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Because of Gu Ning, Tang Qingyang managed to become friends with some important people of the second generation in politics and business, and Gu Ning introduced him to Pan Zirui first.

When Pan Zirui heard that Gu Ning had the intention to help Tang Qingyang gain connections in City B, he often invited Tang Qingyang to hang out together with his friends.

Pan Zirui already quit playing around all day, and began to focus on his own business, so he needed to expand his connections too.

Tang Bingsen didnt know that Tang Qingyang already found out that he was related to the death of Tang Bingchao, but Tang Qingyang had 15% of the Tang Organizations shares, so he believed that Tang Qingyang must have the ambition to steal the Tang Organization.

Tang Bingsen was ambitious to own the whole Tang Organization, so he thought that other members of the Tang family would have the same idea.

Even Qi Ziyue was a threat to him.

He knew that Qi Ziyue always wanted to replace his position in the Tang Organization.

However, he didnt mind it right now, because he could use Qi Ziyues ambition to work for him and the Tang Organization.

Besides, they were on the same boat, so he couldnt chase Qi Ziyue away, because it would hurt his own benefits.

Tang Bingsen actually planned to pass his seat to his own son, a love child, who wasnt exposed yet, but his son was too young right now, so he had to wait.

Qi Ziyue understood that it was impossible for Tang Bingsen to fully trust him, but it didnt matter in his eyes.

As long as Tang Yaxin could marry him, the Tang Organization would be his sooner or later.

He hadnt done anything that hurt Tang Bingsens benefits after all.

On the contrary, he had done a lot of things for Tang Bingsen, including Tang Ainings death.

Qi Ziyue was confident that the Tang Organization would be his in the future because he didnt know that Tang Bingsen actually had a love child.

Moreover, Tang Bingsen spoiled Tang Yaxin, so he believed that Tang Yaxin would get everything from Tang Bingsen.

“Tang Qingyang is a man to be reckoned with,” Qi Ziyue said in the end.

Even though Tang Qingyang was from a super-rich family, it was still unbelievable that he could make friends with so many important figures in City B within such a short time.

The more successful Tang Qingyang was, the more dangerous the situation would be for Qi Ziyue.

“If so, is Tang Qingyang also a threat to us” Tang Yaxin felt nervous.

She thought that she was the only child of the Tang family so the Tang Organization should be hers.

She never thought that Tang Qingyang was threatening until now.

“Tang Qingyang still lacks experience, and I can easily control him,” Tang Bingsen said with arrogance.

He took Tang Qingyang very lightly.

Tang Qingyang was no match for Tang Bingsen for the time being.

However, he had Gu Nings support, and it wouldnt be very hard for him to unseat Tang Bingsen.

Tang Qingyang was very smart, but wasnt good at fighting, so Tang Bingsen thought that he could easily control him with violence.

Tang Qingyang had been chased last time.

If Gu Ning hadnt been there, he could have been seriously injured.

Therefore he now hired some bodyguards to protect him, so he felt much safer.

Normal bodyguards couldnt stop Tang Bingsen from hurting Tang Qingyang, but Tang Qingyang wouldnt be as vulnerable.

Tang Bingsen didnt dare to kill Tang Qingyang, because he knew that Tang Qingyang already had a will.

If Tang Qingyang was dead, his 15% shares of the Tang Organization would be donated to a charity foundation.

Therefore, he couldnt kill Tang Qingyang.

All he could do now was to control Tang Qingyang.

“Why couldnt we directly kill him” Tang Yaxin asked all of a sudden.

“He already made a will.

If hes dead, his 15% shares will be donated to a charity foundation,” Qi Ziyue said.

“How could he do that Hes so cunning!” Tang Yaxin was mad.

She was a very selfish and self-centered person.

Outside of the ward, Ji Yijing was busy chatting with her friends in a WeChat group, so she didnt feel bored at all.

She indeed couldnt keep important things secret from other people, because at that moment she was complaining that Tang Bingsen just chased her out because he wanted to talk business with Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin.

Her friends all comforted her and they soon began to gossip.

In fact, many of those rich ladies disliked Ji Yijing, because Ji Yijing had been a mistress before.

However, none of them dared to bring this topic up because of Tang Bingsens influence.

When Tang Bingsen finished talking with Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin, Ji Yijing went back to the ward.

Before Tang Bingsen and Ji Yijing left the hospital, Tang Bingsen said, “The famous Paris designer Jason agreed to design a wedding gown for Yaxin, and hell come here next Saturday.”

Jason was a famous international designer, and Tang Yaxin liked his designs, so she designated him to design a wedding gown for her.

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