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The next morning, Gu Ning got up early and went to run for a while.

When she came back home, she took a bath and changed her clothes before she had breakfast.At 9 pm, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya arrived at Clean Water Blue Sky and Gu Ning left her apartment as well.

They took a taxi to the factory of Jade Beauty Jewelry and drove the car that Zhou Zhenghong prepared for them from there.

They were going to Zhengyang Street today.

Although Shenghua Real Estate was in charge of this project, Gu Ning needed to inspect it since she was the boss and was in City G at the moment.

After Shenghua won the project at Zhengyang Street, it gave the local citizens two months to find a new apartment and move.

The demolition began in March and it was mid-May now.

After two and a half months, Zhengyang Street was ready for construction.

Gu Ning had an exit-entry permit issued by Shenghua Real Estate, so she was able to enter and leave any construction sites under the name of Shenghua.

The exit-entry permit Gu Ning held belonged to the leaders, so the security guard let her in without delay and called the general supervisor at once.

Knowing that a leader from the company was here, the general supervisor walked out of his office in a hurry.

However, before he arrived, Gu Ning saw several people arguing with each other, and it seemed like they were about to fight.

“Zhang Shun, Ive tolerated you for a long time.

Even if you dont work hard, you shouldnt judge us.

Who do you think you are Are you a supervisor” a young man around 20 years old shouted at a man who was about 27 angrily.

“Im not a supervisor, but the supervisor is my uncle.

My uncle told me to keep a close eye on you.” The man named Zhang Shun was quite arrogant.

“Do you think that youre a professional You know nothing about construction, so you should stop giving orders,” the young man said.

“Besides, you never take responsibility for your mistakes at work.

Do you think that you can get away with it forever”

“Right!” Several people beside the young man supported him.

Zhang Shun panicked a little and argued at once, “Dont blame me for it.

You didnt listen to me, so you deserved the punishment.”

“You…” Other people were mad, because Zhang Shun was playing the blame game.

“It was your fault…”

“So what What can you do to me If you dont want to work with me, you can quit!” Zhang Shun raised his voice.

“You…” The others were all furious, but they indeed could not do anything about it, because Zhang Shun was the supervisors nephew.

They couldnt stand his behavior, but they needed a job, especially when Shenghua paid them a high salary.

The young man was actually in 12th grade this year, but his family was caught by a terrible tragedy two months ago.

His father, who was the breadwinner in their family, broke a leg at the construction site, and his family couldnt afford his education in university, so he had to quit school and started to work right away.

While they didnt know what to do to Zhang Shun, a girls voice sounded close to them.

“He can do nothing to punish you, but I can.”

Hearing that, they all turned to look at Gu Ning and were impressed by her beauty.

“Who are you” Zhang Shun asked.

“You dont need to know who I am, but I have the right to fire you because youve disobeyed the rules of this construction site,” Gu Ning coldly said.

Zhang Shun was scared.

This girl in front of him could be a person of power.

However, it was hard for him to believe it.

“Im the supervisors nephew!” Zhang Shun said.

He still tried to put pressure on Gu Ning with his identity.

In his eyes, a supervisor was very powerful, but it was nothing in Gu Nings eyes.

Gu Ning wouldnt take grass roots lightly, but she wouldnt accept any black sheep.

If she didnt witness it, she might ignore it, but she had to do something since she already found out about it.

Gu Ning didnt bother to argue with Zhang Shun, because she saw the general supervisor coming.

Seeing the general supervisor, they fell into silence.

The general supervisor was a man about 34 years old, and he was assigned here by the Shengning Organization, so he knew Gu Ning.

Although he didnt know that Gu Ning was the founder of the Shengning Organization, he was aware that Gu Ning had a close relationship with An Guangyao.

No matter who she was, he knew that she was an important figure.

Moreover, he also knew that Gu Ning was the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

However, that was all he knew about Gu Ning.

Even though he seldom read the news and didnt know more of her achievements, he already admired Gu Ning deeply.

Therefore, when he saw Gu Ning in real life, he was excited.

“Its so nice to meet you, Miss Gu!”

Zhang Shun got nervous when the general supervisor was so polite to Gu Ning.

“General Supervisor Chen, where is the supervisor of this construction site” Gu Ning asked.

The general supervisor was responsible for the whole construction site, while the supervisor was the head of construction workers.

General Supervisor Chen frowned and looked around, but he didnt see Supervisor Zhang.

“Where is Supervisor Zhang” he asked a worker.

“I just heard Supervisor Zhang tell Zhang Shun that he was going to play Mahjong so he left Zhang Shun to supervise us,” the young man said.

In fact, they all knew that Supervisor Zhang was very lazy and often absent, but they didnt dare to complain about it.

However, Gu Nings appearance and attitude changed everything.

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