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In addition, killers all kept a distance from each other, so it wasnt likely that one killer would leak the information about the other killers tasks to other people.It wasnt likely, but it still could happen.

As long as the hirer paid enough money and there was a killer who was willing to take the task, the secret information could be leaked, but killers in the same organization were forbidden to kill each other.

Therefore, this man must be a killer from another killer organization.

It was a very dangerous move, because it wasnt acceptable in the killers world to kill one another.

“Well, I guess Im right this time,” Gu Ning said with a smile on her lips.

“So what You still dont know who the person is,” the man said.

“Its easy.

I can check the tasks theyve fulfilled one by one,” Gu Ning said with confidence.

“If so, why did you bother to ask me” the man said.

He knew that Gu Ning was very smart and he sensed that she wasnt simple at all.

She must have done a lot to help Gao Yi and Qiao Ya safely quit the killer organization.

“Fine, I dont want to waste time on you any longer.” Since the man was unwilling to tell Gu Ning, she stopped asking him questions.

He failed to fulfill this task anyway, so his reputation was already ruined in the killers world.

“Gao Yi, disable his legs,” Gu Ning said to Gao Yi.

“Sure,” Gao Yi said and walked to the man at once.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya understood that Gu Ning had no intention to kill the man, even though he came to kill them.

They didnt blame Gu Ning for it, because it wasnt good for Gu Ning to be involved in a murder, because it might affect her life and business.

Moreover, they were also aware that this man had no future in the killers world from now on.

Even if they didnt kill him today, he wouldnt end up living a good life.

Without delay, Gao Yi disabled the mans legs, making it impossible for him to get them back to normal.

After that, they drove away and left the man behind.

Although it was a remote place, some vehicles still passed there every day.

Gu Ning didnt kill the man and wasnt worried that he would sue them either.

Once he sued them, his real identity would be exposed and he would be arrested by the police.

As for the surveillance cameras along the road, K could handle them.

The second Gu Ning got in the car, she took out her phone and found Situ Yes missed calls and message.

She called Situ Ye back at once, and gave the excuse that her phone was out of power earlier.

Luckily, Situ Ye didnt mind.

Afterwards, Gu Ning went to the restaurant.

“Will you blame me for letting him go” Gu Ning asked Gao Yi and Qiao Ya all of a sudden.

Although she knew they wouldnt, she still needed to ask for their opinions.

“Of course we wont,” Gao Yi and Qiao Ya said with sincerity.

“Lady Ning, we understand that you did that for our good, and were no longer killers, so we cant deal with it in a killers way,” Gao Yi said.

Qiao Ya added, “Right, and we also know that he wont end up living a good life with a pair of broken legs.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning was relieved.

Shortly after Gu Ning left, someone found the seriously injured man and called the police and hospital at once.

Everything happened as Gu Ning thought.

The man didnt tell them Gu Nings name, but simply said that his enemy had broken his legs.

He didnt give the polite any other details.

When the police went to check the surveillance cameras, they found that the surveillance cameras were hacked.

As a result, there were no clues left.

The police understood that only a powerful person was able to do that, so they decided not to investigate it.

In addition, the killer wanted to leave as well.

Gu Ning wasnt someone he could mess with, so he felt that it was better to stay away from her.

When Gu Ning arrived at the appointed restaurant, it was already 6:30 pm.

She was a little late, but it wasnt too late for dinner.

On the phone, Gu Ning had told Situ Ye to order some dishes so long, in order to save time.

She wasnt picky at all.

Situ Ye had dined with Gu Ning several times, and he paid special attention to her, so he remembered what she ate more of and what she didnt eat at all.

Therefore, he ordered many dishes that Gu Ning liked.

Chu Xuanfeng witnessed everything, but he only had deep sympathy for Situ Ye because Gu Ning already had a boyfriend.

Anyway, Situ Ye enjoyed it and as Situ Yes subordinate he could say nothing about it.

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