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Normally, a person would do his best to defend himself if he believed that he was innocent, but the three men stayed silent.

“Oh, by the way, Wan Chao already admitted it,” Gu Ning added.

The three men were annoyed.

They knew that it was useless for them to deny it right now, and a man asked, “Who are you What do you want to do”

Although they knew they were guilty, they still tried to get away with it.

If Gu Ning didnt have proof, they might survive.

“Lin Xiaoyu was a friend of my friend, and Im going to avenge her death,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, the three men were scared.

“Its all Wan Chao…” A man opened his mouth and planned to blame Wan Chao for everything.

However, the second he opened his mouth, another man interrupted him.

“Do you have any proof Why do you believe Wan Chaos words”

There were no surveillance cameras along the road, and Lin Xiaoyu was already dead.

Her body was also thrown into the river.

It was impossible for Gu Ning to put them in jail without solid proof.

Although Wan Chao admitted that they committed the crime together, it wasnt enough to sentence them to prison.

Lin Xiaoyus ghost was anxious.

“its them! Its them!”

Unfortunately, only Gu Ning could hear her.

Even though Gu Ning didnt have proof, it was still easy for her to punish him.

Therefore, Gu Ning said airily, “I dont have proof, but I know youre guilty.

Its meaningless to deny it.”

Gu Ning respected the law, but she couldnt tolerate crimes.

She never thought that she was a kind person, but she wasnt a bad person either.


The three men were astonished because Gu Ning didnt care about the law.

Since Wu Sen didnt stop her from coming here, it meant she was an important figure.

Besides, Wan Chao was a member of the Qing Gang, but he didnt dare fight back.

“It was all Wan Chaos idea, so you should punish him!”a man said.

They couldnt get away with it, so they pushed Wan Chao out to take the blame.

“Right, its Wan Chaos fault.

Hes the killer!” The other two men agreed at once.

Wan Chao remained silent.

He didnt argue, nor criticize his friends, because he knew that it was meaningless to struggle now.

“Youre also guilty for raping and killing Miss Lin, so none of you can get away with it,” Gu Ning said.

“Do you want to kill us”

“Its illegal!”

“Illegal” Gu Ning thought that it was ridiculous.

“You raping and killing Lin Xiaoyu is also illegal.”

“Well…” The three men didnt know what to say.

“Relax, I wont kill you because I dont like doing that, but you must pay for what youve done,” Gu Ning said, as if it wasnt a big deal.

Hearing that, they were relieved.

“What should we pay for it” they asked next.

They felt scared facing unknown punishment.

“Only one of you wont be put in jail, the other three of you will be put in prison.

Whoever can leave this private room first, can survive,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

It was obvious that Gu Ning planned to let them kill each other.

“Do you understand”

They absolutely understood it, but they were willing to do that to avoid being thrown in jail.

“Really” The three men were ready to run away from here.

None of them wanted to be put in jail.

“Sure,” Gu Ning said.

The second she said that, the three men dashed forward and began to fight against each other.

Wan Chao was also in the fight.

They all wanted to get out of this room, but none of them were able to get rid of the other three people.

Lin Xiaoyu witnessed the scene and felt satisfied.

It wasnt necessary for Gu Ning to kill them with her hands, because they could kill each other.

As time went by, the fight became increasingly violent, and they had to kill one another in order to leave the room in the end.

Wu Sen heard some noises outside the door, so he knew that they were fighting, but he said nothing.

He only opened the door to check whether Gu Ning was fine, and soon closed it again.

Gu Ning didnt blame him for doing that, because she knew that he was worried about her safety.

Chu Xuanfeng gave him a call in person, so it was his duty to protect Gu Ning properly.

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