are still young.

Why dont you seize this time and have another child” Gu Ning said.

She didnt mind having a younger brother or sister who was 20 years younger than her at all.

“Im going to the capital soon, and Ill be busy dealing with my business in the future, so I dont have much time to stay by your side.”

In addition, Gu Nings body was still Gu Man and Tang Yunfans daughter, but her soul wasnt.

Although Gu Ning treated them as her own parents, she still hoped that they could have a child which completely belonged to them.

Gu Man flushed red at once.

“We already have you, and we dont want to have another child at such an old age.”

Gu Man cared about Gu Nings feelings very much.

Although they were able to have another child, Gu Ning was already 19, and the age gap between two children was too large.

Gu Man was worried that Gu Ning might dislike a younger brother or sister who was too much younger than her.

Gu Ning understood Gu Mans worries.

“I dont think there is anything wrong with it.

You and dad arent old at all, and youre taking my special medicine to improve your body condition too.

I think youre even stronger and healthier than people in their 20s,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Man hesitated for a while.


“Mom, you dont need to worry about me.

I dont care, and I really want you and dad to have another child,” Gu Ning said.

Since Gu Ning said that, Gu Man couldnt reject.

“Alright, Ill talk about it with your dad later,” Gu Man said in the end.

Gu Ning smiled and decided to talk about it with Tang Yunfan later too.

Gu Man needed Tang Yunfans support as well.

When Gu Ning and Gu Man got back to the Tang familys house, all the young people were out for work, and Tang Haifeng was alone inside.

Master Lei had invited Tang Haifeng to visit the Lei family, but Gu Ning was coming back today, so Tang Haifeng decided to stay home.

Once Gu Nings car drove in, Tang Haifeng saw it from the living room.

He stood up and walked out without delay.

“Hi, father,” Gu Man greeted him.

“Welcome home!” Tang Haifeng beamed.

“Hi, grandpa!” Gu Ning greeted Tang Haifeng.

“Ningning, I havent seen you for a long time! Why are you so busy every day” Tang Haifeng complained.

In fact, he cared about his granddaughters health, and he also wanted to spend more time with his granddaughter, who just joined his family.

He was old now, and all of his grandchildren had grown up and left him.

Even though he complained, he still felt very proud of Gu Ning.

“Well, grandpa, dont you know your granddaughter is too outstanding to waste time on playing Im busy every day in order to actualize my dream,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

“Ha-ha, youre right!” Tang Haifeng nodded.

“Um, grandpa, if you really feel bored at home, I have a good idea to solve this problem,” Gu Ning said and approached Tang Haifengs ears.

Tang Haifeng was curious.

“What is it”

“You can tell my parents to have another child for you to play with,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Man wasnt around them, so she didnt hear it.

Tang Haifengs eyes lit up at once.

He actually had that idea too, but was worried about Gu Nings feelings.

To his surprise, Gu Ning proposed it herself.

“Do you really think your parents can have another child” Tang Haifeng asked.

Gu Ning smiled.

She understood that her grandfather wanted another grandchild as well.

“Sure, and I just talked about it with my mother,” Gu Ning said.

After that, Gu Ning told Tang Haifeng what she had said to Gu Man.

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