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However, Ji Yijing didnt have the ability to do that.Although Ji Yijing wanted to torture the criminal to death, the others preferred to directly kill “Tang Aining”, because they clearly knew that they would be killed if “Tang Aining” was left alive.

“Chairman Tang, there is something I need to tell you,” Qi Ziyue said to Tang Bingsen.

Tang Bingsen understood it at once, and said to Ji Yijing, “You can go out for a while.

Ziyue and I need to talk about something.”

“Why cant I stay” Ji Yijing asked in annoyance.

“Its business.

Why do you need to know so much about it Do you think that you can keep it secret” Tang Bingsen snapped at her.

In the past, Tang Bingsen didnt mind telling Ji Yijing what he planned to do with his company, and Qi Ziyue would also talk with him about business when Ji Yijing was present.

Nevertheless, Tang Bingsen had talked with Qi Ziyue about a bid once and they decided to bribe an official.

Ji Yijing left her home later to gather together with her friends, who were also super-rich ladies, but she accidentally told them that Tang Bingsen was going to bribe an official.

It almost caused the Tang family big trouble.

Therefore, Tang Bingsen wouldnt talk business in front of Ji Yijing again.

Ji Yijing was mad, but didnt dare argue with Tang Bingsen, so she walked out in silence.

Once Ji Yijing left, Tang Bingsen said, “You can tell me now.

What is it”

“One of my friends has met the woman, who disguised herself as Tang Aining, about a month ago at the He familys casino in HK.

He told me that the woman was a very important guest invited by the He family, and shes talented at gambling,” Qi Ziyue said.

Although he hated this woman deeply, he had to admit that she was very brilliant.

Not only was she excellent at stone-gambling and was called the Jade Queen, but she was also talented at other forms of gambling.

If this woman had no relationship with Tang Aining, he would make friends with her.

Unfortunately, she was his enemy.

Tang Bingsen was surprised to know that, and felt threatened.

The Tang family had the support from influential gangs too, but it wasnt easy for them to deal with this woman.

Tang Yaxin, on the other hand, was jealous of the woman who disguised herself as Tang Aining.

She thought of Tang Aining every time she saw the woman.

Nevertheless, no matter how eager Tang Bingsen was to kill “Tang Aining”, he had to find her first.

“You should have a good recovery now, and I think its better for you to deal with this mess because youre familiar with her.

As for the business in City B, Im afraid Tang Qingyang has run it very well, so we cant chase him out of the Tang familys corporation,” Tang Bingsen said.

In fact, he sent Tang Qingyang to City B in order to make him a mere figurehead and scapegoat, but Tang Qingyang wasnt weak at all.

Tang Qingyang was able to manage the business very well, which surprised them.

In addition, Gu Ning was willing to help Tang Qingyang, so it wasnt difficult for him to become successful in the future.

The branch of the Tang Organization in City B had some finance problems, which was designed for Tang Qingyang.

Tang Qingyang wasnt dumb, and he knew the sudden promotion couldnt be simple, so he was very careful.

He soon found out about those finance problems, but nobody wanted to help him because the staff was only loyal to Tang Bingsen.

Tang Qingyang then turned to Gu Ning for help, and Gu Ning told K to solve those problems.

“What How is it possible” Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin were shocked.

Frankly speaking, even Qi Ziyue wasnt confident that he could solve those finance problems within such a short time.

Accordingly, he was astonished and jealous of Tang Qingyangs ability.

Tang Bingsen would retire one day, and Tang Yaxin would be the heiress of the Tang Organization.

Even though Tang Yaxin had some experience in business, she wasnt capable of running such a large business group.

Besides, she was more interested in shopping and having fun all day.

In that case, Qi Ziyue would be the executive to manage the Tang Organization.

He and Tang Yaxin would be married soon, so Tang Bingsen trusted him.

However, Tang Qingyang was also a member of the Tang family.

Although he was only a shareholder, it was still possible for him to become the executive president of the Tang Organization.

Even if Tang Yaxin was the chairman of the Tang Organization, nobody would listen to her if she had no ability or control of the company.

As time went by, Tang Qingyang might take over the Tang Organization.

Actually, it was Tang Qingyangs plan too.

Tang Bingsen continued, “I also heard that he has a lot of connections in both business and politics in City B.

He has been invited to many important events as well.

I think I need to call him back to stop him from becoming more powerful.”

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