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The next day, K sent a message to Gu Ning and told her that Dongfang Ziyu and Wu Shunhua had checked out.

He was following them to see where they went.

When it was 9 am, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were about to go outside together, but Leng Shaoting received an emergency call all of a sudden and had to leave first.

He wasnt sure when he could come back, so he told Gu Ning to contact Xu Jinchen if she needed any help.

Gu Ning agreed.

She didnt ask what Leng Shaoting was going to deal with because she knew it must be highly confidential given his profession.

Leng Shaoting drove his car, and Gu Ning went to take a taxi alone.

She decided to call Zi Beiying afterwards.

Since Leng Shaoting wasnt with her, she could spend some time with Zi Beiying.

However, before she made the call, K called her first.

“Boss, the two people you told me to spy on left for Qianling Mountain, but I lost them,” K said.

Qianling Mountain was a scenic spot, but there were only surveillance cameras around some parts of it.

Qianling Mountain

Gu Ning didnt think they went to Qianling Mountain to climb it for fun.

The Qianling Mountain probably had something to do with the cultivation world.

“Alright, thanks.

Send me the screenshot of where they disappeared,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem,” K said and hung up.

He sent the screenshot to Gu Ning at once.

Gu Ning, at this moment, changed her idea.

She decided to go to Qianling Mountain today.

Although she knew it was almost impossible for her to find them, she was unwilling to give up.

After that, Gu Ning disguised herself as Tang Aining and left for Qianling Mountain in a taxi.

Qianling Mountain was about 30 kilometers away from the capital, so it took more than half an hour for her to get there.

It was a popular scenic spot, so there were many people who came to climb it.

Gu Ning found the place where Dongfang Ziyu and Wu Shunhua disappeared from surveillance cameras, then tried to find the direction in which they left through their footprints.

This part of the mountain area hadnt been developed yet, so there were weeds and soil everywhere.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to help her.

With the help of her Jade Eyes, everything became super clear.

There was no road ahead, but traces were left by someone walking by.

All the way forward, about 300 meters away, there were rolling hills.

Nevertheless, there was nothing strange.

Even though Gu Ning saw nothing strange, she still walked ahead following the traces.

When she reached the foot of the mountain, the footprints disappeared.

Gu Ning thought that they might have used qinggong after arriving at this place so that others couldnt find them.

In order to find any footprints on trees, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes again.

However, she found nothing this time.

It was impossible for her to keep going, so she had to go back.

She wasnt disappointed, because she knew that it wasnt easy to reach the cultivation world.

Coincidentally, Gu Ning ran into Qi Ziyue, Tang Yaxin, Shouta Minamino, and Ayumi Yamaguchi along with two bodyguards when she walked back to the area with surveillance cameras.

It was obvious that they came to climb the mountain.

Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin were displeased the moment they saw Gu Ning, or “Tang Aining” to be specific.

Tang Yaxins eyes were full of hatred towards “Tang Aining”.

She had lost a billion yuan to “Tang Aining”!

“Is it you” Tang Yaxin clenched her teeth in anger, but didnt dare hurtTang Aining.

‘Tang Aining had a relationship with the Kirin Gang and the important USB flash disk after all.

Although Tang Yaxin was afraid ofTang Aining, she always wanted to figure out a good way to get rid of this enemy.

“Oh, hi, Mr.

Qi, Miss Tang, what a coincidence!” Gu Ning greeted them with a smile.

“Nice to see you, Miss Tang!” Qi Ziyue was also very polite, although he was mad atTang Aining.

“Oh.” Qi Ziyue seemed to think of something and said, “Miss Tang, didnt you say you have a USB flash disk with you.

It belongs to Aining, and Aining is back home now, but unfortunately she lost her memories.

Can you give the USB flash disk to me I can give it to her, and it can probably help her remember something.”

Saying that, Qi Ziyue acted sad.

Tang Aining was back home That was impossible, because Tang Aining was already dead.

In fact, Tang Aining was reborn to be Gu Ning.

In order to make Gu Ning believe it, Qi Ziyue paid a woman and told her to have a plastic surgery to look like Tang Aining.

However, the woman still looked a little different from Tang Aining, so Qi Ziyue lied and said that Tang Aining had been injured and lost her memories.

“What Aining is injured and she lost all of her memories” Gu Ning also pretended to be shocked.

“Are you sure the woman is Aining Aining is excellent at martial arts.

How come shes injured”

“Miss Tang, I understand that its hard for you to accept, but its true.

Ive been with Aining for several years, and I know what she looks like.

Yaxin also grew up with Aining, so were very sure that the woman is Aining.

Oh, Ainings father is aware of the terrible news too,” Qi Ziyue said with a sad face.

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