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Chapter 1035 Apologies

After hearing the name of the person who spread the gossip on the Internet, Lu Xiao was a little surprised, but it wasnt too shocking.

The person had some conflicts with Xia Yichu at work, but Xia Yichu had no idea that it was the person who attacked her behind her back.

The person was also a female singer-songwriter with some fame in this industry.

She attacked Xia Yichu because Xia Yidongs song replaced hers to be played in the new show that Xia Yichu was going to sing for.

Therefore, she hired a man to stalk Xia Yichu.

The man who talked with Xia Yichu and entered the same building along with Xia Yichu was also arranged by her.

Lu Xiao was mad hearing the result.

Xia Yichu was someone he admired from afar, and he wouldnt allow anyone to hurt her.

Since he already had the result, he was determined to take action to deal with it right now.

“Boss.” Lu Xiao composed himself, but Gu Ning interrupted him before he could explain it to her.

“I already heard it.”

Gu Ning had good hearing, so it wasnt difficult for her to hear their conversation on the phone.

It wasnt a big trouble, so Lu Xiao could handle it, and Gu Ning had no intention to get involved in it.

“You can handle it yourself.”

After that, Gu Ning left for the office.

Lu Xiao, at the same time, called the director of the new show and shared the result with him.

The director of the new show was reluctant to see any negative news about Xia Yichu at this key moment because they were publicizing the new show now.

Lu Xiao explained it and the director trusted him.

They both thought that it was better to make people believe that the gossip was just a misunderstanding.

The director also agreed to cooperate with Lu Xiao.

In the office, Tang Xiaoxiao, Su Tongnuo and Duan Lixin were talking about roles in the script.

The scriptwriter was Duan Lixin, so she clearly knew every role in the novel, and she was introducing them to Tang Xiaoxiao and Su Tongnuo.

Gu Ning pushed the door open and interrupted their discussion.

“Hi, boss!”

Seeing Gu Ning, they all stood up and greeted her.

They knew that Gu Ning was in the capital now, so they werent surprised to see her.

“Hi!” Gu Ning smiled, then turned to Tang Xiaoxiao.

“How are you Do you like to work here”

Tang Xiaoxiao beamed.

“Yeah, I love working here.”

Fenghua Entertainment was very different from other companies in the entertainment industry because everyone focused on their own job.

There were fewer people who would scheme against each other.

“Glad to know that,” Gu Ning said.

After talking with the director of the new show, Lu Xiao logged into the official Weibo account of Fenghua Entertainment and sent out a message.

Fenghua Entertainment Official: As for the gossip of Xia Yichu and a strange man entering the same building, we already find the truth.

Its caused by the competition for a song played in the XXX show.

To make it clear, we announce that Xia Yichu has won the chance to sing the song for the show.

No matter who you are, please stop defaming Xia Yichu and Fenghua.

We also need your apologies, or well reveal real information about you.

Once the post was sent out, it attracted a lot of attention.

In the beginning, many people thought that it was a publicity stunt, but the show already gained a lot of attention now, so people began to believe that Xia Yichu was innocent.

In addition, it wasnt the first time that Fenghua Entertainment had helped an artist clear his or her name, so more and more people chose to believe Fenghuas explanation.

The director of the new show also reposted it, which made it more persuasive.

Within a short time, everyone got to know that Xia Yichu was going to sing a song for the new show.

It was kept a secret before, but now it was public.

Most Internet users were aware that Xia Yichu had been the ghost singer for Pei Hena, and they all loved Pei Henas voice, so they were looking forward to hearing Xia Yichus song.

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