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“Hi, whos this” Gu Ning asked.“Hi, Miss Gu, Im Mu Xuxin, and Im so sorry to bother you now, but I have no choice.” Mu Xuxin apologized to her the moment Gu Ning answered his call.Mu Xuxin had lain in bed for a couple of days before he had gotten better.

It was hard for him to accept the fact that his biological son had schemed against him.

During these days, the Mu family was in a big crisis, and his company could barely stay afloat.

Mu Xuxin always wanted to find Mu Ye and tell him to stop, but he failed to find him.

He had no idea where Mu Ye lived or worked.

Therefore, he contacted Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was surprised to hear from Mu Xuxin.

“May I help, Mr.

Mu” Gu Ning was polite.

In fact, she clearly knew why Mu Xuxin called her.

It must be because of K.

“Well, I need to talk to Mu Ye right now, but hes nowhere to be found.

Can you please help me” Mu Xuxin asked.

He didnt know whether Gu Ning was aware of Mu Yes grudge against the Mu family, so he didnt mention it.

“Im sorry that I cant make the decision for him, but I can help you by asking for his opinion,” Gu Ning said.

If K was willing to give Mu Xuxin his phone number, it would be fine.

“Well…” Mu Xuxin understood that Mu Ye would refuse to meet him.

However, he was unwilling to give up.

“Great, thank you so much, Miss Gu.”

Although it was meaningless to talk to Mu Ye now, Mu Xuxin still struggled.

He thought that Mu Ye might stop attacking him if he begged him.

Mu Xuxin loved money more than anything else, and he was willing to do anything to save his company.

He was reluctant to lose his luxurious life.

After hanging up the call with Mu Xuxin, Gu Ning called K.

Obviously, K was unwilling to meet Mu Xuxin, and he also apologized to Gu Ning for bothering her.

Gu Ning didnt actually mind it.

Since K wasnt willing to do it, she didnt insist, and she asked him about the game company.

K told her that he hadnt heard any information from the official department yet.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting said to Gu Ning, “Ningning, do you need my help”

“Sure, K just made a game, and we registered a game company named High-speed Tech.

Once the official department gives us the business license, we can release it,” Gu Ning said.

“K A game company Is he the famous hacker, K” Zi Beiying joined their discussion.

Although K was just a title, Zi Beiying thought of the hacker, K, when they talked about computer programs.

Nobody in the Internet industry used the same title as K.

“Yeah, youre right,” Gu Ning said.

“Do you know him”

“Not really, we just met once before,” Zi Beiying said.

“He helped us with the system of my familys house.

What, is he working for you now”

It wasnt easy to hire K.

He was a handsome young man, but unfortunately he had to spend most of his life in a wheelchair.

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered.

“Jesus, its so unbelievable! With Ks help, nobody would dare to attack the computer system of your company,” Zi Beiying exclaimed.

It was the truth.

In an era of technology, the computer system of a company was very important.

Moreover, with Ks help, Gu Ning was able to find any confidential secrets she wanted to know.

K was also good at making money for her.

Once the game company was established, they could make tons of money every day.

After that, Gu Ning called Mu Xuxin.

She told him that Mu Ye didnt want to meet with him.

It wasnt a surprising answer, but Mu Xuxin still felt disappointed.

“Miss Gu, would you please help me by stopping Mu Ye from attacking my business I know Ive hurt him deeply, but Ive learned my lesson.” Mu Xuxin turned to Gu Ning for help.


Mu, Im just an outsider.

I have no right to interfere in your family affairs,” Gu Ning said.

“Miss Gu…” Mu Xuxin understood that Gu Ning was unwilling to help him.

“Im sorry, Mr.

Mu, but I have to go.” Gu Ning interrupted him and ended the call.

Ever since she found out about Ks relationship with Mu Xuxin, she didnt have a good impression of the Mu family.

Besides, because of what Mu Wenqi did, she hated them.

She would punish Mu Xuxin if K didnt do it.

Therefore, she had no sympathy for the Mu family.

Mu Xuxin deserved it.

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