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1114 Become a Joke

Because Leng Shaoting was absent, Gu Ning didnt want to go back to his house that early, so she left for her company.

On her way, she received Yu Zis call.

“Boss, where are you now” Yu Zi asked.

“Im in the capital now,” Gu Ning said.

“Me too!” Yu Zi was surprised and felt happy.

“Is it because of the branch of Charm” Gu Ning asked.

“Yeah, we moved some gowns over here, and the store will be opening tomorrow,” Yu Zi said.

Once the store was open for business, they might have many orders for custom-made gowns, so Yu Zi had to be in the store to manage the work as the only designer of Charm.

“Are you free this afternoon We can have dinner together” Gu Ning asked.

“Sure, I want to meet you as well.

Actually, I have something to talk about with you, and we can talk about it at dinner,” Yu Zi said.

“Um, Im free now, so I can go to meet you in the store,” Gu Ning said.

“Great,” Yu Zi said, then hung up the call.

The branch of Charm in the capital was located in the biggest downtown shopping mall.

It was very noticeable, which was good for its business.

Although the rent was very high, Gu Ning didnt care about it because she believed that Charm was promising.

About 40 minutes later, Gu Ning arrived.

She stopped the car at the underground parking lot, then went to the first floor of the shopping mall.

The store of Charm was about 100 square-meters large, but it has two stories, so it was around 200 square-meters in all.

It wasnt a very big store downtown, but wasnt small either.

In addition, they aimed to cooperate with clothing businessmen, so there was no need for them to occupy a large area.

For now, branches of Charm were gradually opening in different big cities, and they were popular among the rich consumers.

When they were putting gowns into positions, many people were attracted to the beautiful gowns.

“Wow, the gowns are so beautiful!”

“They must be very expensive.”

“Im curious to know its quality.”

“Charm Ive never heard of this brand before.

Ill become a joke if I wear it to attend parties.”

“I dont care.

I think theyre really pretty, and Im going inside to have a look.

Will you go with me”

“Why not!”

After that, several rich women walked into the store.

Charm wasnt open yet, but they wouldnt stop customers from coming inside.

Although some rich women disliked Charm because it wasnt very famous, they had to admit that Charms gowns were very attractive.

Gu Ning noticed that some people were following her after she arrived at the branch of Charm, but she knew that they werent bad people.

She even overheard their conversation.

“Is she Goddess Gu”

“She looks familiar, but Im not sure.”

“Why dont we run ahead to have a look at her face”

“I dont think its appropriate.”

“Why She doesnt know us anyway.”

It was obvious that they were Gu Nings fans.

“We can follow her for a while longer to see whether we should strike up a conversation with her.”


Clearly, these two girls didnt have the courage to interrupt Gu Ning.

A short while later, they noticed Charm.

“Charm Isnt it Goddess Gus company The girls must be Goddess Gu!”

“I think its highly possible.”

“We can walk inside to see whether its true.”

Without delay, the two girls followed Gu Ning inside.

Gu Ning was amused by their conversation.

Although she wouldnt greet them of her own accord, she would be willing to talk with them if they greeted her first.

However, the moment Gu Ning walked into the store, she ran into some people arguing loudly.

“Its too expensive! A simple gown costs eighty thousand yuan Do you think youre an international brand” a woman said in anger.

“Madam, this gown is made by hand and with the best material.

It isnt worse than those international brands.” Yu Zi politely explained.

“So what Who is the designer of this brand Is the designer famous in the industry” the woman questioned.

“The designer of this brand is me, and my names Yu Zi.

Although Im not famous enough, I can promise that this gown deserves its price,” Yu Zi said.

In fact, as long as she told the woman that she was Jasons apprentice, the woman would be persuaded, but she didnt bother to do that.

She was confident that her designs were valuable.

Yu Zi hoped that people would like her gowns because of their noble design and good quality instead of another famous designers influence.

“The designer is you” Knowing that, the woman disdained Charm more.

She had never heard of a famous designer whose name was Yu Zi before.

“Well, you can search my name or Charm on the Internet if you want to learn more about us,” Yu Zi said.

She remained patient and confident.

Given the news and peoples comments on Charm on the Internet, she believed that this woman would fall in love with Charm.

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