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The security guard saw the two broken tires too, and apologized to them at once.

“Im so sorry, Ill report it to our leader right now.”“Do it, now!” Ji Yijing shouted at him.

The security guard felt uncomfortable when Ji Yijing shouted at him, but he didnt dare say a word.

Their car was indeed damaged here, so Phoenix Villa should be responsible for it.

What was worse, he was the security guard on duty tonight, and he might be punished for this mistake.

Even if Phoenix Villa promised to investigate it, Tang Bingsen couldnt drive this car back home now, so he had to call his secretary to pick them up.

Before long, the manager and the leader of the security department came in a hurry.

They had to check the surveillance cameras first.

During the time when Tang Bingsens car was parked here, there were another two people except for Gu Ning who had walked by it.

The two people soon got in their cars and left.

Gu Ning only walked past it twice, and had done nothing strange.

Besides, they couldnt clearly see what had happened to the tires from the surveillance cameras, because it took awhile for the tires to leak all the air out.

Even though they couldnt find out who had done it, Tang Bingsen and Ji Yijing still believed that their car was damaged in Phoenix Villa.

If it wasnt caused by a person, it must be an accident.

Therefore, Tang Bingsen said, “I think there must have been nails on the ground, because my car was fine when I arrived here.”

Tang Bingsen didnt care about the compensation, but he had to make sure that Phoenix Villa would take responsibility.

He was fighting for his face.


Tang, we can promise that we wont abdicate responsibility for it, and were terribly sorry for this unpleasant accident.” The manager apologized with sincerity.

Although they had no clear evidence to prove whether the damage was caused by a person or an accident, Phoenix Villa still had to bear the result.

If they refused to take responsibility, the reputation of Phoenix Villa would be affected.

“Fine, since its an accident, I can pay for the two tires myself,” Tang Bingsen said with impatience.

He only wanted a good attitude from Phoenix Villa, and now he got it so he was satisfied.

Since Tang Bingsen was willing to stop accusing them, the manager felt relieved.

The manager then asked Tang Bingsen whether he needed their help to drive him home, but Tang Bingsen rejected it.

His secretary would come and pick him up.

Half an hour later, Tang Bingsens secretary arrived and they left without delay.

As for the car with the two flat tires, Tang Bingsen left it to his secretary.

Once Tang Bingsen and Ji Yijing left Phoenix Villa, they went to visit Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin at the hospital.

“Bingsen, have you found the criminal who injured Ziyue and Yaxin” Ji Yijing asked.

“Not yet,” Tang Bingsen said.

He didnt tell Ji Yijing anything about “Tang Aining”, so Ji Yijing wasnt aware of the existence of “Tang Aining”.

Because “Tang Aining” was involved in too many complicated things, it was better if fewer people had heard of her.

Ji Yijing was impulsive, so Tang Bingsen simply told her that it was done by one of his business enemies.

Ji Yijing understood that the competition in business was very cruel.

“How come we still cant find the criminal given our familys influence” Ji Yijing was displeased.

In her eyes, the Tang family could do anything.

Most importantly, her own daughter and future son-in-law were injured this time.

Tang Bingsen was in a bad mood because they failed to find “Tang Aining”, and he felt worse now that Ji Yijing questioned his ability.

“All the surveillance cameras were hacked.

The criminal isnt dumb.

Since the woman dared hurt Ziyue and Yaxin, it proves that she isnt afraid of us.

Dont you understand that”

Hearing that, Ji Yijing closed her mouth.

Afterwards, she ran to Tang Yaxin who was still lying on the hospital bed.

“Yaxin, how do you feel now”

“I feel so uncomfortable,” Tang Yaxin said.

Then she turned to look at Tang Bingsen.

“Dad, have you found her yet”

“No,” Tang Bingsen said, feeling upset.

Because Tang Yaxin knew how violent “Tang Aining” was, she didnt question her father like her mother had done.

“Once I find the woman, I promise Ill torture her to death!” Ji Yijing said in great anger.

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