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At the same time, Fang Dongcheng called Leng Shaoting and told him that Mrs.

Guo along with those reporters could be detained for 15 days and charged 30 thousand yuan as reputation damage compensation at the most.Gu Ning didnt care about the reputation damage compensation of 30 thousand yuan, but she cared that Mrs.

Guo would be detained for 15 days.

It was both mental and physical torture for Mrs.

Guo, who always lived a luxurious comfortable life.

Gu Ning was satisfied with this punishment.

Moreover, she requested that the Public Security Bureau post the truth on its official Weibo account to clear her name and Charm, because this drama already caused a sensation on the Internet.

If the drama hadnt caused a sensation on the Internet, Gu Ning might have let it go.

Fang Dongcheng agreed with it.

Those reporters also posted new articles to clear Gu Ning and Charm on social media, and they made it very clear that it was a trap laid by Mrs.


Gu Ning had told them to make it clear, so they didnt dare omit any details.

Although they were afraid that the Changyue Organization might pay them back, they were more scared of Gu Nings influence now.

Once the truth came out, countless criticisms flooded to the official Weibo account of Changyue Organization.

The majority of the Internet users chose to believe Gu Ning.

Before long, this news attracted the attention of the person who was in charge of the official Weibo account of Changyue Organization, and he reported it to their chairman at once.

When the chairman of Changyue Organization, Guo Deping, heard the news, he was mad at his wifes stupid action.

However, he still had to figure out a way to help his wife, so he called his wife without delay..

The person who answered his call wasnt his wife, but Fang Dongcheng.

Because Mrs.

Guo was in detention now, she couldnt contact other people, and Fang Dongcheng kept her phone with him.

As a result, Mrs.

Guo failed to call Jiang Shuyuan as well.


Guo said to Fang Dongcheng when she was put in the detention house, “Mrs.

Leng is my good friend.

Even if you arent afraid of Changyue Organization, do you dare act against the Leng family As long as I give Mrs.

Leng a call, shell certainly help me out.”

When Mrs.

Guo said that, she was very confident that Fang Dongcheng would be frightened, because nobody dared to annoy the Leng family.

Nevertheless, she was wrong this time.

“I honestly dont dare behave against the Leng family, but I have to punish you severely precisely because of that.

Do you know who called me Lord Leng, the heir of the Leng family,” Fang Dongcheng said.

“W-What” Mrs.

Guo was shocked, so were those reporters.

They couldnt believe that Lord Leng had called the police in person.

No wonder Fang Dongcheng came to deal with this small trouble in person!

Even though Mrs.

Guo had a good relationship with Jiang Shuyuan and they often gathered together, it didnt mean that Jiang Shuyuan would help her out at any cost.


Guo had heard of Lord Leng before.

She knew Jiang Shuyuan hated this Lord Leng very much, but it was undeniable that this Lord Leng was very outstanding at such an early age.

Compared with Leng Shaoting, Jiang Shuyuan was nobody in the Leng family, so Mrs.

Guo had to accept the result.

When Fang Dongcheng received Guo Depings call, he said the same thing.

“Hi, Chairman Guo, this is Fang Dongcheng, the director of Dongcheng District Branch of the Public Security Bureau.

I was going to call you actually.”

Hearing that, Guo Deping had a bad feeling.

“Oh, hi, Director Fang, hows my wife now” Guo Deping asked.


Guo is guilty of defaming Charm on purpose, and shell be detained for 15 days.

Im afraid you need to come in person,” Fang Dongcheng said.

Guo Deping went to the Dongcheng District Branch without delay.

At this time, he still had no idea how serious this situation was, because he didnt know whom his wife had offended yet.

To his astonishment, Fang Dongcheng refused to release Mrs.

Guo when he arrived at the branch.

He was mad at Fang Dongchengs attitude, because he thought that Fang Dongcheng should do him a favor given his social status.

After that, he tried to bail his wife out, but Fang Dongcheng turned it down too.

Guo Deping was angry this time, but he had to curb his anger.

Since Fang Dongcheng was unwilling to help him, he planned to turn to a senior official for help.

After all, he had sent them many expensive gifts before, so they should give him a helping hand when he needed it.

However, before Guo Deping could do that, Fang Dongcheng stopped him.

“Chairman Guo, please dont blame me for this, because the person that Mrs.

Guo offended isnt ordinary at all.

The boss of Charm is Lord Lengs friend, and Lord Leng called me in person because he knew that Mrs.

Guo bribed the police at the nearby police station,” Fang Dongcheng said.

“What” Guo Deping couldnt believe his ears.


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