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Chapter 1054 Mind Your Manners!

Gu Ning was very stunning, so it was totally understandable that people called her Goddess Gu, but Leng Shaoxun was very curious why Leng Shaoxi called Gu Ning the same way.

Leng Shaoxi, however, ignored Leng Shaoxuns question, because she was too excited now.

She loved surfing on the Internet, so had learned a lot about Gu Ning.

Gu Ning stood up and smiled at her.

“Are you Shaoxuns younger sister, Shaoxi”

There were only two granddaughters in the Leng family.

One was Leng Shaojia that she had met before, while the other one must be Leng Shaoxi.

“Yeah, I am!” Leng Shaoxi ran towards Gu Ning at once.

“Goddess Gu, what are you doing here”

“Gu Ning is Shaotings girlfriend,” Leng Shaoxun said.

“Seriously” Leng Shaoxi was shocked.

“OMG, youre my cousin-in-law! Im so thrilled now!”

Seeing her reaction, Gu Ning was amused and had a good impression of her.

Although Leng Shaoting wasnt close to Leng Yuanzhens family, he didnt hate them either, so Gu Ning wouldnt stay aloof from them.

However, as for the other members in the Leng family, Gu Ning thought that she better keep a distance from them.

“Shaoxi, how did you manage to know Gu Ning” Leng Shaoxun asked with curiosity.

“On the Internet! Shes the most popular girl recently.

Why dont you search her name yourself” Leng Shaoxi said with impatience.

Leng Shaoxun took out his phone at once.

After reading the news about Gu Ning, he was shocked.

He didnt expect that Gu Ning was far more outstanding than he thought.

“Gu Ning, Im short of words now,” Leng Shaoxun said.

Gu Ning smiled, but said nothing.

At this moment, Leng Yuanzhen and Yu Yin came home.

They were surprised when they saw Gu Ning.

“Hi, let me introduce you, this is Shaotings girlfriend, Gu Ning,” Master Leng said.

“This is your Uncle Yuanzhen and your Aunt Yin.”

Since Master Leng already accepted Gu Ning as his grand daughter-in-law, he hoped that she could get familiar with all the members of the Leng family as soon as possible.

Gu Ning stood up without delay, and greeted them politely.

“Its very nice to meet you, Uncle Yuanzhen and Aunt Yin.”

Leng Yuanzhen and Yu Yin were amazed by Gu Nings beauty when they saw her face.

“Nice to meet you,” they said.

A few minutes later, Leng Yuanqian and Jiang Shuyuan were also home.

Before they asked anything, Master Leng opened his mouth again, but sounded colder this time.

“This is Shaotings girlfriend, Gu Ning.”

Afterwards, he turned to Gu Ning.

“This is your Uncle Yuanqian and Aunt Shuyuan.”

“Nice to meet you, Uncle Yuanqian and Aunt Shuyuan,” Gu Ning greeted them politely too.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Gu,” Leng Yuanqian said, but Jiang Shuyuan remained silent with obvious disdain on her face.

Seeing that, Master Leng was annoyed at once, and gave Jiang Shuyuan a cold glance.

Jiang Shuyuan panicked a little, but still refused to greet Gu Ning.

“Where is Shaojia Will she dine with us If not, well dine first,” Master Leng said.

Leng Shaojia had graduated for a long time, but she was still jobless and played around all day long.

And although the Leng family was affluent, nobody liked a good-for-nothing.

In fact, Leng Shaojia put all her attention into clothing design now, which was her major, but she hadnt achieved anything yet.

Jiang Shuyuan was dissatisfied with Master Lengs attitude towards Leng Shaojia, but didnt dare complain.

“Dad, Shaojia will be home in five minutes,” Jiang Shuyuan said after hanging up the call with Leng Shaojia.

“Fine, we can wait for her for five minutes.

If she doesnt show up within five minutes, well enjoy the dinner before her,” Master Leng said, then apologized to Gu Ning.

“Girl Gu, Im sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Its fine, grandpa,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

Jiang Shuyuan felt displeased that Master Leng was so kind and gentle to Gu Ning.

Leng Shaojia was Master Lengs granddaughter, but Master Leng had never been so gentle to her.

About four minutes later, Leng Shaojia showed up, but she clenched her teeth in anger the second she saw Gu Ning.

“Why are you here”

Her rude attitude annoyed both Leng Shaoting and Master Leng.

It was obvious that they had a conflict.

“Gu Ning is Shaotings girlfriend, and shes here to share dinner with us,” Leng Shaoxun said and defended Gu Ning.

“Shes Leng Shaotings girlfriend” Leng Shaojia was surprised, then looked at Gu Ning with stronger hatred.

“Shaojia, what happened” Jiang Shuyuan asked, and she sided with Leng Shaojia without doubt.

“She grabbed our seats away at a restaurant last time!” Leng Shaojia played the blame game.

“What Shes so rude!” Jiang Shuyuan raised her voice on purpose.

“Shut up and mind your manners!” Master Leng snapped at them.


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